Gold Rimmed Marble Cheeseboard

I’m traveling to Salt Lake City today for Alt but I have a fun project to share with you in my place. I created these super easy $6 marble cheeseboards a while back and was so honored that my very favorite Emily Henderson scooped up the project for her blog.

DIY Marble & Gold Cheese Plate | Emily Henderson & Pepper Design Blog

Jump on over for the quick how-to.

Marble is so beautiful! But also so temperamental to work with on a grand scale since it can stain so easily. I’ve been in love with the idea of finding a small slab for our kitchen (especially for serving and displaying appetizers and such), but even a small chunk is rather pricey. This is such a pretty and luxe alternative – the tile size is perfect for parties (I’m thinking a set casually lined up on a table, perhaps at different heights, or scattered about a room filled with goodies) and the gold lining makes the board feel ‘finished’. It would make for a lovely and fast gift, too.

Very in line with the slate cheeseboards that I shared back in April. Mmmm I shouldn’t write these posts when I’m hungry. Happy crafting!

PS More handmade gifts here, and more party & entertaining ideas right over here. 

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  1. Janelle Carlson says

    These are awesome! And it’s so fantastic that you were featured on Emily Henderson’s blog, way to go girl!!!

    AND… you’re in Salt Lake City?!!!! Welcome to spring in Utah! We’ve had the most beautiful warm weather here…up until yesterday that is :) At least today is much nicer & the beautiful mountains are freshly snow capped!
    Oh how I wish we could meet up Morgan – I’m only about a 1/2 hr drive from downtown SLC. I know your schedule at Alt is probably jam packed with activities though. One of these days we must meet up, maybe my next trip to San Diego(?)
    Have a fantastic time during your stay here!!

    • says

      Hi Janelle! I’m so sorry – getting this message a few days too late! I had a beautiful time in SLC and at ALT. It was quite the experience! And SO busy. Going, going from 7am until crashing at midnight :). Beautiful state! I’ll be back one of these days (and maybe for snow!?)

  2. says

    Congrats on the post! When I read the intro here I wasn’t sure how you were going to apply gold rim to marble. LOVE the use of the dowels there. Another great tip…and so pretty with the broiled fruit too!


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