A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

Bedroom Refresh: New Curtain Fabric

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I bit the bullet and ordered 11 yards of one of my very favorite fabrics for the bedroom:

It’s the Orbetello in blue from the Palladio collection over at Thibaut, and it’s so pretty in person!

I had lived with a large swatch hanging over our current white curtains in the master bedroom for over a month before I finally gave in and ordered enough fabric to cover two windows. I’ve had a hard time with this purchase because a. I was nervous that the fabric would feel too heavy and dark in a room that doesn’t get enough natural light and b. it was a bit of a splurge even with a designer discount. Well, it’s arrived in the mail and the biting of nails was all worth it. It is so pretty and will look so great in the space – now I just need to finish (or start, I should say) getting these puppies sewn up!

To balance out a bigger ticket item, I picked up an 84″ curtain panel called Ogee Dot in the color Spring Melt by Martha Stewart Living from Home Depot (it was kind of like my great Waverly fabric find from Lowe’s after I fell in love with the same fabric over at Ballard Designs for 3x the price. Unfortunately it’s near sold out now :( now):

It’s more of a soft aqua color and is much prettier in person as well – need to get some nice clean photos in here. I think I”ll turn this one panel into three big square shams for the back of the bed to fit over current white Ikea versions that I have.

And it all matches so nicely with the new rug!

Which was that really great One Kings Lane find from a little while back.

The room pieces are really coming together. Now I just need to decide on a style of nightstand, find one on Craigslist (fingers crossed), give it whatever makeover it might need and pull everything together. That plus art, can’t forget a few good pieces of personal art for this space.

I’ll see if I can’t get on these sewing projects this weekend so I have some actual room progress to share next week.

*Giveaway* 250 Die Cut Business Cards

I’ve been thinking recently that I should probably create new business cards for the blog. They’re nice to have on hand when someone asks me the address to check it out or when I’m meeting people for the first time at media-related event.

UPrinting recently contacted me about running a giveaway of their die cut business cards and although I can’t enter myself (drat) I was thrilled to pass along the giveaway to you all. I’m such a huge fan of the unconventional business card – especially for all of you creative minds out there that run Etsy shops, blogs or even traditional brick and mortar businesses.

These would make great playdate cards if you have kids! Or you could get really creative and make cards to announce a new address, the launch of a new product, or a thank you note, unique label or request for feedback (if you’re an Etsy seller) with your shipments.

So, check out the fun die cut designs and shapes that UPrinting has to offer and imagine up a beautiful new business card! Enter this giveaway for a chance to win 250 to get you started. That would be my perfect number right now – enough to keep my wallet well stashed and my information updated.


Giveaway: 250 die cut business cards in any of the fun shapes and sizes shown above, plus free shipping. That’s an over $80 value!

To Enter: Leave a comment here with a to-do list item that you’re procrastinating on, but really need to tackle! (like my plans to make new PDB business cards.)

For Additional Entries: Become a Facebook fan of UPrinting and/or Pepper Design Blog. Follow UPrinting or PDB on Twitter, or add UPrinting to a Google+ Circle. Be sure to leave a separate comment for each additional entry.

Giveaway ends Friday, April27  at midnight PST, winner will be chosen randomly and announced the following Monday. Please note that this giveaway is open to US residents only. Good luck!


Happy (belated) Earth Day!

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend!

Did you do anything special for Earth Day on Sunday? San Diego celebrates Earth Day in a big way. The city hosts a big outdoor food and music expo in Balboa Park, one of our prettiest attractions, and it’s so popular that people usually have to be bussed in from different areas around town.

We decided to avoid the crowds though to get one with nature on a family hike along Torrey Pines State Beach and up the trails of the crawling shoreline canyons. It was a chilly afternoon but usually that equates to perfect hiking weather.

Rocks were by far the coolest part of the hike for Liv. Searching through the river rock (where the river arms meet the ocean) was like a giant treasure hunt and the treasures just kept on coming.

It’s not always this rocky at the beach, but around this time of the year we get big wind storms that move debris on and off the sand for a couple of months.

Living so close to the ocean means we don’t visit it often enough. It’s a horrible self-fulfilling prophesy. But this day more than made up for a few months of staying away.

In other news, Liv recently mastered the fist bump. Boo-ya.

Speaking of Earth Day, we try our best to be aware of our impact on this big old planet at home. There is so much more that our family can do to improve our green-ness, but hopefully making little changes on a regular basis will eventually get us there.

Here are a few of my favorites in the Green department:

Reusable bags: These bags come in a pack of six and are invaluable around the house and in the car on the go. I use Waste-Less bags at home to collect dry cleaning, toys and clothing we have to return to friends, dirty rags getting ready for the washing machine, and when out and about for groceries and the like.

They’re so awesome! and so durable. This particular set of bags is slowly helping me to phase out the plastic and paper versions, even thought it can be so hard to remember to tote them along when running errands. It’s helpful that they’re very easy to travel with since they wrap up to about the size of a large chapstick and have a built in velcro band to keep them compact and small.

Compostable Trash Bags: When it comes to phasing out plastic bags around the house, I’m trying to get rid of them completely. But that’s not always possible with pets and a diaper changing station, never mind the bags that line the kitchen trash bin.

For those areas I use compostable bags and I’ve had the best luck with EcoSafe. These bags are great for lining our little trash cans in the house (like the one that collects dirty wipes in the nursery) and at picking up after Bodie.

For our 13 gallon kitchen trash, my favorite is PrideGreen. The 2 year shelf life before any sign of breaking down means that these guys are strong, no degrading on you as you’re hauling from the kitchen to the outside garbage bins, but they will eventually break down in a landfill environment.

I bought a box of these sometime last year and we’re still working our way through it.

Compost Pail: We keep one of these guys under our kitchen sink. All food scraps for our worm bin (other than citrus, the worms can’t process citris) go into the Norpro 1 gallon compost pail, and the contents of the pail are added to the bin a couple of times a week. 1 gallon is a great size for a small family.

The filter that’s built into the lid of this indoor compost pail means that we don’t ever smell it, ever, and it’s so nice to know that our food waste won’t be trapped in a plastic bag in a landfill somewhere, but will instead be added back to our garden to nourish more vegetables and continue on in the circle of life. The usual style of outdoor composting is pretty easy if you’re not the worm bin type, too.

Cooking: Our new favorite cookbook around here is the amazing vegetarian Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi. We’re meat lovers, but more often than not our meals these days have been primarily veggie based. We participate in a CSA group (more about that here) and have a box of local fruits and vegetables delivered every other week, and on our off weeks we hit up the Farmer’s Market. This cookbook is full of amazing deliciousness if you’re a vegetable loving foodie ready to experiment – I highly recommend.

My favorite so far is probably the roasted sage pumpkin wedges.

Cleaning Products: Mrs. Meyer’s is my favorite when it comes to cleaning supplies. I’m also a huge fan of plain old diluted vinegar as an all purpose cleaner, but not a huge fan of the smell (a vinegar covered countertop is not always the most appetizing) so I usually find myself buying the below in packs of six on Amazon, storing the excess in the garage, and refilling my indoor spray bottles with half diluted vinegar (4:1 ratio with water) and half Mrs. Meyers All Purpose in Basil (love that smell!).

The dish washing soap smells just as good, too. Above Mrs. Meyer’s Countertop Spray, Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner in Basil (to refill the counter top spray and for mopping) and Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap all in basil.

Cloth Diapers: I owe an update on our cloth diapering adventure, but suffice to say that we still love it and are still going strong with nearly 100% cloth (I use disposables just when traveling). I have several favorite brands but two that I’m most recently reaching for first are bumGenius (the FreeTime, 3.0s and Elemental) and Swaddlebees (2.0) with a Bummis biodegradable liner. When it comes to wipes, I prefer cloth with warm water or these flushable versions that we subscribe to with Amazon to have delivered every 3 months.

There we are, that’s the line up! These are my favorite products that come to mind first with helping our fam to leave a less obvious footprint for Liv’s generation and grandchildren after that.

Do you have any favorite green products you’d like to share? How did you spend your Earth Day?

Just a quick note that there are a few Amazon affiliate links in this post, but these are all favorite, well-loved products in our casa.

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