Maker’s Space, Part 2: The New Art Boards

Nursery Artboards |

I’ve had an idea in my mind for well over a year on how to turn a small space of wall in the girls’ room into a multi-purpose play space that involves interactive ‘art boards’.

Nursery Artboards |

The free space in their shared room is tight, and when one surface serves multiple purposes – the best!

Pink Nursery/Girls' Room |

I started last Christmas (I know, ages ago) by building a mirrored board for dress up play and by adhering a chalkboard and whiteboard together (on reverse sides) to stack in front of the mirror.

I played with different ideas for the back of the mirrored plywood – felt board? big metal clips for a painting easel? (bad for carpet) and finally settled on a magnet board for posting projects and playing with magnetic alphabet letters, scenes, etc.

I can’t believe this project took so long to finish (it was on the back burner for ages – but always on my mind), and I’m so thrilled to have this ‘maker’s space, part 2′ complete. Be back soon with suggestions for building (mounting the mirror, painting stripes, working with spoonflower on a wallpaper design for the magnet board, etc).

Happy, happy Monday!

PS Maker’s space part 1 right here. Awesome flamingo painting by Elise of Make29.

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  1. says

    So cute and so pretty, too! I love the mismatched, yet coordinating elements with the wallpaper and the fabric frame. And that flamingo print fits in perfectly too! Making a space multipurpose really is the best, isn’t it?

  2. Janelle Carlson says

    Love the multi-purpose idea, Morgan. I’d like to do something similar for my little grandson Charlie’s room…only maybe not in pink! ;)

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