Wax Paper Dessert Templates

This wax paper project is a really fun way to spice up a simple dessert, and perfect for Valentine’s Day with a heart shaped cut out like the one I made for this chocolatey gooey treat.

Brownies look so much fancier in a tart pan, no? :)

Liv and I used wax paper, scissors and powdered sugar to create a little design, and it took us just a few minutes to make these ordinary sheet brownies a little prettier. A heart shape is easy to cut out and perfect for the upcoming holiday, but wax paper is such an easy medium to work with that you could cut out just about any shape, set of initials, numbers for a birthday cake… you name it. And no need to stick to just powdered sugar, colored sprinkles or sugar would make for colorful designs!

I’m thinking this would be especially pretty on a flourless chocolate cake, individual cupcakes, or now that the imagination is spinning, really any dessert with a flat top.

The reverse of the template is equally special, an entirely different effect.

Soooo simple, but let’s break it down just for fun :).


Wax Paper Dessert Template

Materials: wax paper, scissors, dessert, powdered sugar

Bake up your most delicious dessert of choice and let cool (the wax paper will stick to any warm dessert, so completely cool is a must to avoid pulling the top up and off of your baked good).

I chose a heart shape because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And it’s super simple to snip out of wax paper (fold the paper in half for an even easier cut).

Liv thought the heart shape was cool, too.

I ended up making several different shapes and sizes for my powdered sugar topping, the more the merrier.

I added my hearts to my dessert in a somewhat random pattern, and filled bits of wax paper into gaping holes that I thought might let powdered sugar through (and where I didn’t want it to be).

The beauty of wax paper over any other template material (cardstock, vellum, sheet protectors, etc) is that with a little body heat (aka the touch of your fingers), it will lightly adhere to the dessert to create a nice little barrier, but not enough to tear the top.

Then sprinkle away!

I don’t have a fancy powdered sugar dispenser so I just used my good ole tea steeper (what is this called? a tea ball? a tea spoon?), filled it up with powdered sugar and shook. It’s nice because it’s small and you can control exactly where that sugar ends up.

Slowwwwllly peel away your template and voila!

Or use the reverse of your cut outs to create an entirely different look.

Here’s the process in one nice little collage:

So pretty! Ready for a candlelit dinner and a Valentine’s date night…

PS More Valentine’s Day ideas here and recipes here.

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  1. says

    I’ve seen powdered sugar templates before, but never heard about that trick with wax paper! I might just make a pan of Ghiradelli brownies for the husband on Valentine’s Day this year (they’re his favorite)

  2. says

    I did this a few months back with letter stencils I had in my craft draw– it never even occurred to me I could make any shape in the world with wax paper!! awesome!


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