A huge thank you to Kirsten over at 6th Street Design School for featuring our home during her Feature Friday series! I love this girl’s style and I’m so honored to be included.

Father’s Day in the States is tomorrow (eek) and if you are like me you are wrapping up gifts and adding ‘bacon’ to your last-minute grocery list for brunch.

Guys don’t expect much in the way of wrapping paper (do they even notice?) but here’s my simple solution for man-wrapping!

Man Wrapping | Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas for Dudes |

This year for Dad’s Day, I found these neat handmade wooden iPad stands by Shuttenworks on Brickyard Buffalo (a daily deals site for Etsy-type stores… awesome!) for the Dads and Grandpas in our life.

Dad's Day iPad Stand Gift |

Dad's Day iPad Stand Gift |

Pretty cool, right? Nifty for watching/reading something on your iPad (like a recipe in the kitchen or scores to the game at your desk) while you’re preoccupied and don’t want to hold or prop it up.

But my real reason for this post is my shortcut for wrapping these guys (or anything for the Dads). So easy and very man-looking. I used a ‘Dad’ tag on all of these, but some are being changed to ‘Grandpa’ and the like.

Man Wrapping | Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas for Dudes |

1. Cut a large strip of construction paper to wrap around your gift. 2. Use double sided tape along one edge. 3-4. Wrap gift in tissue (optional) 5. Wrap construction strip around gift tube-style and adhere the edges using the tape already applied. 6. Cut extra strips of paper for decor and to close up the opposite (and now open ends). 7. Wrap them around the gift perpendicular to the first wrap to close up the loose ends. 8. Decorate with Dad tags!

Man Wrapping | Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas for Dudes |

To download the Dad labels that I created, open up this document and save the PDF to your computer. Happy wrapping!

Man Wrapping | Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas for Dudes |

And happy, happy Father’s Day!!

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  1. Janelle says

    Thank you so much for these cute labels, Morgan. I just printed them out & I’m wrapping gifts with them as we speak. Talk about last minute!!
    I love the one from Dad’s ‘favorite’ daughter… hilarious! I’m going to figure out a way to use that one. (My 3 sisters are gonna ‘love’ it!) hee-hee
    Are you ready to meet new Baby Girl????? ;)

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