A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

Kitchen Update: A New DIY Chalkboard Decal

Have you seen those adorable chalkboard decals floating round the web? I was initially inspired by this one, but decided that it was a bit ornate and pricey for our space. So instead I ordered a long sheet of chalkboard vinyl off of Amazon and made my own.

Our fridge is stainless steel so it doesn’t hold on to magnets for lists or invites or pictures that we want to hang. It’s usually nice to keep it clutter free (and we actually have a little white board for proudly displaying invites, cards and Liv drawings in the corner of the kitchen) but I thought a memo pad for the fridge would be nice.

It’s proved to be a pretty little addition to the space, too!


DIY Chalkboard Decal

To create the chalkboard memo pad, I designed a little swirly edged rectangular shape in Adobe Illustrator and printed it out on 16×20″ paper (here’s a link to download my high res version). The graphic ended up being about 12×18″ to accommodate the size of the vinyl.

Then I cut the above out and traced it onto the back of my vinyl paper.

And then carefully cut out my vinyl decal.

Easy peasy.

Attaching to the fridge took a little bit of time and a lot of smoothing (my Driver’s License worked great for slowly smoothing out bubbles as I applied the decal). I used the ice and water fridge door insert as my guideline for where the decal should sit on the door. This stuff is completely repositionable! I must have pulled it off and reapplied it 5 or 6 times before settling on the final placement.

Will the vinyl decal leave a mark when it’s removed? I love my fridge too much not to double triple check! The packaging said that absolutely no residue would be left behind, but I tested anyhow.

I cut a little strip of the decal and left it on the side of the fridge for a couple of hours and no residue – and then a second strip for over two weeks! with no residue to be found when I gently pulled the decal up.

There was a faint outline of where the decal had been placed, but I think it was a little bit of moisture build up because a dry cloth was all it took to gently wipe it away.


Now the memo pad is available for little grocery messages or inspirational reminders. The easiest way to memorize a helpful quote or saying is to see it everyday, after all! I think that that probably becomes especially useful as kids get older. But, if we change our minds long before Liv can read, I can rest assured that this baby should come off with no problems and no damage, at least as far as our particular fridge is concerned.

Kind of adds a little something, don’t you think? A little curvy art to a big grey box has a nice look to it.

No eraser needed if I want to remove the message, just a soft cloth and a little water and it’s completely gone. Not a trace of chalk left behind. In that sense it’s not really chalkboard material – no opportunity to screechingly scratch nails (thank goodness), the decal is actually more of a vinyl feel.

Now both chalkboards are in full use at the house! Liv loves her kid-friendly height version, and my list-making side loves my kitchen version.

If you’re not interested in making your own, here are some great Etsy options, too! There are so many great options out there.

But now back to the refrigerator, which Liv finds incredibly fascinating. So many good things come in and out of it all day – I wonder what sort of magical box she must think it is.

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2012 Mother’s Day Round Up

I have a neat kitchen project to share with you, but before I jump into the recent home progress happenings over here, did anyone else just recently realize that Mother’s Day is sneaking up on us?

It is! and less than a week away at that. I’m trying to decide what special little family outing I’d like to plan…. but I also couldn’t help but put together a round up of a few gifts that I think would be loved by many mama’s alike (even if the best gifts do come in the form of breakfast in bed and a handmade card that makes your heart melt).

But, just in case you’re looking for something more tangible to recommend to that special someone, here are a few favorite ideas of mine.

*Crystal drop earrings that look universally beautiful on all
*A heart print that would make me smile everyday
*A floral tunic for the perfect Mother’s Day brunch outfit
*Memory keeper boxes from Paper Coterie that I’ve begun collecting family keepsakes in (one for every 3-4 years – this makes me pair down just my favorite knit baby caps and travel souvenirs to pass down to generations to come. I’ve been purchasing the Petite Pattern, and they can frequently be found on sale through sites like Hip2Save.com)
*Everyone loves a steaming cup of delicious tea and I’d reuse this tin again and again
*Ahhh beautiful stationary – these colorful rosette cards are some of my favorites

*A beautiful bouquet of anemones! Flowers always win
*Large face grandpa watches that can be worn with anything and that stand the test of time (I have worn this affordable Timex into the ground and still love it)
*Back to those crystal earrings… here’s a shorter, minty-er pair for everyday wear
*A beautiful Ella Moss number for summer adventures to the zoo and park
*A favorite lip gloss for years – just the right amount of light pink shine
*I’m really falling for bracelets this year and these are three that have caught my eye: continuous gold beads, seven bead wish bracelet and the very beautiful but simple gold initial bracelet. Any woman would be charmed by the thought put behind one of these as a gift.

*Speaking of initials, how lovely is this hand formed necklace?
*An organic nail polish in red that’s perfect for summer
*I would be amiss if I didn’t include a few favorite home items that I’ve been eying… such as this floor lamp in gold, this fantastic urban map of San Diego and this beautifully made paper mache bowl
*Decorating lovers would probably be equally keen on the new Decorate by Holly Becker – a must-add for my bookshelf
*Last but not least a pair of summer flats that are both comfortable and in style. Perhaps one on the list for mama’s to treat themselves to (this mama is seriously thinking about it)

There you have it! My top suggestions for a gift that is both thoughtful and very unique for this Mother’s Day. What is the best Mother’s Day present you’ve ever received or given (handmade or otherwise?) Any of the above resonate with you? I was a big fan of ‘coupon books’ as a kid and I can’t wait to get them from Liv when she’s a little older! 5 minute back massage? Help unloading the dishwasher? Yes please!

PS you can find all gift guides posted here at PDB by checking out this link.

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