A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

Dining Room Update: New Chairs

New Dining Room Chairs by Bryght | PepperDesignBlog.com

Our dining room is the center of the house. Literally and figuratively. It’s sort of the runway to every other room, so we’re walking through it fifty times a day as we head from front door to kitchen, living room to office, back to the girls’ room… it’s where mail is sorted and errand stuff piles up and, most importantly, where coveted nightly family meals are had. It’s a well-loved space. A well-loved space that I adore!

New Dining Room Chairs by Bryght | PepperDesignBlog.com

And totally a space that our guests get to see a lot of, too. Whether it’s a dinner party or a play date or just for some hanging out time, we end up doing A LOT in this here little room.

New Dining Room Chairs by Bryght | PepperDesignBlog.com

It’s one of two rooms in the house that I really, really like to have clean if we’re expecting anyone :). Or even if we’re not, cuz having a clean ‘hub’ is sort of a nice little booster when you’re home most of the day, like me.

New Dining Room Chairs by Bryght | PepperDesignBlog.com

We’ve been on the hunt for grown-up dining chairs for this room for a few years (years is no exaggeration, either). For a while, I was bent on saving up for a new dining table and set of chairs. I pictured something larger with more girth – something that could really fill the space below the pendant light.

Our existing table, though, is sort of awesome. It was one of our first big ticket purchases (and by big ticket, I mean maybe $500) when Kev and I first married. We bought it for the sole reason that it could be expanded to seat 10 (even 12 if you’re feeling cozy). We wanted an entertaining table. They don’t make many leafless (this guy ‘pops’ out), 10-seater collapsible tables that are within price range.

The table though doesn’t need to be replaced. She’s in good shape despite her many years, and she still regularly holds 12 person dinner gatherings (bring on the love).

Dining Room Before | PepperDesignBlog.com

But the chairs were uncomfortable and just sort of meh. They were great for almost seven years of solid use, but they were originally from Target (the x-back chairs) and World Market (the parsons chairs) I believe, and were really starting to show their use. One of the side chair legs was held together with a dowel. All six (there are usually 2 x-back chairs on either side) were crazy uncomfortable for more than a quick bite.

New Dining Room Chairs by Bryght | PepperDesignBlog.com

(Spot a baby? :))

Kevin and I debated over wooden chairs for easy clean up or upholstered for a comfortable, let’s just hang at the dining table set. I really, really was leaning towards creating a space that everyone would just want to chill at. Lengthy dinner parties, extended family meals, that sort of thing.

New Dining Room Chairs by Bryght | PepperDesignBlog.com

Kevin was very worried about stains and the girls, and for good reason. The compromise on upholstered chairs was that they would get a coating of scotch guard, and that they wouldn’t be such an investment that replacing a cushion (or even a chair) would be a terrible breach in our budget.

New Dining Room Chairs by Bryght | PepperDesignBlog.com

We wanted Ikea pricing, Crate & Barrel quality and West Elm choices. Too much to ask? :)

I initially discovered Bryght when their company reached out to me with a press release. The concept is totally new and different with the idea being that traditional high-design and high-quality have resulted in high show room prices because of that expensive middleman (importers, distributors, salespeople, etc). By removing the middlemen and connecting designers and manufacturers with consumers, Bryght is able to offer all that we were hunting for at a fraction of a traditional store price. That makes so much sense. We buy so much online, why not furniture, too?

They carry minimal stock and group orders to be placed every 7-10 days from the manufacturer so there’s no need for warehousing. They sell directly to the consumer so there’s no need for a store room, they avoid the importer/distributor/wholesaler conundrum by shipping directly from the source. They ship unassembled so the cost is affordable.

New Dining Room Chairs by Bryght | PepperDesignBlog.com

Their designs are pretty awesome – they get what the modern, mid-century-but-not-dated, practical homeowner is after. Bryght carries dining room chairs, they also feature dining tables, sofas, storage solutions (dressers, sideboards), coffee tables, desks and mirrors.

Bryght reached out to me about collaborating, and when I read about their mission and concept I thought that it was pretty brilliant.

New Dining Room Chairs by Bryght | PepperDesignBlog.com

They offered us a set of six chairs to try out in our own dining room. We found a set of upholstered chairs that were right in line with that I had pictured for this space: low profile, dark legs, cozy-neutral color. And they’re comfortable. Hang out all day comfortable.

The captain’s chairs can be found here, and the four side chairs here. Best yet, there’s a crazy great sale going on over there right now (but if you miss out, be sure to check back in frequently).

New Dining Room Chairs by Bryght | PepperDesignBlog.com

We have had these guys for about a month as a little test drive. I am so proud of our dining room when neighbors swing by (we have those sorts of neighbors – which I love!) and the chairs are still stain-free despite a preschooler and a toddler. Best yet, there is no arguing over who gets the end chair (previously the only padded chair – and it was Livy and I who would race to the table each night to claim it) because every seat is so comfy.

We’ve made a few other updates in this space as well, can you tell? I love my new indoor tree there in the corner, and the row of succulents that are now officially the latest (and best) centerpiece I’ve ever kept here full time. No maintenance and so perty.

Photography by the talented Katie Beverley. This post was sponsored by Bryght, a brand that we very much enjoy as a family. Thanks for supporting those companies that support this site! 

My Favorite Liv-isms

Liv-isms | PepperDesignBlog.com

Sometimes I capture something so funny/adorable/sweet that I can’t help but make note of it. Favorite Liv-isms recently:

While reading a book together about three little kittens playing with their momma:
Liv: Where’s their daddy? Oh, he’s probably at work.

While eating together:
Liv: How big of a bite do I need to take (holding out hands really wide).
Mom: Yes, that big.
Liv: I can’t take a bite that big because my mouth is only this big (while holding open her mouth).

While eating pizza for dinner:
Liv: I want to put mushrooms on my pizza so that I can grow big and strong. So I can be stronger than nana.

While passing a new building in our neighborhood:
Liv: When I get bigger, like 100 or 11 or 12, and have babies, I’m going to live there.

Reassuring us:
Liv: I’ll be back, sooner than life.

When asked to wait for dinner before snacking:
Liv: But I want to appetize!

When asked by her uncle if she wanted to play outside:
Liv: I need a strong man to help me.


Oh, Liv! This girl is the best.

This is working itself into a new series of sorts. Here’s the round-up so far.

Helpful Tips For Selling Your Clothing Online: 3 Favorite Sites

When I first found out that I was pregnant and that I’d be swapping out a good chunk of my closet for expandable-belly-clothing, I thought I’d take the opportunity to do a little weeding of some of my favorite but not often (or never) worn pieces of clothing.

Buried in my 2×3 foot, 1930’s closet are a handful of killer finds from the likes of Piperlime and Nordstrom’s (for the record – I’ve gotten significantly better at this over the past couple of years :)) and it was time that they found a new owner who would love them even more. It’s embarrassing that most of these clothes still had tags on them, were still very much on trend, and for whatever reason were acquired even though I probably didn’t love them at the time.

Having previously sold to some of my favorite consignment stores in my local area as well as on eBay, I did a lot of research on the new online options out there to get an idea of what was available. My biggest criteria was that I wouldn’t have to photograph and ship the clothing to buyers myself (I know a lot of people don’t mind this extra step though). The three sites I ended up trying out? Bib & Tuck, Threadflip and Twice.

BIB & TUCK: I contacted Bib & Tuck (a play on words for buying and selling) first because of a love of their website – great design! – and because I really enjoyed perusing the closets of others that they highlight. I loved that they gave an identity to closets. It felt as if you were shopping the story. I gave them a try first and sent maybe 40 items in for their review. They were quite particular and chose maybe 10 (they tend to walk that fine line between fashion and high fashion, so I was surprised but happy at their pluckings). Here are a handful:

Bib & Tuck | PepperDesignBlog.com

Pros: Quality of clothing, ease of shopping, beautifully photographed products (doesn’t really feel like you’re wandering through someone else’s stash). You control the description and pricing of each item.

Cons: They are very particular about clothing that they’ll list, they are not the bargain option. Brands not in their database (but those that are still awesome) are mostly rejected or are labeled as ‘small/Indie brand’ – wish they would expand out.

THREADFLIP: Next up was Threadflip. Upon receiving SO many items back from Bib & Tuck, I decided to take advantage of the Full Service offering from Threadflip and send them over my other 30 items to choose from (in a bag that they provided). They selected maybe 15, here are a few:

A Guide to Selling Your Clothes Online: Threadflip | PepperDesignBlog.com

Pros: They provided a shipping ‘kit’ which I filled with my favorite clothes and left on the porch for the postman. They were happy to scoop up more of the Indie brands that I collect (think Anthropologie or small boutique) and photographed everything for the site. You can also take care of some of this work for a larger commission from what you sell (I think 90 rather than 80%).

Cons: The site functions more as a community where you have the opportunity to showcase your clothing by ‘opting in’ to brand trunk shows and are encouraged to follow and participate in regular closet favoriting. This is probably awesome for a lot of people, but being the pregnant and busy gal that I am (and not able to shop or really having the time to do too much perusing), it’s a little overwhelming.

TWICE: This is the wallet-friendly little sister to both of the above. Rather than consign items, they send you a bag, you fill it up, and they offer you a price for the clothing inside of it (you can use this nifty little calculator to get an idea of what your bag is worth before you ship it).

A Guide to Selling Your Clothes Online: Threadflip | PepperDesignBlog.com

Pros: So. easy. I’ve actually purchased a pair of jeans and a dress off of the site already for a total steal (I love that shipping is $5 or free over $49). They take most brands as long as everything is in great shape.

Cons: You’re offered a very minimal amount for your clothing (think $6 instead of $46) and your clothes go into their large online retail store rather than into a personal online ‘closet’ as the other sites feature (the clothing listed above is not mine, I couldn’t even find mine if I wanted to, I’m sure!). This is nice for me because there’s little work on my part :), but if you wanted more control over what was sold at what price, this isn’t the site for that. Also, you have to sift through a lot of stuff if you’re the one browsing.


What other sites have you tried out? I must admit, this is kind of addicting!

At the end of the day, it’s been mostly about finding an easy online selling/buying solution for me, which is why I thought that these three sites were pretty right on. I’m still purging and still sorting, and it’s fun to have online outlets to list good finds!

PS everything above is still available (I believe), so if you’re a size small in clothes or 6 in shoes and can’t pass up an amazing pair of Frye moccasins for fall, you know where to go ;).

Helpful Tips for Selling Your Clothes Online | PepperDesignBlog.com

I’m sorry to let them go. They were just a hair too small.

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