Impromptu Picnics and a New Living Room Lamp

Picnic in the Living Room | New Quill Lamp |

Sometimes adorable moments catch me completely off guard and I’m lucky enough to have my camera out.

Picnic in the Living Room | New Quill Lamp |

I was snapping a few photos of a new wooden living room lamp that we’ve just added when I turned around to find a picnic set out before me. Liv explained that she had made ‘lots of different soups’ but that they weren’t too hot ‘because I added ice cubes’. T plays along with pretend meal making really, really well and is a pro juice pourer and wooden cucumber eater.

I was invited by Quill this fall to choose a new piece of office-related furniture to try out. I was a little hesitant at first, but upon searching came up with a handful of lamps that would be great for our home (and we were in need of lighting in a few key spots). The lamp that ultimately worked best for us (the Adesso Walden floor lamp) fits the little reading nook area of our living room well (though I have also tried it in the guest bedroom and our bedroom and it might be playing lamp-house-shuffle for a while :)).


The lamp is tall and wooden with a metal foot. It feels a little industrial but also warm, and I kind of dig how the cord is intended to wrap around various parts of the wooden base to keep it exposed. It leans just a hair (and I can’t seem to fix that) but other than that it’s a great fit.


There’s something about this corner of the living room that I both love and hate. That there club chair is over forty years old and was actually one of the first ‘grown up’ pieces of furniture that my dad purchased back when he was in his twenties. I love that this chair is filled with so many stories and that leather club chairs, in general, are pretty classic. This guy is sort of a family heirloom and, despite the rips, bruising and other obvious flaws, I don’t see it going anywhere for a while. It’s also one of Kevin’s FAVORITE spots in the whole wide world :-). When it comes to comfort, sometimes husbands win and aesthetic loses.

New Quill Lamp in the Living Room |

I think something giant and boxy would be kind of awesome there. But those curved arms might come back in style some day ;).

Meanwhile, these two girls were having a really sweet moment. Reminds me so much of the post I shared yesterday on watching them become sisters.

Picnic in the Living Room | New Quill Lamp |

It wasn’t long though before Taylor spotted the camera. If a camera is visible, T reacts by pointing and shouting ‘no!’ or running up to it to offer the biggest ‘cheese!!!’.

Picnic in the Living Room | New Quill Lamp |

Then she proceeded to do the Charleston to entertain us for the the next few minutes.

Picnic in the Living Room | New Quill Lamp |

Oh, that girl.

What do you think? Do you like the wooden arms of this new standing floor lamp or do you think I should bring the brass one back in here?

Living Room Reading Nook |

Digging both at the moment and happy that both will find a spot in this casa. You can’t ever have too many lamps!

This post is sponsored by Quill. Thanks for letting me share about the brands that support this site :).
Photo credit: last photo by Katie Beverley, the rest by me (you can really tell the difference!).


Sisters |

It’s not every day that these two get along so easily. I should rephrase that – it’s not that they don’t get along, in fact, as of yet, there is very little fighting or frustration between either of them. But Taylor is just coming into her own and that has presented a brand new form of sister play that is unique and so fun to witness.

When previously both girls would play independently, now they are discovering how fun it is to have a little companion to run around with. In T’s case that means to chase incessantly. In Liv’s case, it means someone to teach school to or play momma with.

I feel so blessed to have these little humans in my life! And especially grateful that they have the opportunity to grow up loving and supporting each other with one of the strongest bonds known to man: sisterhood.

PS Since we’re on the subject of these two little munchkins, I have to tell you the sweetest story about Liv on Halloween. She has a big heart and an empathetic spirit, but this act of kindness put me over the top: when we had finished trick-or-treating and had finally run out of candy for our own trick-or-treat visitors for the night, I closed our front door and switched off our porch light. Liv looked out the window at the passersby and was devastated, she immediately began to tear up for the little boys and girls who would have to walk by our home treat-less. Without a word, she poured her entire candy bucket into our porch basket, asked that I flip back on the light and handed out the rest of her Halloween candy piece by piece. I melted.

Really Digging… Gold Stud Earrings

Gold Post Stud Earrings Jewelry Roundup |

wire-wrapped hexagon studs | gold flat dot earrings | pebble post earrings
pebble post option 2 | hammered gold | short bar posts | pebble post option 3

The start of the day brings with it so many decisions (and so much thought/multitasking/braindrain) all on its own, that I’ve sort of geeked out over the idea of a capsule wardrobe and with it, very simple, classic jewelry. I don’t know if I could pare down my closet to 37 pieces (or if that should be the true magic number), but I do know that I have been edging towards classics in the jewelry department for a couple of years now. Here I shared a gold necklace that hugs a small diamond that was gifted by Kevin when we were dating. I worked with a local jeweler for the longest time to create a very simple, inexpensive setting and haven’t taken off that necklace in maybe five years. In the same post I share about my favorite thin hammered bracelet that I sport with my everyday watch. I still love me some fancy jewelry (or a great pendant necklace), but this daily jewelry uniform feels simple, feminine and complete.

A great set of gold studs rounds out the whole pulled-together look. I have overly sensitive pierced ears so I was a little wary of purchasing a set of gold posts online, but I’ve been wearing these flat dot earrings for most of summer and all of fall and haven’t had a single issue yet. I love them.

Steve Jobs (and even Barack Obama) kept a daily uniform to help minimize wasted brainpower on choosing outfits each morning. Do you think streamlining helps to empower your day? I personally have an affinity for shopping :) but while pregnant I’ve been able to embrace the simple and it’s been refreshing!

Liv & Mom

PS Also really digging… clay & wooden necklaces (in the opposite of simple), my favorite everyday sunglasses and one great pre-pregnancy solution to making outfit choices easier

PPS I ended up having to go to my local post office to pick up my gold studs (rather than have them delivered) because they shipped from an Etsy shop based in Israel. Just a heads up if you order the same ones!

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