Hallway Makeover: An Idea, A Color & A Challenge

What are your thoughts on wallpapered accent walls? I’m in the mood to give my hallway a good shake up and I’m thinking that one wall covered in a beautiful design would be just the way to mix things up. Plus it’s a hallway, and some how that makes me feel better about committing to an all-over pattern. Funny, I know.

Here’s where the hallway’s located in our house, and that wall that the arrow is pointing to would be my new, fun accent wall:

Originally, I began pulling images that inspired me regardless of color or pattern. The hallway leads to Liv’s room (as well as ours) so I even threw a few kids patterns in the initial inspirational mix. Here’s just a piece of what was in that folder:

1, 2, 3, 4

Please forgive the lack of sources… I am usually really really great about crediting (that the correct person of an idea receives proper credit & that an idea is easy to track down are both really important to me) but many of these images have been sitting in my Wallpaper folder for a loooong time, or sometimes I wasn’t able to find the source on Pinterest (really hope that’s fixed over there soon!). But where I do have credits I definitely included them :).

So I had my big modge podge folder of ideas and I began visualizing that future space and I couldn’t shake the color blue. The current hallway is tan, and blue feels fresh and new! Here’s where that train of thought slowly wound me:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

So many choices! And so much looking. I saved my favorites and kept them close by for quick contemplating throughout the day which is a little exercise I often do when I’m super indecisive. But even after much thought into what the right pattern might be, I just couldn’t settle on one (Oh sweet indecisiveness! You and I are best friends).

See more of my journey over on Pinterest.

I eventually decided that I might have a bit more flexibility (and save some serious $) if I gave stenciling a try. Stenciled spaces can be stunning! And that basic block print has always been a look that I gravitate towards. Here are a few of my favorite patterns/inspiration with a stenciled hallway in mind:

Actually, I’m not sure all of the above are stencils. I know that that brown and white wall on the left is from here, but those blue patterns might actually be wallpaper. Either way, I was immediately inspired by the one color + white design look.

I had finally committed to an application and a vision.

Then I read about the winter edition of the Pinterest challenge (a challenge encouraging you to create one of the many items you’ve pinned) and I was set! I have my idea board, I have my project that needs tackling, and now I have my motivation to get. it. done.

The verdict? I’m going to attempt a unique wall pattern that is all my own with a roll of painter’s tape, a chair rail, a quart of black chalkboard paint and a quart of the perfect blue hallway paint. I feel like I’m setting up a magic trick…

See you on Monday!

PS In local home stores in 5 cities (Atlanta, Dallas, Sacramento, Salt Lake City and San Diego) ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape with EdgeLock is offering a buy-2 get-1 free by mail offer until March 12th.  Check it all out here.

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  1. says

    Woo-hoo, sounds like a fun project! My first thought was stenciling, so much easier to change when you get tired of it. Can’t wait to see what you do- I know it’ll look great. :)

    • Morgan says

      Thank you! I’m really excited about this one – already have the hallway painted blue :).

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