Office Makeover: A Little Chevron, Gold & Greenery

How was your Easter? Ours was a really nice little celebration with family at my aunt’s house in Santa Cruz. Pictures soon to be edited… hope to share a few this week.

I’ve actually been gone for over ten days and now I’m back home and sooo happy to be back in my zone. Part of my 9-5 job includes traveling up to my company’s main office in the bay area (of Cali) for a week every 6 weeks, so part of me is very used to time on the road and the other part is always so happy to be home again. Luckily I get to take the little one with me and her grandparents watch her while I’m away during the day. It’s a pretty ideal traveling situation.

Back at the home office, I received a really cute, thoughtful gift from Maryam (she’s a style board contributor over here) and her business partner, Jennifer:


Maryam and Jennifer co-founded Green Your Air, a site that provides air purifying plants for the home in cleverly designed biodegradable pots. I love the new chevron print and I’m so thrilled they brought this guy over! I hope that eventually they’ll see this post and the big thank you/virtual hug I’m sending their direction!

You might have spotted the addition during the tufted headboard reveal last week:

I have so much respect for these two ladies and their growing venture. They are stylish, green mommas (and entrepreneurs!) that are trying to change the quality of air indoors one home at a time. Here’s the reasoning they share over on their site: certain varieties of indoor plants absorb and filter the air of harmful chemicals and airborne toxins (did you know that the indoors can be as much as 10 times more polluted than the outdoors?). A chart sharing the chemical emissions found in the average home or office and which products they are generally emitted from can be found here. Surprising, right?

I’m a big fan of something living and green in each room (brings a little life to the party) and also a huge fan of hardly having to remember to water. This guy needs maybe an ice cube every 2-3 weeks to keep him going.

We currently have the Viridis in Liv’s room, too:

And he’s still alive! And going strong. Here’s another glance at those air-purifying leaves of the Fortis:

Maryam and Jennifer have extended a 20% discount to all readers through the end of May – these guys make lovely gifts for new mommies! or are great to add to your own space. Instead of sending flowers, this would be a great gift to have shipped to someone who has just bought a new home, too. Use code PEPPER20 during checkout.

Here’s a little inspiration that they feature on the site. Love that headboard!!

Thank you again Maryam and Jennifer for the sweet new addition to the office.

PS, follow our family’s efforts to Go Green by checking out this series.

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  1. Morgan says

    Thanks, Kelly! Cactus family plants have been my go-to indoor plant, they are the easiest to keep going :).

  2. says

    The chevron planter is so pretty. Plants are definitely a great way to both bring some colour and life to your home and to improve the air quality. Which reminds me, all my plants are overdue for a watering!

    I’m on my way over to check out Green Your Air right now…

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