Happy (Actual 1st), Taylor Rose!

Today is T’s birthday. I can’t believe that 12 months ago this little peanut came into our world and changed our lives in a big (awesome) way. It’s hard to imagine life pre two little kiddos to play with and love on.

Today? She is a walking, laughing, smiling, pointing, sweet little girl.

Taylor's 1st Birthday - An Infographic | PepperDesignBlog.com

I am grateful that Taylor is such a smiley, chill baby. I’m grateful that she is so patient with us as we figure out what it means to grow as a family. Taylor is an observer, but not one to watch life pass by. She’s learning to assert herself and to be heard, even amongst the craziness that is this house :). I love that T is beginning to engage in Liv play, and that Liv has taken it upon herself to be a little momma (it’s a great role for her).

Happy birthday, sweet Taylor girl!

A look back at Taylor’s year in snapshots (my five favorites), her birth story and – oh man – lots of squishy newborn photos.

Hubby and I are off to Catalina Island (off the coast of Southern California) to celebrate 7 years of marriage (that’s a crazy number too!). Enjoy your beautiful weekend.

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  1. Erin K. says

    So sweet!! Did you use a specific program to create the infographic? I’d love to do one for my sons first birthday. :)


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