Half a Decade!

This weekend Kevin and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary! We have a little surprise getaway planned but I’ll see you all soon… until then, here’s a peek back at our big day.

And I very much wish I could take credit for the creativeness that is my Happy Anniversary card for Kevin this year! But I actually had that spaghettio message made right here at Fiverr by artist madmoo. Fiverr is a must explore site! So many funny and helpful finds, each for a flat $5.

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  1. Janelle says

    Happy Anniversary to you both, and enjoy your getaway!! Your wedding was so incredibly beautiful…I bet it’s hard for you to believe that 5 years have already gone by!
    This card is so darn cute – I’m def going to check out their site.
    Have a wonderful time,

  2. says

    Happy anniversary, Morgan and Kevin. I know you’ll have a great little getaway. Love the card, so clever, and I’m so glad to know you didn’t actually pick all those noodles out… :)

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