Dog Days of Summer

I never quite understood the meaning of the term ‘dog days of summer’ until I moved from the crisper, redwood-climate of Northern California (think Big Sur) to the arid, high desert, palm tree-loving weather of Southern California. And now I get it. This summer there were many days when it was 90 degrees outside, doors to the house wide open with a hope and a prayer that a decent breeze would find its way in. This is why cotton dresses were made. I can feel the sweat between my shoulder blades just thinking about it.

But we are lucky in Southern California, the warm weather also means outdoors! Summer means swimming in nana and papa’s pool, BBQing in the evening and soaking up the sweet warm rays of the day over a cool glass of white wine. It means camping and night hikes, eating stone fruit by the basket full and doing half as much laundry since both girls are sporting basically just undies or a diaper all day. It means friends visiting, sailing in the bay, outdoor summer concerts, Shakespeare in the Park, trips to the beach and Liv enjoying loooong vacation-style naps.

Dog Days of Summer |

Love that last shot of Taylor dancing in her sleep.

Summer for us this year meant new life and all of the sweet, quiet moments that came with her. It also meant a family vacation to the Atlantic ocean, weddings, homemade Sunday brunches, swimming in fountains, cloud watching and first giggles.

Dog Days of Summer |

And now I can’t believe that summer is near over – it feels like it’s leaving as quickly as it arrived. The hot weather that was knocking on our doorstep is already cooling down with impending fall, and we’re beginning to need sweaters at night. Oh sweet summer you were a fun one! But fall? We are already brainstorming Halloween costumes and plans for Thanksgiving. I think we’re ready (and excited) for you, too.

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    Looks and sounds like you had an amazing summer…congrats again on such a sweet start with the birth of your littlest girl. No doubt this fall and winter will be just as amazing!

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