May Odds & Ends

I can’t believe we are already in the summer month of June! This year has flown by and now it’s near half over. I haven’t been great about keeping up my Weekend Fun posts recently and I miss those photo journaling moments (it’s nice foe me to be able to go back and see what we were up to when Liv was six months old or when exactly we took that family road trip). So without further ado here are a few caught-on-camera events from May.

Memorial Day! Our little neighborhood hosts a parade that the kids just adore, we waved flags, collected candy and pointed at all of the cool cars and firetrucks.

Well, I should say some kids collected candy. I was lucky enough for Liv to catch a toothbrush. She was like, ‘what the heck??”.

Later that day we wandered down towards the pick-up basketball tournament just a few streets down from the parade. We enjoyed watermelon on a warm day and watching daddy shoot hoops with his team.

Family came to town just for this big weekend. Liv loves her nana (and papa and grandpa and grammy).

She even learned to smile for pictures! Actually that’s a gritted ‘cheese!’ – her first word beyond mama and dada.

Speaking of, words are tumbling out of Liv these days. We went from just baby sign language to overnight pronouncements of cheese, car, milk, shoes (her favorite!), dog and so many more.

A shot from our beach day! This bathing beauty was ready to go.

In mid May we helped host a surprise 30th 80’s themed birthday for our friend Stephanie! Bring on the leg warmers and sequined headbands.

Yes, Kevin’s interpretation of 80’s was a  fluorescent orange camo snowsuit he found at Goodwill. He was so proud of that purchase.

In early May we took off for the Colorado river (which also runs along the border of California and Arizona) for a few days of lounging, wakeboarding and fireside bbqing.

Anyone notice something unusual? That’s our Bodie who helped himself into a water raft and then couldn’t get back to shore: ‘um, guys…’

He’s quite the water dog.

Sand toys and sunning!

We drive the 3ish hours to the river to camp twice a year, here’s Liv just last October on the right, and seven months older on the left.

Growing so fast.

I have made it a habit to delay the start of my work day every other Thursday morning to spend time with our mama group. We discover new little parks around town or visit the zoo. It’s such a treat and I look forward to it all week. Here we are at the San Diego Zoo and a local park.

Plus this beautiful baby shower (with my dum dum balloon cupcakes), this wonderful Mother’s Day and this birthday weekend! May was a great {and busy!} month.

Happy weekend to you all.

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  1. says

    Looks like a fantastic month! Liv is adorable, as always…and I love the pic of Bodie in the raft! Looks like great memories.

  2. says

    Fun pictures! That’s too funny about the toothbrush. I love the watermelon eating pic of Liv. Oh, and that adorable “cheese” smile. The purple bathing beauty with the paci is probably my favorite. I think. Shoot, they’re all cute! Looks like a fun start to the summer. :)

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