Birthday Flowers

Birthday Flowers |

It’s my birthday! Taking this afternoon and evening to enjoy time with family and friends.

I bought a completely closed bouquet of my favorite peonies last Friday. May might be my favorite month for birthday reasons and because it is the one month peonies are readily available in San Diego. They are so beautiful!

Birthday Flowers |

Amazing, right? Hope you have a great May 22nd too.

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  1. says

    Happy Birthday!!! Our peonies are just about to open and I can’t wait. I would totally sent you some if they would survive the cross-country trip. Here’s to a day full of grins, giggles and lots of little hugs.

    • says

      Thank you so much, Leslie! My peonies were so awesome, unfortunately only for like 4 days! Ah well, fleeting beauty ;).

  2. Janelle Carlson says

    Happy Birthday Morgan!!! Hope you’re enjoying a fantastic day!

  3. Andrea says

    Happy Happy Day! I truly look forward to your blog posts. I love your honestly, joy and fun ideas and adventures you share. You go girl!

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