Winter-to-Spring Wardrobe Staples

Finding a new favorite closet staple is the best feeling. I think that most of us strive to find that balance between cozy, effortless and modern (despite how much we might overthink it). I haven’t grasped it (what’s the magic secret?) – but I have to admit that there’s nothing like not having to overthink your clothing for the day by reaching in, grabbing your comfiest sweater (or shirt or blouse or cami) and jeans and knowing that they’re your go-to. I’m totally a creature of comfort and habit! And maybe just a little bit boring because of that.

A few of the staples that I rediscover on a daily basis as we move from winter to spring (welcome, spring) include light weight button up shirts, skinny jeans, sandals and at night, a thin cardigan. These are all favorites in my closet. When summer approaches I’ll swap the jeans for shorts and next winter the sandals for leather boots.

Winter to Spring Wardrobe Staples |

I’ve just recently realized that this is my uniform. I might add trendy scarves or statement jewelry, but at the base of it all are my go-tos. Of all of these, there are certain brands that I adore and continue to revisit when my old favorites are finally worn out or worn down. And the purpose for this post today? I love sharing a good clothing find just like I love to share a good book.

J Crew Factory Merino Long Cardigans
Light weight, soft and perfect for layering. For some reason a good cardigan is actually kind of a difficult item for me to fall in love with, but something I wear everyday.

Madewell Button Up Shirts
I have button ups from Charlotte Russe to Nordstrom, but Madewell (especially their stand collar-style chambrays) are some of my favorites.

Target Camis
Not pictured but very much my daily go-to. I love to wear a cami under everything and love the little extra length it adds to a top.

Caslon Sweaters
Such an excellent sweater brand! When I find one I love, I usually wait until they’re on sale and then buy that style in a few colors. They last me all of fall, winter and into spring, plus summer nights.

Seychelles Sandals
I don’t have this exact pair but Seychelles somehow usually fit me just right. I have a few oldies but goodies from seasons past and I check with Seychelles and Dolce Vita first when shopping for a new sandal. I wish that I felt more comfortable in animal prints, but where I will wear them is on my shoes :). My most frequently worn sandals though? These guys. That’s a side effect from growing up by the beach.

James Skinny Jeans
I keep my eye out for the ‘Twiggy’ variety of James Jeans. Sometimes I find them through a daily deals site (has to be ‘Twiggy’) and sometimes over at Twice (love that darn site). My other favorite jeans to look out for at consignment shops include J Brand and Madewell.

J Crew Chino Shorts
My rolled jean shorts are a random off brand and I replace them as necessary. My other favorite shorts are the 3″ chinos (I’m short) that J Crew has kept around for ages. I keep them around for ages, too.

Delicate Gold Jewelry
My everyday jewelry consists of very simple gold. I’m a huge fan of a basic gold cuff with a big watch on my wrist. I wear the above thin gold necklace everyday and only take it off for a good hot yoga class. (I spotted a very simple gold and bezel-set diamond necklace in a store window display by Dior while on vacation five years ago, I brought that picture to my little neighborhood jeweler with a diamond stud Kevin had gifted me while we were dating. The jeweler was able to replicate the necklace for maybe $70 plus the chain and it’s my most prized piece of jewelry next to my wedding bands). I also wear a thin gold ring on my right hand and think that something like these would be cool eventually for each of my kiddos.

Big Watch
I’m still looking for that perfect big watch that will last a life time. Right now I dig a good Timex (and literally send it in every six months and pay $10 for a new band because they’re not real leather but they do have excellent customer service). For the price you can’t beat it.

I believe in a great relationship with your local tailor (mine is a dry cleaning shop), replacing shoe soles and inserts professionally to give them new life, air drying anything special, and dying clothes that fit right but in colors I don’t love (for consignment store finds, for example). Awesome clothes are worth taking care of.

There you have it. Most of my closet secrets. Still searching for? The perfect t-shirt, the fits-just-right-I-could-live-in-it long skirt and a new set of pumps to replace my Charles David brown heels I wear whenever I’m in the office (but that are totally scuffed and too grubby to wear much longer).

PS This post is kind of inline with my post on closet spring cleaning efforts and necklines – and you can check out all of the style boards posted on the site right here in this gallery.

PPS I read this post just after putting together the above and it totally hit the nail on the mark of what that whole ‘effortless beauty’ thing means. I adore Courtney Adamo’s style.

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    Great tips! I think most of us are creatures of habit. For me it’s having my hair pulled back into some kind of top knot with a pair of big earrings. (Ironically, my hair was never pulled back before kids!) And a good cobbler is a girl’s best friend. I don’t know how many extra years of wear I’ve gotten out of my favorite boots just from all the heel cap replacements!

    • says

      I was never a ponytail girl but post-children I totally agree! I sport one most days, and when it’s piled on top of my head I love it all the more. Funny how that works…


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