Hallway Makeover: Lighting Ideas

Our home has a pretty big hallway in the center of the house:

Which is part of the reason we used a corridor of the old hallway to create a second bathroom and pantry, and I’m pretty sure we’ll cut into the hallway even further when it’s time to redo the master bedroom and bath.

The space gets a really great bathing of sunlight because of a large skylight, and it’s also where I used painter’s tape earlier this year to create my own wallpaper design and chalkboard fun area for Liv.

These days the little seating area is gone (I’m looking for a less bulky solution) and the chalkboard chair rail area has turned into a full blown art wall.

The above photo actually brings me to the purpose of this hallway lighting post – I would really love to switch out that above light with something fantastic! The hallway is regularly used by us and guests alike, as it leads to a bathroom, Liv’s room and our bedroom. I’m thinking something oversize? or extra bold? Maybe a store bought solution (if I find it at a great price) or maybe a DIY version inspired by images from my hallway Pinterest board. Here are a couple of examples:

Ooooh the beaded options are intriguing, and how great are the various basket/wood shades! Or perhaps a store bought cone or farmhouse light that’s then painted gold on the inside? I also love the idea of messing around with some sort of transparent plastic to create some unusual shape. I’m all about creating some sort of lighting from scratch, here’s a link to the capiz shell light that I made for the guestroom/office.

Our current light isn’t horrible, actually I really like the style and I’ll try to find a good home for it elsewhere in the house.

Here are a few Ikea inspirations:

For a slightly better visual, here they are photoshopped into our hallway:

First up, something made of a transparent white plastic – kind of fun?

Maybe not first in my book but it’s different.

The next is along those same lines:

I love the idea of a black shade in here! Though I wonder if all of that excellent light in the hallway will become blocked or filtered, depending on the type of shade used. A gold lining would be a neat accent:

I would love to bring an organic basket texture into this space. I love the basket light on my Pinterest board even more, but that one’s a little pricey. Could be a neat DIY:

More ideas! I really love these hallways:

Any thoughts or ideas? I’m hoping to make up my mind on this this weekend to cross one more item off of the to-do list. But there are just so many choices :).

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  1. says

    All your new ideas are fun but love your existing fixture and have been trying to find one like that to match my PB pendants. Can you tell me where you found it?

    • says

      Of course! It’s an off-the-shelf light from Lowe’s (or perhaps Home Depot… neither the hubby nor I can remember!).

  2. says

    Is there anyway to center the light so that it appears centered through the kitchen door? Or would that pull the light too far down one side of the hallway?

    • Morgan says

      Part 2 is correct… once I align it with kitchen door it is no longer near the center of the actual hallway. But this is my plan when we finally expand master bedroom into a chunk of the hallway! Will look much nicer centered, I agree ;).

  3. Kellie Barney says

    My old roommate has that second Ikea one in her kitchen, it’s really cute! I really like the basket one though, looks cool with the rug! :)

    • Morgan says

      Thanks, Kellie! The rug will eventually go, but I love the basket look too Second choice is black with a gold lining.

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