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Sometimes a recipe catches my eye in a magazine or on Pinterest and I’m just dying to give it a go. Here are six that are mouth-wateringly perfect for the month of June. Truth be told it might take me the full summer but I’m determined to try these out. I’m actually thinking the lemon meyer yogurt cake would be so great for Taylor’s 1st birthday, perhaps I’ll be giving it a go Saturday!

Lately I’m digging one (or close) pot/skillet dinners (see 1 & 3), simple twists on classic desserts (strawberry lemonade lemon bar?) and easy but unique ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moments (4).

1 | Almond crusted thyme and sage chicken with roasted brussel sprouts

2 | Cinnamon roll skillet cake (this is too easy)

3 | Sweet potato, kale and sausage bake with white cheese sauce

4 | Grilled caesar salad (so simple! perfect when the grill is already fired up)

5 | Lemon Meyer iced raspberry yogurt cake

6 | Strawberry lemonade bars (this is inspiring new takes on my family’s classic lemon bar recipe)

PS More good eats stored right here.

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  1. says

    Yummy! I’m definitely interested in #3. Ironically we have more time to make dinner in the summer, but all I want is easy dinners. That sausage, kale recipe sounds like a winner! And you know I’ve got a serious sweet tooth, so the lemon bar variations both sound delicious!

  2. Janelle Carlson says

    Hi Morgan, Ohh these all look so delish! I happen to have come across the sweet potato/kale dish just last week & thought I’d better try it soon. And that cinnamon roll cake looks to die for! (I really wish you hadn’t mentioned that it’s easy, I could gain 10 lbs just looking at it) :)

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