Master Bath & Bedroom: The Home Side of the Demo

I thought I would follow up Monday’s post by answering a few questions regarding the demo and renovation work that’s going on around here. I shared photos of large holes in the exterior of our home and ripped up rooms with lathe, 2x4s and plaster everywhere. 

(By the way, thank you for all of your thoughts on yesterday’s post on setting play time goals, the comments and conversation were wonderful and thought provoking – I have many thoughts on this topic and I look forward to sharing on this challenge next week when the seven days have run their course.)

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 |

Let’s talk new bedroom and bathroom for a moment!

You have a newborn and demo work is so dirty!

Oh man is it ever. There’s no denying that demo work makes for a ton of dust and even more debris clean up (I always forget about the amount of DUST). It’s so messy in those two rooms. The way we’ve worked this out is by putting up a temporary wall that has sealed the master bedroom and bathroom off from the rest of the house.

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 |

The only access to the construction site is through the large hole in the back of the house, meaning the girls don’t see, walk through or experience the demo happening just on the other side of that plastic sheeting. It also makes for a significantly cleaner rest of the house for me :). Other than dusty boot marks in the kitchen, this demo project has had the least impact on the rest of the house so far (as far as dust-coating goes).

Here’s the temporary wall:

Our Floor Plan: Temporary Wall for the Master Bedroom & Bathroom |

Bathroom #1, master bedroom, two closets an half bath #3 were all a part of the demolition.

This is what we’re aiming for:

Our Floor Plan: Goal |

Did you move out of the house? 

Nope, we moved ourselves into our guest room/my office. I’m sharing this crazy picture with you only as motivation for myself to get this room organized so that we can actually find shoes or sweaters or pjs. It’s madness in there I tell you, madness.

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 |

While this big project is going on it’s been my goal to go through as much bathroom/bedroom stuff as possible to really evaluate what we need and what can be given away or thrown away. Also organization. Because despite my best efforts to move clothing, shoes, face wash, etc with a lot of thought into our guest room, come Saturday afternoon we were literally stacking boxes and random items into the space without realizing what was what just to get it done before dark.

I’m creating a calendar similar to my editorial calendar with manageable small projects for each day of February – I think that that will be one of the few ways I tackle this beast!

PS jump back to the start of this project here and see the inspiration board for the final bathroom here.

60 Minutes of Dedicated Play a Day

60 Minutes of Play a Day Challenge |

I read somewhere that moms should have a goal of spending 60 minutes each day in dedicated one-on-one play. I’m talking down on the floor, in the sandbox, crayon in hand or in general fully engaging yourself in whatever little activity your child is focused on.

At first I dismissed the article. One hour? Of course I spend at least one hour playing with the girls (especially while on maternity leave). But then as the day wore on I began to realize how many distractions I encounter on an hourly (minute by minute?) basis and I began to question if I really do spend sixty minutes of uninterrupted kid time as I had suspected. Turns out I don’t necessarily do. Kid time right now means that we might go to the park or the library but my phone is in tow (and emails are being written or answered). Or I’m pushing the girls on the swing but also chatting up a neighbor. Or maybe at home I’m helping with an activity book but am also folding laundry and cooking. Dedicated and fully focused one-on-one time? Not broken up into chunks of five minutes? Challenging. Maybe even impossible.

I’ve shared before how much I struggle with pretend play and the truth is I’m so grateful Liv and Taylor have each other because they can play kitchen or house or babies for hours together.

But my observations resulted in some serious disappointment with myself. Part time attention for hours isn’t nearly as grand as one full hour of FULL time attention. So I’m putting myself to the test this week with the goal of logging some serious child’s play.

I’ve decided that might mean 30 minutes with each (like when T naps), maybe I’ll break it into three chunks of 20 minutes with both girls or it could be 60 minutes in one stretch. (I’m not forgetting Marley, but she and I make googly eyes at each other all day long). For my challenge (and only because I have the luxury of maternity leave), I’m not going to count walks or reading books or cooking together or any of our usual activities. This challenge really is focused on Liv and Taylor-directed play.

What do you think? Am I a very lame mom for even wondering if I spend sixty minutes dedicated to kid play or do you feel the same? Is the whole idea just crazy? Even though we all do the best we can with what we’re given, I like the idea of remembering to put down the iPhone and to pick up that sand shovel if so invited. How do you like to prioritize your momma time?

Master Bath & Bedroom: Let’s Get Started

It’s been a while since we have done any major construction on our house (the last was the clearing out and building of our outdoor space, before that the guest bathroom). This blog sort of began (or really evolved into) as a way to document the renovation of our 1930s fixer upper (we were lucky enough to buy a home in need of a lot of updating love in a really wonderful neighborhood right around the time when home sales were at their lowest).

95% of the renovation work has been completed by Kevin, keeping costs to a minimum and almost all projects right in line with the design intentions that we initially set out for them. We have hired out some big and small pieces (an electrician would be on the big side, a drywall and plaster sub on the smaller side) when we were crunching time.

Amazingly, almost all of our BIG projects have coincided with the birth of a child :). Nothing like a little motivation to get things rolling.

Let’s jump right into our current BIG project.

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 |

There’s a nice little panoramic of what our master bedroom/bathroom looks like right now (sorry for the odd perspective, I wanted to capture the fully gutted room in one image). This is our bedroom/bathroom while standing in the bedroom – so exciting!

As a walk down memory lane, here’s a shot of the room when we first purchased the house:


And another of what it looked like just prior to this past weekend:

Master Bedroom |

And here’s the before and after of the side wall:


Master Bedroom Wall Collage |

And full circle to what she looked like as we were clearing it out on Saturday. Boxes and boxes (and boxes and boxes) later, the master bedroom and bathroom were ready for demo.

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 |

Oh man, it feels good to be back on the sledgehammer/fresh palette side of things.

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 |

Those are the future french doors! and here’s a peek inside of that giant hole:

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 |

And out of the giant hole looking back towards the guesthouse/rental that’s in our backyard:

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 |

Our bedroom had a hidden half bath that was in terrible shape. Both of these back original bathrooms have been pretty much out of commission for a full year (!) so I’m all smiles seeing them finally torn open.

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 |

Here’s a look at the demo from the bedroom into the bathroom (the two rooms will now be one large space).

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 |

Here’s my old bathtub. Last date of use perhaps four years ago? It’s been out of order since. The fabric is a very sweet story – Livy was just a few weeks old and all my tired body wanted in the whole wide world was to take a warm bath. But we had no bathtub at the time with the exception of this guy. This guy was in fine, clean, working shape with the exception of a torn open wall to dissect a few plumbing issues. Kevin surprised me by lining the torn open wall with fabric from my stash so that I could take a bath :). That was the last time she was used. He picked a gorgeous fabric, right?

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 |

Let the madness begin! And just in case you’re wondering what the heck we’re doing starting a huge project two weeks after Marlowe’s birth, we are using our maternity and paternity leave very strategically ;-).

PS here’s a look at the inspiration board for this bathroom, as well as the Pinterest board that keeps us motivated. Credit goes to Katie for the after photos of our bedroom.

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