Wardrobe Style Boards: Spring Pastels!

Spring and its gorgeous palette of brilliant pastels is sneaking up on us be it for wardrobe or home design (check out this article on Houzz for more fun proof) and I’m so excited to welcome Maryam back to share her take on this coming season’s fashion favorites (you can catch the full style board gallery over here). Take it away!


Hi there!

Maryam here, dropping in to give a little peek on one of this spring’s trends that is sure to brighten up your coldest winter days! I am talking about PASTELS!

Heaps of sorbet and pastel color pieces are popping up all around the fashion world. Colors like cantaloupe, honeydew, peachy pink, lavender, mint, sea foam (sounds like dessert time. huh?) are all adorning anything from skinny jeans, heels, tanks, blazers, backpacks, rings- truly, the possibilities are endless.

This is a color trend that doesn’t have to stop with one accent piece. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and shades to create a cohesive outfit. The neutral tones compliment each other quite nicely… a lot like the sorbet section in the ice cream shop, so I say, go all out!

If you just want to just try a little taste of this sorbet-lovin’ trend, buy yourself a great pair of colored skinny jeans. Almost every online and in-store boutique is carrying them, and it’s a great way to ease into this color trend. Pair them with a chambray or denim button-down (one of my closet staples) and you got yourself a great looking outfit if I do say myself. And I could go on for days on that minty backpack… so very dreamy.


If you’re a gal who likes to dress it up or down, I adore the boyfriend blazer. The blazer is so very versatile, wear it with jeans, shorts, a mini or maxi skirt, over a dress- truly there are so many ways to style it. My favorite is to pair the blazer with a textured short. This look is classy, but you don’t have to worry about matching your shorts with the blazer, because its special feature is the texture. Eyelets or lace give a great contrast while still looking put together.

So what do you think about this year’s pastel trend? Are you going to eat it all up?



As always, you can visit the slideshow gallery for sourcing info to track down any of the above.

I have always loved Maryam’s LOVE for bright and beautiful colors, these style boards are the perfect example of how well and easily she mixes her favorites – be it an outfit of pastels, primaries or saturated colors – so wonderfully. I am in awe, being the neutral gal that I am. As hinted at yesterday, I’m working on taking the leap into brighter signs of spring for the house, too (a slow leap… but working my way up that color confidence ladder). Thanks again for visiting, Maryam! (PS You can always visit her right here.)

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