Friday Guest Blog Interview: The Novogratz Family

Today I am honored to invite the Novogratz Family (yes the Design by Nine team!) to PDB to participate in our Friday Guest Blog Interview series. I absolutely adore their organic, eclectic and family-oriented style, and I’m pinching myself that they’ve agreed to take a few moments to answer our four usual questions on personal design, and to share their newest collection over at CB2!

The above is one of my favorite rooms.

Robert and Cortney Novogratz (along with their seven children) have made stylish family design and functionality hip, eccentric and homey. The couple have designed a variety of hotels, homes, NYC apartments, have created their very own line through CB2 (check out the ‘family’ lightbox after the jump), are seasoned authors (more in question 2) and reality TV show stars over at HGTV. Their signature design style is wonderful, creating striking, memorable spaces around the globe. Spaces that make you go – I want to copy that now!

What a lucky bunch! I stole this image from a while back, their kids are a wee bit older now. Follow the jump for the full interview!

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Living Room Update: Toy Storage!

Popping in here today to share a recent toy basket purchase for our living room. We’ve outgrown our previous teensy tiny basket (what was I thinking?), and when I spotted these birch weaved beauties at Crate & Barrel on sale I snagged ‘em before I could reconsider.

I’ve always thought that baskets in general are quite pricey. When I come across any that are a deal in my mind I almost feel obligated to purchase just because I know I will find a use somewhere in the house :). Always looking for a pretty way to corral ‘stuff’!

The living room is full of dark woods – reddish floors, dark bookcases and couch legs, an espresso-stained mantel. The birch fits in beautifully as a bright, organic contrast.

As far as filling them goes, here’s an unedited look at the inside.

Books and such in the smaller of the two:

And bigger toys in the larger basket. Liv is learning to organize and enjoys putting toys – for the most part – back where they’re ‘supposed’ to go.

We are building a home for a family, so having toys and play stuff is 100% okay with me out in the open. There’s something cozy and comforting and kid-friendly (even a little messy in a good way) about visible toys. It means a space is used and loved and enjoyed. But cute containers are a plus!

PS More on the entire makeover of our little living space here.

Wardrobe Style Boards: Inspired by Spain

Rather than share a few of my favorite packing list items for Spain as I did for Ireland, I thought I’d share two style boards inspired by what I saw, loved and wished I had brought with me! (PS a round up of all style boards can be found right here, including detailed info on sources).

Just as expected, Spanish women dazzled. They wore unforgivingly beautiful clothing on an everyday basis – the same ones that we might reserve for special occasions. They are unabashed about their jewelry selections and their shoes made you wonder ‘oooh, I wonder how she does that?’. Even Kevin remarked on how nice everyone always looked. And for someone not so concerned with appearances, that’s an observation.

I came with a stash of cotton dresses, braided belts, staple cardigans, a bright skirt and a few sets of earrings to switch out over our ten days, and I thought I’d do well in my one pair of very comfortable Seychelles sandals and grey Toms to troll the city in (left my beloved rainbow flops in SD by accident). When we arrived in Spain after Ireland though (more on the full adventure here), those beautifully warm days and nights that we had planned for soon turned cool and chilly (and some days really wet), unexpected weather that left me reaching for my Ireland pile! It all worked out perfectly, but if I could repack a late-September suitcase of must-haves for the beautiful cities of Spain, here’s what I’d take:

Brightly colored pants are all over the place! Much like here, but with a more free flowing harem twist. I loved the ruched, formal (70’s!) pleated pant waists that narrowed down to a tight cuff on the calf. They looked incredibly comfortable, and when paired with a flowy floral tank, cardigan and wooden heels – awesome. I might not trot around Spain in heels like this, but I am surely impressed by the Spanish women who do!

My second favorite Spanish trend were the beautiful three-quarter length silk blouses that women casually and effortlessly wore everywhere. They’d sit on the patio at a local cafe with a glass of wine watching their kids play at the little park (there’s at least one every two blocks), their silk blouses rolled to their elbows, stacks of bracelets casually clinking as they chatted and laughed with one another. I wanted to bottle it up and bring it home.

White blouse found here. And with a blue blouse? Can’t help myself.

I managed to find one silk blouse, one set of skinny cords and a thin red beaded bracelet to bring home as my own Spanish wardrobe contributions. Perhaps those fabulous silk blouses will make their way to playgrounds here? I’m not sure I could master the everyday European flair that these women embody (oh that polished, unafraid-of-overdoing-it confidence!) but next time, maybe I’ll pack a few comfy cropped trousers. They might actually be perfect for travel.

The entire wardrobe style boards section + links to the above can be found right here.

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