Inspired by: Woodland Details

I’m not sure what it is about fuzzy foxes and woodsy, organic decor but I’ve got a hunkering to try out a few crafty projects or plan a little party. A few ideas around the web that I think are awesome:

Woodland Inspiration |

fuzzy fox ears! | adorable diy terrarium | need to figure out these
mushroom cookies… | a clever moss & box invitefurry fox cake!
birch vases | budding branches and hydrangeas

Happy Monday! We are recovering from a weekend away from San Diego. Oh man it was a much, much needed getaway that involved perfect weather, a pool, lounge chairs ;), a book, a bit of shopping, good food, good music… After a few slightly tougher months I can’t complain and I am feeling so fortunate at the moment (and perhaps just a wee bit tanner). Have a great start to your week!

PS a friend of mine threw an adorable woodland themed party that I featured on the blog and that fits right in with this post – and she just started a blog of her own!

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  1. says

    Such cute details! I could definitely see you pulling off a woodsy themed party for one of your girls. These details would go really well with one of your DIY tents, too!

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