Welcome, Baby Taylor!

We are home from the hospital, bags are being unpacked, everyone is settling back in…

Taylor Rose is Here | PepperDesignBlog.com

Beautiful Taylor Rose is here! And life with two little girls has begun.



Happy momma, happy baby. Be back soon with our birth story and more photos of this precious new addition. I must admit our hospital stay was a sweet break from life! Two full days to snuggle, canoodle and memorize each and every little detail of those fingers, toes, that little nose… it was the best.

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    Congratulations Morgan and family! Taylor is such a beauty! Thanks for sharing her birth story — how lucky for you that you didn’t have too long in the hospital before you all got to meet her! :) Hope you are having a restful and fun holiday weekend!

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    Many congratulations to all four of you! Taylor is just beautiful. Hopefully you’re getting some rest in between feedings and family.

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