Breakfast with Friends, Ballparks, Farmer’s Markets & Picnics by the Lake

What do these four things have in common? Four awesome events I was lucky enough to enjoy this weekend, the weekend I’m officially stamping as my birthday celebration (even though it’s actually today!).

Our San Diego Padres have the most wonderful little ballpark – it’s downtown, stone’s throw to the bay, part old brick warehouse, part field (for you know, the players) and part huge grassy lawn in the back where you can cozy up with picnic blankets, kids and friends. Afterwards a handful of us went out for a celebratory drink at one of the rooftop lounges nearby (also overlooks the park and the bay) and enjoyed a raspberry champagne mojito!

Oh yes, and that IS a cookie within a cupcake! Two of my favorite desserts combined (I sometimes make cookie dough just to keep in the fridge and eat. All day long.) and one amazing idea. Stephanie shares that the trick is to freeze the cookie dough chunks before adding them to the raw cupcake batter so that as the two bake the cookie dough stays just that – doughy and yummy! Thanks, Steph for the birthday treats!

Earlier on Saturday we wandered upon a bounce house at Pizza Port in Ocean Beach:

and I was completely caught off guard when our awesome neighbors made a cake! Aaron even made those fondant ribbons – and all of the cake decorators out there can appreciate fondant skills.

Sunday morning brought with it a vanilla latte and farmer’s market goodies:

And more eucalyptus branches. Because a house can never have too many…

Last but not least at the end of the day we enjoyed an impromptu picnic at Lake Murray. Very last minute and very wonderful! Liv and her friend Gigi practiced ‘skipping’ rocks:

Michael learning to fish with his dad:

How cute is Michael? He was concentrating so hard…

And then a couple of ducks came along!

He stopped to wave.

For those in the western US, did you catch the eclipse this weekend?

I was not fortunate enough to snap that night shot on the right (source here) but we did have a friendly gentleman stop by our picnic spot to loan us a pair of ‘eclipse glasses’, and that’s exactly what we saw. Amazing!

Today will be a usual day, though I’m taking a Starbucks break this afternoon with a friend and I’m excited for that!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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  1. Janelle says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORGAN! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend (Go Padres!) and I hope the celebration does continue all week… :)

  2. says

    Looks like a fantastic birthday weekend! Those cupcakes sound absolutely divine…I just might have to try that for T’s birthday this summer! (or for no reason at all) I’m definitely jealous of how relaxed and fun it sounds like your stadium is. Here’s hoping that today lives up to all the fun of the weekend. Happy Birthday!

  3. Kellie Barney says

    Great pictures!! I love the one of Olivia with the rocks and Michael fishing! They are too cute! Looks like a fun birthday celebration! Hope your day is wonderful! :)

  4. Jessica H says

    Happy Birthday! What a busy wonderful weekend. I actually saw you in OB on Saturday outside Pizza Port by the jump house, but didn’t want to have a SWF moment :-) You get around! Enjoy your special day.

    • says

      Completely forgot about that part of the weekend – had to update the post with pictures! You should have said hi :), that would have been great!

  5. says

    Happy birthday, Morgan! Looks like a lovely weekend celebration. My hubby says I’m the only person he knows who expects a birth-week celebration. :)

  6. says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I looks like you had a fabulous weekend filled with a lot of fun and love – you deserve it! I hope you have just as great of a birthday day today!

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