March Finds… an Inspiration Board

Liv, T and I walked down to the park yesterday and fully enjoyed our extra hour of spring-forward sunshine. By the time we walked home it was dark – but just past 7pm, too. That’s the best.

Speaking of what I’ve been looking forward to, a few favorite finds for this month:

March Favorite Finds |

1. Woven Wall Mirror
Rattan is making its way into many an accessory this year.

2. Gathered Vines Tunic
The perfect winter-to-spring transition dress, I love that the embroidery stitching detail is a trend this season. This button up tunic dress is on my list.

3. Canzonetta Necklace
Very glad that tassels are still around, this beaded version is a great casual find.

4. Green Onyx Earrings
Classic, trimmed-in-gold, jewel-cut earrings will never go out of style.

5. Flamingo’s Love Art
Animal art moves away from soft and cuddly (or forest), I can only hope that it goes flamingo!

6. J Brand ‘Jake’ Jeans
Bring on the rolled ankle jeans.

7. Matisse ‘Paula’ Sandle
I have a soft spot for salt water sandals. This new design (so similar in structure) by Matisse will be a go-to this spring for me.

PS It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these… my last was way back here (woah).

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  1. says

    Great lit. Saw you last night on Sharp’s documentary around 6:30. I was so surprised and felt like I knew you. How lovely to have that documented for your girl(s) forever.

    • says

      Oh thank you :). We volunteered our birth when the film crew came around (when I was at 9cm!) but I’m so happy we did and that we get to share it with the girls when they’re older. Thanks for sharing that you saw it!

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