Six Fresh & Sweet Summer Recipes

Thank you so much for all of your comments and emails regarding yesterday’s big announcement, we’re super excited and we’ll have so much to share as we make little house and lifestyle updates to get ready for expanding our family. The news is still rocking my world!

Today, a little round up of some of the recipes on my hit list this summer. There’s just something magical about fresh summer fruits and veggies – so sweet! so juicy and seasonal and perfect – and they especially make the best base for so many delicious appetizers and drinks whether they’re roasted, pureed, coated or served up á la carte.

Six Summer Fresh & Sweet Recipes | Bites & Sips |

sorbet watermelon wedges (the assembly of this is so easy that it makes
me smile that that’s not what initially came to mind)
cucumber & feta boats | watermelon punch bowl
nectarine & fried mozzarella stacks | proscuitto and cantaloupe
watermelon aqua fresca mimosa (or mocktail?)

I’d like to plan an under-the-stars dinner party sometime soon to take advantage of these warm summer nights and our soon-to-be-updated (pillows ordered!) backyard. Most of the above – especially the nectarine + fried mozzarella + balsamic glaze stacks – are on the dream menu.

PS more good eats to try right over here.

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  1. Janelle Carlson says

    Yes, they all look so delicious and just the right thing for summer! :)

  2. says

    These all look so yummy. And I’m right there with you on especially wanting the nectarine & fried mozzarella stacks.

    • says

      Delicious, right? I so wish we had room for a fruit tree in our yard because a nectarine tree is what I’d pick!

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