Being a Working Mom is Tougher Than Tough

Being a Working Mom is Tough, Tough |

There are so many upsides to continuing your career into the years of starting and growing a young family. The happiness of doing what you are supposed to do (or at least working in that direction) while also getting to love on your beautiful kids is a very fortunate opportunity.

But being a working mom is incredibly tough. Some days being a working mom kicks your butt. The list is sooo long, the to-dos are overwhelming, the deadlines are lurking.

Today I sit, cold cup of coffee in one hand and laptop keyboard in the other with three overflowing email inboxes staring back at me. I have a notepad next to my laptop and on it I jot my list of to-dos. My colleague is out of town so I’m picking up slack, I owe a report to at least five different people and I can’t put another project on my assistant’s plate. People are starting to feel annoyed, I can sense it even if they’re not verbalizing it.

Some days it feels as though no matter how fast you’re going, you’re just not going fast enough. Pieces are slipping through – bank papers are due, annual checkups are late, dry cleaning pick ups missed, school documents need to be mailed – or maybe if you are on top of all of that, the piece missing is merely sanity. Someone has to manage the bills, shop insurance premiums, stay on top of immunizations, order the new door hardware, replace the broken vacuum, take the dog to the vet, get the oil changed, prepare tax documents, sort out where said missing documents drifted to, pay that parking ticket, prep the potluck meal, buy sneakers one size larger, return overdue library books and attend the PTA meeting.

Meanwhile I am peeling off (but also secretly enjoying) Taylor’s big hugs and snuggles as she asks for me to ‘come, come’ from the office into the front room with Marley and nanny. She’s never clingy, but today she’s extraordinarily clingy. It is both endearing and so frustrating because I don’t want her to cry but I so badly need to nip my morning project in the bud right. now. Marley needs to nurse, I need to pump for an upcoming trip. My nanny gave me her two week notice because she’s moving to Chicago – I am interviewing like crazy.

These are the sorts of days that I ‘unsubscribe’ to everything in my inbox.

But I keep telling myself to hang in there, momma, because it’s worth it. It’s all worth it.
Today is one of those days. Most days may tend to start as one of those days.
If you find yourself unraveling every now and again, I so relate to you.
You’ve got me in your corner.
And it’s all going to be okay.

Signing off and getting back to it. xo

Cheers for having such a massive repository of photos in my iPhoto account that I found a pretty cute one for today that matches this post so well. Instead of playing kitchen in this moment, T was playing mommy. working.

Three Things…

Three Things... |

I’m so ready for this three day weekend!! We’re welcoming friends from out of town, celebrating Taylor’s 2nd birthday on Saturday, and are house sitting for my parents (they have a beautiful pool and we all have our suits – insert heart eyes emoji). Hoping for a little bit of warm sunshine now!

Three things…

Stovetop popcorn: Kevin makes the best stovetop popcorn! We haven’t had a microwave in something like 5 or 6 years  and popcorn has been really the only regret. Then Kevin becomes an expert stovetop popcorn maker (his favorite is a sprinkle of tajin with butter) and movie night takes on a whole new meaning. Meaning mostly baby greasy fingerprints on the couch but ah well.

Patriotic babies! circa Memorial Day – but if you are stateside, happy 4th of July! Hope you have some big (or completely relaxing) plans for your weekend.

Veggies from our garden: Our zucchini and squash plants each gave it their all and produced one HUGE veggie. We’re really hoping for more. Even if they look like dumbbells or like a zucchini squeezing into pants that are too tight.

Enjoy your weekend :).

‘You Are My Sunshine’ Baby Shower

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower |

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower |

We recently celebrated my girlfriend’s second baby with a You Are My Sunshine sprinkle. My cohost and I decorated the backyard with yellow paper lanterns, our sunflower centerpieces, this adorable etsy poster, a sweet sunshine banner that Steph (cohost) made, and lots of little yellow details.

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower |

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower |

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower |

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower |

We played fun games – Trish, the expecting mom, is all about a great shower game! – and ate delicious salads prepared by many of the guests.

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower |

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower |

Stephanie built a ‘gift card diaper cake’ to shower Trish and baby with sweet surprises. Rather than bring a gift, guests attached a small gift card to designated spots on the cake. Since finding out the gender is a surprise (and since this is second baby and so mom has plenty of newborn gear), we wanted to come up with a neat way to gift a pedicure, Starbucks coffee or Target gift card.

It turned out adorable, right?

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower |

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower |

I added flowers to our succulent planters on the outdoor table – filled in the table perfectly! Burlap by the yard became an easy and neutral backdrop.

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower |

You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower |

One guest that could not come sent the most BEAUTIFUL handmade sunshine cookies in her place. Jennifer writes over here, and I’m hoping she’ll share a tutorial soon.

A little midweek sunshine inspiration for summer! So excited to finally get all of these photos edited…

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