Kitchen Additions: Breakfast Nook, Part 6 – Finished!

The new artwork is up! The tufted bench is finished! And the breakfast nook has a table and chair(s)!

It’s really wonderful to have this empty area of the kitchen finished and ready to go. Now walking into the kitchen space feels pretty complete, minus just a few additional updates (such as adding molding to the end of each side of the kitchen island and replacing the white door to the far left which you can see in below photos).

The space before:

And with all of the updates:

Which include new bench seats and cushions (a duo pair so we can move the seats around the kitchen, like we did when we moved them to the end of the island), a DIY tufted bench backing (revealed here, but here’s a link to the tutorial), new Craigslist table and thrift store chair and an over-sized chalkboard to cover up an ugly plywood repair (that we are waiting to fix this summer). Here’s a link to the calendar art that I DIYed last year that’s just to the right of the nook, I love that the art and fabric work so well together.

More to come on building that giant chalkboard, but because it was assembled from two pre made frames, it wasn’t a horrible task. I might use it for notes to share with the family, or maybe a few beautiful sepia photos on white mats to keep it a bit more organized. I attempted three layers of magnetic paint under the chalkboard, but alas it didn’t work out and a magnet won’t stick even if its life depended on it (and I threatened).

Prior to the chalkboard, I had attempted a faux window curtain, some sort of cool fabric art and a few other ideas… but the chalkboard ended up looking the best.

Here’s the other side of the kitchen for full perspective:

Kitchen Renovation - Spanish Contemporary

Have an awesome weekend and see you back here Monday for the full tufted tutorial post.

PS More on the breakfast nook transformation here: part 1, the inspiration, part 2, the bench, part 3, the cushions!, part 4, the ugly wall design dilemma, part 5, revealing the tufted bench

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  1. says

    Very cute…have you considered finding another fabric for the little chair and your barstools that will incorporate the yellow and your backsplash and really tie it all together? perfect spot for your little one to have meals, color and, ultimately, do homework.

    • says

      I agree, I think I will recover the bentwood chair (especially since I have another that I hope to add to the mix without any seat at all yet :)).

  2. Kate says

    um… I’m officially SUPER jealous of that gorgeous craigslist table. If I owned it I would pet it and tuck it into bed every night. B-E-A-utiful!

    • says

      Ah thanks Kate! I feel almost the same way… though I had to sell most of my family on it! It’s the PERFECT size and shape for the spot.

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