Guest Posts on Motherhood: Julia Fain

Happy Monday! I’m back to share another Guest Post on Motherhood (a little series to help me fill in the blanks on this blog until my maternity leave ends and I get back to my regular schedule. I’m so grateful for these ladies).

My guest today is Julia from Tag&Tibby. We met at Alt Summit a year ago and have been following each other on Instagram ever since. Julia has a unique story because she has just recently navigated moving with her family, so I was especially curious to hear her answers to my motherhood questions. Enjoy :).

Guest Post: Julia Fain | Tag and Tibby |

Hi! I’m Julia. So happy to introduce my family! I’m married to Lee and we have two sweet kids: Bryce and Kinsey. Lee and I met and married in Savannah, GA. After we married we lived and worked in Kentucky as product designers then trekked further north to Minnesota. There we had our two children: Bryce (7) and Kinsey (5).

Last summer we made a big move from Saint Paul, MN to Charlotte, NC. It was a whirlwind for me selling our home with our two kids (Lee had started his new job).  So much to keep clean! Thankfully our home went under contract in under a week. We purchased a new home in North Carolina, and are settling in our new community. Our son is on the autism spectrum and I worried about how he would do with the move. But with a lot of preparation and prayer the transition has gone well.

Guest Post: Julia Fain | Tag and Tibby |

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If you have some extra time…

Everyday Stuff: Liv Kissing Marley |

Happy weekend! The girls and I are having more of a lazy, casual weekend (if solo parenting three jumping beans counts as casual :)) while Kevin continues on in the master bathroom. He heads back to work in just one week so we’re trying to finish up as many big projects as possible before he does. He’s been working so hard! 12-15 hour days/seven days a week.

On the parenting front, this last week brought with it a few of the most ‘normal’ days of the past five weeks. I’m hoping that becomes the trend as I finish up maternity leave and we start to develop a family day-to-day rhythm around this house. I so need normal again. #exhausted

Hot cup of coffee in hand? I savor those moments! Here are a few reads you might like to enjoy it with:

A Google travel hack for flight info on the go. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m excited to for my next flight.

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These sandals are on my wishlist come spring :).

I have pretty wavy/kooky hair and have recently become addicted to this (I’ve worn my hair in a bun for four years – read: children years – until now).

Welcoming the micro market.

Speaking of setting little goals to create better habits, I’m giving fitbit a go (post maternity is asking for it – 10,000 steps here I come!). Does anyone have any thoughts on the new trend?

An awesome idea for circular ice cubes.

Thoughts on yelling.

Also? Tell your friends that they are good mothers. Hearing words of encouragement never gets old and we ought to speak it more. I think I have shared this before but it sooo hits the spot that it’s worth mentioning again.

Another favorite I’m sure I’ve mentioned before: love watching you dance.

Toy ideas for encouraging self-directed child’s play.

I’m on a zero budget with our big remodel happening, but I badly wanted an oversized, black dolman sort of sweater to snuggle and disappear in and have been casually perusing ThreadUp and Threadflip in my bits of free time (aka State of Affairs watching late at night). Have you heard of the sites? If you have patience, they’re very cool. PS more tips on selling via consignment online.

Happy weekend :).

Master Bath & Bedroom: Week 2

Week 1:

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 |

Week 2:

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 2 |

It’s a little messy in there but SO much progress has been made! It took a week to fully gut the room, two days to install a beautiful reclaimed wood beam (that we stumbled upon at a lumber yard), a few days to move plumbing for the bathtub and shower, and another few days to prep the tub surround for a quartz fabricator who is getting started today.

I’ve been going a little crazy trying to race back and forth between tile shops as we make the final decision for the materials for the space. Much of what I had in mind back when I shared my inspiration board is no longer available (either due to lead time or stock) and that was a little devastating initially. It means A LOT more work and many more decisions that needed to be made asap. We’ve had to start from scratch in finding the right glass tile, ceramic tile, cement tile and quartz – but in the end it worked out perfectly because I’ve fallen head over heels in love with what we’ve chosen. It’s definitely the right direction for this bathroom!

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 2 | Tile Ideas |

It feels like choosing tile and fixtures should be easy, but then I’m like a kid in a candy store in any tile shop and my head starts spinning. In a good way. There are so many amazing options that it’s sort of paralyzing.

What did we choose?

Cement floor tile: Agadir by Cement Tile Shop
Glass shower wall tile: Ponza in the Islandia series by Arizona Tile in 4×12″
Ceramic subway wainscoting: Glazed and unglazed ceramic white tile in 2.5×11″ (source to come)
Quartz (for the tub surround and vanity countertops): White Zeus Extreme Quartz by Silestone

Here’s an example of my crazy indecision. Out of all of these green glass tiles (sourced from all over), I couldn’t find the right one. Ponza (the one we chose) is in the upper right corner as a 4×12 (amazing how light will affect the look of a tile as well, compare the below with the above) – in the end it’s a beautiful shade and the right size of tile to offset the 2.5×11″ ceramic tile (which I’m most in love with – wait until you see it installed!).

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 2 | Tile Ideas |

As for the floor, it’s probably a bit of the surprise element but I could go on for days about cement tile! I’m in love with cement tile floors and was so happy when Kevin agreed. I’ll share a few inspiration photos – I’m so excited for this tile in this space, it will absolutely be a focal point in the bathroom.

While I’ve been oggling tile samples, Kev had been hard at work prepping the shower. First he removed the subfloor:

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 2 |

And then he built a recessed subfloor for the shower so that when the hot mopping team (a waterproofing that seals the shower pan) came in, the new shower floor would be even with the existing floor.

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 2 |

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 2 |

On the tub side of things, the surround was built out and hardibacker was applied (after re plumbing the space) to prep it for a solid surface quartz countertop. We LOVE quartz for many reasons (it’s what we chose for our kitchen) so although it’s more of an upfront investment we know that it will stand the test of time and look absolutely amazing.

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 2 |

To help keep the costs down, Kev developed the following rendering and we sent it out to 7 or 8 fabricators in San Diego and then chose the one that we felt was the most reliable at the best price.

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 2 | Tub Surround |

And so the saga continues… next up is more plumbing, all of the electrical (which has been started), drywall and then the pretty stuff :).

PS you can start the master bath/bedroom renovation journey right here

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