Three Things…

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Three things…

Summer family time: If I could bottle up summer and relive it in short bits all throughout the year, it would be these summer family moments that I would love most. Whether it’s a concert in the park, a library story time, an afternoon walking the bay waterfront or enjoying a bbq with friends – we make time for all of the good stuff during the summer.

The beach: For a family that lives in San Diego, it is a rare day that we make an afternoon of the beach. It’s a special treat! Whenever I’m there I remind myself how easy and free and available it is to us, and that we need to make it happen much more.

Sink baths: I am woefully bemoaning donating our foam bath sink insert (similar to this one) that we have used for all three girls over the past 4.5 years. Marley has officially out grown baths in the sink and for me it’s been one of those great growth markers that makes me suddenly realize how big she’s getting (and how fast!). I love filling the sink with warm water and sudsy bubbles for a little baby splashing right in the basin of the bathroom sink. On the plus side, all three will rub a dub dub in the bathtub together soon. That could be fun.

Happy middle-of-the week :).

Master Bedroom/Bathroom: It’s All About the Chrome

Master Bathroom Inspiration Board: Chrome | Purist by Kohler |

faucet | toilet paper holder | robe hook | handshower | valve trim | pressure-balancing valve trim | bath faucet | vessel sink | 12″ rainhead | handshower kit

Remember our master bathroom/bedroom remodel? Yes, it is still happening, despite long chunks of silence from that space. We have given in to the fact that those two rooms are transforming on their own over time and that that’s okay. Sure, it would be ideal to move out of the guestroom/office soon (it’s feeling just a wee bit cramped these days), but working with the stretching lead times of product and the availability of subs is part of the game and we want to wait on the good stuff. So long, deadlines and timetables (or maybe I said that about two months ago!).

There are a lot of decisions to make during a bathroom remodel and one of the biggest for us has been the hardware for the space. We were looking for something modern, simple, clean – and something that would last the test of time so that this bathroom can be loved for many, many years.

The choices are overwhelming, the options endless! A simple search on Wayfair for ‘sink faucet’ leaves you with too many options. But starting there, we narrowed down our ideas and fell for the Purist line by Kohler. In chrome, definitely chrome. The whole collection is exactly what we had in mind, inside and out. They nailed it with that one. After belaboring a choice for months, I couldn’t believe how obsessed I became with one choice.

I have really exciting news – Kohler is partnering with us to share more about the Purist line in our final bathroom space. We are over-the-moon excited to collaborate with their team.

For a little more eye candy, I did a little Pinterest search and here’s what I found for the Purist line:

Master Bathroom Inspiration Board: Chrome | Purist by Kohler |

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Brass is having its day! but we’re pretty excited about chrome. It’s already looking amazing in the space as it’s pieced together.

Hints for bathroom renovators: stick with one product line by one brand if you can. It will make the whole process worlds easier. Two – work with a rep of that brand to make sure you’re ordering exactly what you need. I learned a lot about pressure valves and diverters and what we needed for our space – it was absolutely worth it. There is a lot more on the underside of the plumbing equation than I could have imagined. Thankfully my awesome Kohler rep, Jeanine, stepped up and went above and beyond to educate and to provide visual drawings and excellent suggestions for us and our contractor.

This is a sponsored post, thank you for letting me share about the brands that help make our projects possible.

A Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

A Quinoa Mediterranean Farmer's Market Salad |

The best salads turn into a complete dinner and this is one such salad. High in fiber, high in protein and considered a whole grain (even though it’s a actually a seed), we love the power food that is quinoa in our casa. Especially when mixed with creamy feta (yum). Or really any cheese! But for this particular salad, feta.

A Quinoa Mediterranean Farmer's Market Salad |

From the garden or farmer’s market: grape tomatoes and cucumber. Slivered almonds balance it all out. I made this salad while experimenting with this honey & rosemary balsamic reduction dressing and they are a winning combination (insert heart eyes emoji).

A Quinoa Mediterranean Garden Box Salad |

We eat meals vegetarian-style A LOT throughout the week, but if I was to add one more ingredient it might be grilled skirt steak or chicken. A side of warm focaccia bread or pita with Kalamata olives in olive oil would be perfect, too.

Enjoy your beautiful weekend! This weekend we are thinking about heading to the mountains for a day of picnics and hiking. That is, if the weather cooperates (it’s been insanely warm and muggy around here). Have a good one!

ps (because I’m thinking all things FOOD right now) these would also be SO good with this salad, and here’s another mediterranean-inspired dish but this time for the grill. 

pps we did make pancakes when I got home this week! totally unprompted by me and a lunch request from the girls. of course I obliged :). 

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