Kitchen Breakfast Nook: Searching For a Pair of Chairs

Oops! You may have caught a sneak peek to a post that I’m working on called ‘5 Lessons I Learned From My Mother’ that published itself at 3am this morning :). That one is still in draft phase… sorry for the rss email that blasted out for those that are subscribed to the blog!

Kitchen Breakfast Table | Tufted Bench, Giant Chalkboard |
Do you know what’s missing from the above photo?

Kitchen Breakfast Table | Tufted Bench, Giant Chalkboard |

A new door and another chair. We’ve installed and stained the new door (there are woohoo’s around here to be had for miles about this door! you might have caught a sneak peek here) and I’ve officially given up on finding my beloved little consignment guy a mate. I actually was very close – about a year ago we were on a weekend vacation to the mountains and, while stopping by a local thrift store called ‘the dump’ (so aptly named because it saves great finds from the dump next door), I actually found a bentwood that, with a little love, might have turned out just like the above chair. It was in bad shape… and Kev mistook it as trash while cleaning out our garage months later and took it to our local dump with a big haul one afternoon without me realizing as much. Ah well. Time for something new and perhaps a little less woodsy.

We have a lot of maple stained wood around the kitchen these days and if I picture a new pair of chairs I’m leaning away from a natural wood and more towards a solid color. At first it was white…

Kitchen Nook Breakfast Chair Inspiration |

1 | 2 | 3

But there’s not really that much white in the kitchen itself (except for white dishes in the glass cabinets or on the countertop). Next I thought that color could be really fun!

Kitchen Nook Breakfast Chair Inspiration |

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Those red chairs are amazing! And color pops so well, especially in photos. But the more and more that I searched and sat (harhar) on the idea, the more I realized that I was drawn to a different color in this space.

Kitchen Breakfast Table | Tufted Bench, Giant Chalkboard, Black French Doors |

Black? Yes, I think black. Between the chalkboard, black framed art, black french doors, oil rubbed bronze faucet hardware…

Kitchen Breakfast Table | Tufted Bench, Giant Chalkboard, Black French Doors |

Black is awfully tempting. Is it too much?? Will the black chairs play friendly with the other pieces of furniture in the space? I’m off to explore some options. (It’s kind of nice for me to look back on these photos… at this moment that little kitchen table is filled with craft projects and magazine clippings from Liv’s latest venture. Maybe today I’ll unearth the table again for some great visualizing).

Projects from this space: diy tufted cabinets (aka a new breakfast table bench), a simple giant framed chalkboard, a little cork art & family station, glossy black salvaged french doors (found on the side of the road), calendar wall art (in the black frames) and the ‘before’ kitchen (talk about lots of maple).

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  1. says

    Love that room! I love color – how about yellow to match the fabric :) I like black or wood, too! Pretty space.

    • says

      Thanks! Yes, definitely considered yellow, or even a pop of green or red! I think we’re going to choose wood (in black) which might allow us to paint somewhere down the line. Excellent ideas.

  2. says

    Your family is so young and energetic I would opt for a color…or if you choose black place a colorful cushion on it to keep the room from being too dark.

    • says

      I know, I hear ya. Color would look awesome. I think we might make sure that the chairs are made of wood so that we can repaint (or spray) them at any time. You know, in case we get a color itch :).

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