A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

I am honored to be guest blogging over at A Mama Collective today about my journey with breastfeeding my two girls. Jenna is honoring National Breastfeeding Week by turning it into a month long celebration with various moms sharing their stories.

Taylor Rose is Here | PepperDesignBlog.com

And the HAPPIEST news! Jenna had her third baby girl Friday!! Congratulations, momma!

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4 comments on “Guest Posting: My Thoughts on Breastfeeding

  • Leslie

    I started pumping in the hospital with T since she was in the NICU. I still remember the first time the Husband saw me pumping there in my hospital gown. I just looked at him and his shocked face and said “Moooo”. We can laugh about it now, but I was definitely ready to stop pumping at the one-year mark with BOTH girls!

  • Sabrina

    Very nice guest post! My littlest guy was born six weeks early, and was given a bottle (with my pumped milk) right away. He had no idea how to latch or stay latched. Even when we brought him home 2 weeks later, I was still pumping and hoping he would get better at latching, but sadly he preferred the bottle. So I pumped for 7 strait months. blech. And I so get what you are saying about pumping. Mooo! :)
    But we do the best we can for our little ones.

    • Morgan Post author

      Oh wow, that would be so tough to pump for 7 months straight – you go girl. Your little one was so much for the better! Even though moooo, I totally agree.


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