Project Gallery Update!

There are some awesome projects over in the Project Gallery, have you checked it out recently?

You can upload your own recipes, rooms, crafts and parties (and everything in between) in about two seconds — it’s a great way to share with others as well as introduce your blog to PDB readers! I keep all of my projects in the gallery, too.

You can reach the gallery one of two ways: in the top navigation bar next to Home click Project Gallery, or through the sidebar just below the Welcome message.

To add your project, head over to the right side bar when in the gallery and add a link (to your blog post, not the overall homepage) in the text field. Select a category and tag so that it’s easy to find by others, and your done! Super simple.

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  1. says

    This might even be better than Pinterest – pages and pages of beautiful images, and they are all home related! I’ve added a few of my projects and have loved browsing through everyone else’s. What a great idea Morgan!

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