Liv’s 2nd Birthday: An Inspiration Board

Liv will be TWO in less than one week! I forget how quickly her little birthday comes following the holidays (I suppose it will become old habit once we’ve done this a few years in a row ;)) but I have kept a Pinterest board with her name on it for the last few months to bookmark any favorite ideas.

The invites are finished and went out with our Christmas cards. Just a few close family and friends. The decor awaits final decisions, but this is always the best part!

My theme is pink. Simple, easy, full of potential.

This next week will be filled with late night craft projects and a little bit of prep. We are laid back folks over here – hardly a menu planning list in site, though I’ll probably make a special dessert (I’m even thinking strawberry shortcake) a day or so in advance.

I love to plan little parties, it may be one of my favorite extracurricular activities all year :) and I’m already seeing tissue paper and striped straws and paper flags in my near future… will keep you posted!

PS please forgive my terrible rush with this post, today has been pouring over with back-from-the-holidays make up work. To find the credits for all of the above gorgeous photos, head over to Liv’s 2nd Birthday Pinterest board.

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    Love this inspiration! You know T is obsessed with pink (enough that we get her to eat meat by giving her ‘pink’ beef!). I just can’t get enough of pink ruffle cakes and streamers. Looking forward to seeing how you pull everything together!

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