March Finds… an Inspiration Board

Can you believe that March is almost over? Has it not flown by as the fastest passing month in world history? Maybe just over here for me… but I swear it was the middle of February just last week…

Here are a few favorite finds that are catching my eye this month. I’ve given up shopping for myself for Lent (not that I could slip into either of these skirts even if my 6-month-pregnant-belly depended on it) but I find myself still very much drawn to pleats, tribal prints and navy + coral combinations. PS do they make that miniature asymmetrical swimsuit in adult sizes?? I will have to get one for Liv though asap. It’s the epitome of adorableness.

I’ve just discovered a wonderful home shop called Furbish and this beautiful dhurrie mat is perrrfect for our kitchen (though with a toddler and dog I would be too scared to put it anywhere usable). This fantastic tribal print sequin mini skirt is my idea of a day to night look (and right now it’s 40% off!).

I have a long time love for anything Seychelles – they are comfortable, reasonably priced and in my closet they get worn into the ground. How pretty are these aqua and grey heels? And they come in five different color combinations which is very dangerous. Pint sized adorableness! Here’s a link to the asymmetrical coral baby swimsuit (it’s also on sale).

Have you seen the new Jonathan Adler collection at JCPenney’s? This bench is pretty wonderful and would look great in our living room under the big front window. Dolce Vita might be my second favorite shoe brand, these navy oxfords would be great with skirts and dresses this spring (and I just discovered that it comes in all of these colors). As mentioned, I’m still as much in love with long pleated skirts as I have ever been, oh so pretty (I wonder if there’s a maternity version that I could wear with a belt under the belly without feeling like a whale…hmmm) and this guy really is a steal as far as maxi skirts go! The cobalt is also high up there on the list.

Last but not least, if I could add any two amazing chairs to our new deck right now, these would be them!

Happy March!

PS all inspiration boards can be found right here.

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    Such a pretty spring board! I absolutely love those shoes…and would be tempted to get that bathing suit for my girls if they didn’t both already have so many. I found a great maternity maxi skirt from Target last year and absolutely loved it. It even held up nicely for a while post-partum. I’d definitely recommend looking there for a comfy, stylish skirt to get you through the next few months.

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