A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

Two Favorite Sunglass Styles for Small Faces

I’m a little predictable when it comes to sunglasses. I have a smaller face and most sunglass frames feel overwhelming on me. I feel pretty lucky that over the years I’ve found two brands that I feel really comfortable in, they’ve sort of become my sunglasses uniform (a little boring, I know). Inevitably one pair is always missing while the other pair is right where I left them.

My Sunglass Staples | Frames for Small Faces | PepperDesignBlog.com
Forgive the randomness :), I would have loved to have found a post just like this ten years ago (shaking fist at all of those department store sunglass counters and Target turnstiles with mirrors the size of matchboxes).

The first, a classic take on Wayfarer sunglasses by Carerra. They have a similar look and feel as the typical Ray-Ban style but the frames are more petite than every other brand that I’ve tried. They’re also a little snug on the head at first purchase, but nothing that a little molding and a hair dryer can’t handle (or that heat machine at the actual department store if you want to get fancy). Sometimes I feel like I went shopping in the children’s section for these, but I love them nonetheless.


The second, a pair of aviators by Marc Jacobs. These are my favorites and I’ve been wearing this pair for four or five years (or longer?). Well, not the exact pair I have on me today, I seem to be replacing them too frequently. Thank goodness they’re half as much online as they used to be :), perhaps that means that I should stock up? this style isn’t going anywhere, is it? I wear them all of the time (as evidenced here, here and here).

Sunglasses are so personal. They are also unique in that they will probably always be a bit synonymous with grabbing your keys and phone off of the counter on your way out the door – they’re one of those staples that you don’t leave behind any time of the year, and in my book, you’re fortunate if you can feel as comfortable in them as you do your favorite pair of jeans (sigh. is that not the best feeling).

Good news! They are still a bit big on the munchkin. Perhaps my head is more of a normal size after all :).

Everyday Stuff | March-April 2014 | PepperDesignBlog.com

I need to find the kids non-breakable version of these stat. I love that photo.

PS I’m clearly excited for summer.

Happy Bright, Colorful & Cheery 5th of May

Cinco de Mayo Party Inspiration Board | PepperDesignBlog.com

1. spicy grapefruit margaritas | 2. mushroom empañadas | 3. mini cactus pinatas
4. beaded watermelon skewers | 5. mango wedges with chili
6. black bean tostada with corn relish | 7. a Cinco de Mayo wedding
8. fiesta favor bags | 9. blood orange margaritas  | 10. glazed churros

We are enjoying margaritas tonight. And from around the web, how amazing do those beaded watermelon skewers and dipped churros look? Mmmm I would love to try to make my own mushroom molotes (empañadas, #2 up top) too.

What I love about Cinco de Mayo is how colorful and bright decorations, food and even beverages are. This wedding says it all! Enjoy your 5th of May and yay for yummy margaritas :).

Random Thoughts: Having Girls

Random Thoughts: Having Girls | PepperDesignBlog.com

I think that I was made to have girls.

I must admit that when we found out that Liv was a girl (on her birth day!) I was so over the moon. I had an incredible inkling that she was a she from about five months into my pregnancy on from a crazy dream (true story), but the fact that she really was when she arrived basically made all of my own dreams come true.

When we found out that Taylor was a girl (at this awesome party – a gift from Kev for Christmas last year as he badly wanted to also wait for her birth day, though I was dying to know), my second dream of having sisters close in age came to life. I thought that baby #2 was maybe a boy (which would have been totally wonderful, totally perfect). But when I opened that huge cardboard box and found pink balloons floating out I was about as shocked and thrilled as I ever will be.

Random Thoughts: Having Girls | PepperDesignBlog.com

I could have all girls. And sometimes I think that we will (we are hopeful for 3 or 4 children in our family). I know that I have huge amounts of drama to look forward to over the next 18 years and that likely life will not be all tea parties and roses. I am holding my breath for the first time that Liv mentions cliques or makeup or boys. But as true as it ever may be, God could have not given me a better gift than daughters.

I somehow feel equipped to raise girls (is that odd to say?). It’s not the girly ribbons and dress up shoes that draw me in (I’m actually not really in to either of those). It is instead a deep down feeling that I can do right by girls and the next generation of ladies finding their way in this world. I want to empower my girls with insight into the beautiful, complex feminine nature that they possess. I want them to realize that they will be wise and caring and pretty and smart and strong and ambitious and loving and worth it, all at the same time.

Random Thoughts: Having Girls | PepperDesignBlog.com

I want them to know that they are equals in this world. That they will succeed at whatever they choose to do.

I want them to realize that they have a team of people that believe in them and their life journey. If I am to be honest, I think that this is where the world fails with girls. (I once had a man whom I respected offer a sincere comment of something along the lines of ‘better luck next time’ as I walked by with my two girls… I realize that that’s not the norm but I was steaming. I should have replied ‘hoping for a 3rd’). Any bit that tears us down is not welcome.

My sweet girls – I can’t wait for this journey to continue!

Sons are awesome. The mother-son relationship is indescribable. If we have a little boy I will be equally over the moon. But until then, bring on the girls.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for letting me share more about life - and words from the heart – here on the blog in addition to the usual. These are slowly turning into some of my favorite posts (or at least ones I spend a lot of time thinking about!). xx

PS British website Bounty reports that having two girls is the key to happiness. While we might be in that camp for a little while, it’s looking like we’ll most likely end up on the bottom half of that list of ‘best to worst kid combinations’ ;).

More random mom ramblings right here.

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