A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

You know what’s amazing? Little hands, little toes. A little face that lights up with the most brilliant little grin when you shine a smile in her direction.

Taylor's First 7 Months | PepperDesignBlog.com

We are beginning to manage a stretch of sleep that is longer than five hours these days. Five hours isn’t horrible, it’s way better than two. But by three months old (let alone seven) Liv was sleeping for 13 hours straight and I was happy as a sleeping clam. Oh man, those were the days.

We followed BabyWise and Secrets of a Baby Whisperer (loved both, I’m leaning on the latter at the moment) to a t with Liv from when she was 2-3 weeks old. I sort of forgot all about it when Taylor came around. I remembered the steps but wasn’t diligent about employing them, and, obviously, that is the secret. So we’re back on track now but it will take a bit of time.

The above pics chronicle T’s first seven months! I have this big, fuzzy white blanket that I keep in the living room for snuggling on the couch and it was a perfect prop for her newborn photos, I love how cozy it looks and plan on using it in her regular photo updates just like I did with Liv’s giant bear.

Taylor's Monthly Photos | 7 Months | PepperDesignBlog.com

Taylor is the best baby. She may not sleep as much as I’d like, but everything else about her little personality, coos, scoots and hand clapping is addictive. I’m trying to get her out of my bed, but in reality falling asleep with her on my chest (Kev constantly lets her fall asleep wrapped up against him, and he’s always reminding me that that is truly the best feeling in the world) is my kind of cuddling. She’s sweet and energetic and perfect.

PS I pulled together all of  my favorite baby product posts into one easy to find spot.

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