Kitchen Addition: Breakfast Nook, Part 5 – A Tufted Bench

Sorry for the lull around here! We’ve all been fighting off terrible colds and crossing our fingers that the flu doesn’t arrive at our doorstep – but it feels as though it might. We’ve all been a bit down lately.

I did get an awesome project finished before the horrible sniffles and headaches hit though, and I can’t wait to share with you. AND found a great Craigslist breakfast nook table that fits the spot really well!

There she is! A newly tufted back to the breakfast nook bench seat. It makes a world of a difference.

Previously the space felt bare and the cushions weren’t substantial enough to make a big impact.

Now the bench feels a little more permanent (even though we assembled all of the pieces so that it can move about the kitchen, backing and all) and it really fills up the space well!

Love the detail and the deep tufts, more on DIYing this project very soon.

But that’s not the only breakfast nook update… I found a Craigslist table and a thrift store chair to match:

Initially I was on the hunt for a table in a contrasting color – perhaps something dark or something that I could paint a bold ‘pop’ of color. But finding a table that was neither too small, too big or too expensive was a challenge. So when this bad boy came up in my Craigslist search, I jumped on the chance to check it out. Turns out it matches the cabinetry almost perfectly and is just the right size.

I’ve played with the idea of painting it because I’m not too crazy matching sets (see how the table looks like it almost belongs to the bench seats?), but it’s in such great shape that that decision can sit on the back burner for a little while.

I also played a bit with making my own table – that is, hunting down a neat pedestal and then getting a little creative with the top. Ahh well, sometimes these things fall in your lap and you take ’em and run!

The first chair I spotted for this table was actually a bentwood from a thrift store that salvages pieces from the local junk yard. It’s in pretty bad shape and I scored it for $1. Then I found this matching guy at a local furniture consignment shop for $19:

The $1 version needs some love before she’s allowed inside. But hopefully a pair of chairs is in this table’s immediate future.

And hopefully some artwork, too! Thank you, thank you for all of your excellent suggestions on how to temporarily cover up that plywood window we’re hiding until summer, and as you can tell from my photos I’m on to an idea… as oversized as it may be at the moment.

Still loving my new tufting! My favorite upholstery project to date.

This bench area is now a great spot to snuggle up in while reading the morning paper or to enjoy a quick bowl of oatmeal before the day starts. The thick, soft backing is just what this space needed.

Working on pulling all of the images together now for a little DIY post on how I made the stand alone bench back (it’s not connected to the actual benches) and finished the tufting.

More to come.

Hope your home is staying sick-free and keep us in your no-flu thoughts! We are all hanging on…

PS More on the breakfast nook transformation here: part 1, the inspiration, part 2, the bench, part 3, the cushions!, part 4, the ugly wall design dilemma

Also, a big thank you to iVillage for featuring the dipped play table legs project in Liv’s room in their 2013 trends to watch!

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  1. says

    Wow, I love the tufted back, can’t wait to see how you did it! I hope you feel better soon, and pray your little family doesn’t have to deal with the flu. I’m dealing with strep right now, haven’t had anything like this in years- wow, it’s no fun!

  2. Mary Flynn says

    Holy heck Morgan! It DOES make a world of a difference. Can’t wait to try it out! :)

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