Girls’ Room: Painting Progress! Walls and the Bookshelves

Thank you to Ikea Hackers for picking up Liv’s little kitchen

We have made some awesome progress in the girls’ new room (and just in the nick of time, right? please let me not go into labor tomorrow with my hallway full of furniture and toys…) including painting that new built-in bookshelf and the walls. You may have caught a sneak peek of the nursery paint samples or the wallpaper installation over on Instagram, but here are a few more photos to document the nursery transformation.

Painting the Nursery |

Kevin sprayed each bookcase using our Graco Magnum (also seen here) for that clean, brush free finish early one evening last week.

Painting the Nursery |

Painting the Nursery |

An alternative to a sprayer is using a small spongey roller designed just for cabinetry. I’m sure that once the bookcases are installed we’ll go back and make small touch ups using this technique which is a hair more time consuming but great for indoors (and when you don’t want to cover everything in plastic).

To be very honest, I’ve been having a hard time letting go of our current nursery. I’ve been looking forward to doing something special in this room for the new baby – and the girls together – and I love the inspiration board, but when it comes to actually painting the walls it has been a struggle.

Liv's Nursery |

So many happy memories in this space! But they are well documented…

Speaking of painting walls, do you ever suffer from paint-sample-paralysis? It’s this terrible problem I have… and I hope I don’t suffer alone. I go from choosing too many paint samples at the store:

Painting the Nursery |

To staring at them on the wall for a few days in various lighting…

Painting the Nursery |

(New wallpaper sneak peek!)

To very shortly a wall that looks like this because I begin mixing them all together (which is a TERRIBLE idea because the paint stores can really never color match that correctly).

Painting the Nursery |

The ultimate decision paralysis.

And then guess what? I end up not choosing any of those options. I finally settled on Hot Springs Stone (by Benjamin Moore) but color matched to mix into an Olympic Elite gallon. That’s a no VOC, paint and primer in one that does a terrific job of keeping coats to a minimum. The below white sprayed primer spots are where we really needed another top coat to help cover a few dark spots form the multiple (!) samples and a patched picture frame.

Painting the Nursery |

Looks uncannily similar to the previous paint on the walls when I was sure I was going bright white or a dark, dark griege. But now that the paint is up I couldn’t be happier! It is MUCH better than the previous tan (this one is more rosy/grey rather than yellow) and plays so well with the lighting. Which is a good thing because it’s not getting repainted any time soon.

So now here’s a little dilemma… Kevin and I both love this little tree on the wall so much and we’re trying to figure out a way to keep it. But is it awkward that it is cut off with the new bookcase? (not installed yet, just up for the photo). The owl is sort of peeking out in a cute way, but he also looks like he’s accidentally chopped in half.

Painting the Nursery |

We might keep it for a while and see if the tree blends in well with the rest of the space. Maybe it will? Maybe it will look odd… Now I just need to go and trace its branches a little more carefully…

Painting the Nursery |

Next up: wallpaper, bookcase installation, a changing table makeover, an upholstered big bed for Liv and so much more… the fun continues!

PS More nursery progress here!

PPS Speaking of nurseries and babies, how cute is this bump? I would like to request that cuteness the next time around.

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  1. says

    Love the new color! And I love the fact that you’re trying to keep the murals. I still remember the posts when they went up. As far as the tree goes…do you think you might be able to see if you can convince your aunt to repaint the rest of the tree/owl onto the bookcase so it looks more deliberate?

  2. Benicia says

    Why don’t you continue the tree pattern onto/into the bookcase? Use a sticky paper liner of some sort that is removable and paint the design onto it. If there will be doors, that would be ideal.

  3. steph says

    can’t wait to see the final. Looks so cute already! And I think you should totally keep the tree. :)

  4. says

    I know the room will look lovely when you’re finished. I understand why you hate to see that tree go, though. Do you still have any of those paints left? Just wondered if you could paint over the owl (cute though he is), and touch up the branch and leaves.

    • says

      I was considering that! I might have to color match the greens since my Aunt painted them from her kit but I thought that that might be an easy fix for the owl.

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