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Back again with another round-up of Momma Musings from three fabulous bloggers who are sharing their favorite (and most unexpected) parts of mommyhood as well as the one baby or nursery item that they can’t or couldn’t live without! (Part 1 found here.) A big thank you to these ladies who are helping to fill in posts while I figure out how to juggle two littles while not going totally crazy. Be sure to check out their blogs, and I hope you enjoy!

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Emily has the most adorable family of seven – with her most recent additions being twins that she welcomed in May of last year! I wholeheartedly agree with her love of baby sleep sacks in answer to q #2, Taylor is sleeping on my shoulder in one right now.

Hi, I’m Emily from Emily A. Clark, and I’m happy to be filling in for Morgan while she adjusts to becoming a mommy of two.  (I remember that being a pretty major transition for us!)  We added twins to our brood last year and are still figuring this out day-by-day.  I obviously have lots of thoughts on being a mommy, and was happy to help when Morgan asked me to be her guest for the day.

1. What is your favorite (and perhaps most unexpected) part of mommyhood? Before I had my first baby, I never really thought much beyond what it would be like to hold that little body, change diapers, kiss his cheeks a million times.  I really thought those were the best days.  And, although the early days, months and years are good ones, I’ve been surprised to find how wonderful it is to watch them grow and develop into their own person.  I love that I’m now able to have a real conversation with my older kids and that they’re starting to get my sense of humor.  I love to see them interact with each other, find things they love doing, and how they respond to the world around them.

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2. What is/was one baby/nursery item you can’t/couldn’t have lived without? Baby Gap Bundlers.  I’ve had these little gowns with every baby after my first.  They are super soft and wash easily.  And, they’re the best for middle-of-the-night diaper changes when you’re way too bleary-eyed to figure out 27 snaps on a footed sleeper.

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Momma Musings Feature |

Katie is mom to Will and Weston and blogs about all things life (and renovations on their home in Georgia) at Bower Power. Her photoshop tips are always much loved and her humorous style of writing keeps me coming back for more (and more). Love her comments today about smiles!

1. What is your favorite (and perhaps most unexpected) part of mommyhood? My absolute favorite part of mommyhood is when the little one first smiles at you. I feel like in that moment the rest of the world completely disappears and everything is perfectly perfect. I feel like it’s such a lesson in how to deal with people too…that a big happy smile is hard to resist and that everyone has a deep overwhelming need to feel loved. It’s amazing how much love lives in a smile.

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2. What is/was one baby/nursery item you can’t/couldn’t have lived without? My boys could not live without their comfort items – the paci and lovie.  If my kids are tired and don’t have them?  Life.  shuts.  down.  Each boy chose a very specific paci and it is our life-line every day.  We keep only one pacifier for each for their first two years of life and we plan on putting them in a shadow box to display when we are done with kids.  We also love the Angel Dear Lovies…and the boys must have them snuggled on their face to sleep.  It’s the ultimate sleep-aid.

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Jenna is a soon-to-be mom of three (and the first two are just adorable) as well as the brain child behind A Mama Collective, a site full of savvy (and mostly green) posts on parenting written by a collection of mommas. I happen to know this momma personally and she is often my go-to on all things cloth diapering – and in regards to question #1 below, I can’t wait to experience it with my two girls! and to #2, I love me some baby wearing!

1. What is your favorite (and perhaps most unexpected) part of mommyhood? My favorite part of mommyhood would definitely be watching my children grow in relationship with each other. I always thought that you just raise a singular person, a person separated from their surroundings and others around them – as opposed to understanding that they are being raised in communion with others – namely my other children.

The relationship that my daughters have as sisters who are 18 months apart is probably the most incredible thing I’ve witnessed. I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to see their growth with each other, knowing that it will probably be one of the strongest relationships of their lives.


 2. What is/was one baby/nursery item you can’t/couldn’t have lived without? I couldn’t live without some sort of babywearing device. Whether that be an Ergo, a wrap, or a ring sling – life just wouldn’t be the same. Especially now that I will be balancing two toddlers and a newborn, I know a babycarrier will be just what I need to stay sane. That is definitely the most invaluable baby item I couldn’t live without.




Thank you wonderful mommas for sharing your thoughts today. More Momma Musings from guest bloggers Stefanie (Brooklyn Limestone), Sherry (YHL) and Emily (Jones Design Company) in Part 1, here.

This mini series is open to all bloggers! If you’d like to participate, please feel free to send over your answers to the two above questions to: morgan at pepperdesignblog dot com. Your answers are always welcome.

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    Yay for babywearing! We’ve gone through 5 (yes five!) different carriers. The Beco was especially a lifesaver during our cruise, where a big stroller would have been a serious pain.


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