A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

*Giveaway* SANUS Flat Screen TV Mount

A while back I wrote a post and shared a giveaway in collaboration with SANUS® on TV mounting safety. I’m back to share another today! And guys, this giveaway is huge – this time SANUS® is offering a full motion swivel mount valued at $379 that can extend and tilt a TV as large as 70″.

SANUS Giveaway | PepperDesignBlog.com


Mounted TVs are not only attractive but they are also the safer optionSANUS® is launching a holiday campaign to share important facts about the safety issues behind thin flat screen TV purchases. The rate of children hurt from TVs tipping over has nearly doubled in two decades - I was surprised to learn that more than 17,000 children (that’s one every 30 minutes) will be treated in an emergency room across the US for TV related injuries. This year, SANUS® and Safe Kids Worldwide are partnering to educate consumers about the risk of unsecured flat panel TVs tipping and provide safety solutions.

Due to increasing TV sizes and new ultra thin designs, today’s flat panel TVs can easily tip when bumped or pulled, causing them to topple off media stands (I imagine babies gripping furniture while learning to walk are especially prone).

SANUS Giveaway | PepperDesignBlog.com

SANUS® TV wall mounts are available at Best Buy, Costco, Target and Walmart stores plus additional Audio Video retailers, but you could win one here today, too!


Giveaway: SANUS® Premium Series VLF525 Full Motion Mount (formatted for 51″ to 70″ flat panel TV’s, but let me know if you have a smaller TV and I’m sure we can work something out). This TV mount tilts, swivels, extends and levels your TV without the need for tools. Unsightly cables stay concealed, and tool free assembly ensures a quick and easy installation

Value: $379.99

To Enter: Add your entry to the Rafflecopter box below (don’t worry, it only asks for your email for contact purposes if you’re the winner. Emails aren’t kept by anyone and you’re not opting in or subscribing to anything).

Giveaway ends Saturday, December 28 at midnight PST, winner will be chosen randomly and announced on the blog. Good luck! And happy weekend, all!


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This post is sponsored in collaboration with SANUS®. 

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Kids

Still shopping for the little ones? I’m behind on my Christmas shopping. Actually, I really thought that I had it together this year (at least back when that list making was well underway before Thanksgiving), but here I am, a week prior to the big day, researching, shopping and wrapping for most of my family. Ah well, still seven days to go, right?

I mentioned yesterday how crazy fast December has flown by, but I didn’t mention how much we have been loving the holidays together as a family. There is nothing more wonderful (or that I look forward to more) than turning on our Christmas tree lights at the end of the day and playing with the girls by their twinkling glow in the living room. If I’m out and Kevin beats me home? I LOVE pulling up to a house with a bright Christmas tree in the window. We make more time for family during the holidays and that feels awesome.

And Liv kind of gets Santa. Which is equally cool.

Santa, Liv & Taylor 2013 | PepperDesignBlog.com

Her request to the man in red? A pink princess dress. And a car. That last one I don’t quite get, but many of her closest friends are boys right now.

Back to this year’s gift guide (these ideas from last year are still some of my favorites, too!). Because I’m in kid-shopping mode since Liv’s birthday is just two weeks post-Christmas, I’ve pulled together a few of my favorite finds (for a variety of ages) for this roundup. Here we go!

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Kids | PepperDesignBlog.com

Chalkboard Door Hanger | Gold Felt Headband | Cream & Navy Fox Tee
JellyCat Fairy Tale Dolls | Super Hero Tights | Rock ‘Em Robots
Dino Sweatshirt | “Hello I’m New Here” Onesie | Striped Whale

This door hanger could be a very neat diy gift for a pre teen boy or girl. I bought this gold felt headband for a wedding a while back (when I first saw it over here) for Liv and she wore it in our Christmas photos. It’s my favorite. This is adorable for a little boy or girl (imagine paired with pink Toms and cropped jeans for Liv).

These JellyCat dolls are so sweet… and these super hero tights would make a great gift for little boys! I can’t believe that this game is back (or still going strong?).

I bought this dino sweatshirt from my friend Michelle’s Etsy shop and it is so adorable on Liv. She’s very into the PBS Dinosaur Train show these days :). This sweet onesie and this striped whale would both make lovely gifts for a new mom (check out the entire shop in that second link, I love the cute bunting she makes).

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Kids | PepperDesignBlog.com

Boxcart | I Love You to the Moon & Back | H&M Sweater
Pink Floral Head Wrap | Retro Skates | Wooden Spaceship
Mini Book of Names & Faces | Puppet Theater | Emerson Stroller Blanket

 This boxcart is on sale (big time) and sounds like a lot of fun for kids. Hunting down art for the girls’ room while also keeping an eye out for gifting. I love this print.

H&M has a LOT of cuteness going on right now! I stocked up on clothes while we were in Europe last year for Liv and they have always been my go-tos in her drawers. Now we can shop here in the states which is very dangerous. Speaking of dress up, I’ve been wanting to get a cute little headband wrap for each of the girls (Liv has a crazy – but beautiful – mane of hair) and I love the ones featured in this shop.

Okay, so these skates are not yet available in the US (found them in the UK) but they were too cool to not include. Maybe one day? I’m terribly sorry for the tease… but Brits reading this blog – those are a must buy for your favorite 12-year-old. This wooden spaceship is dollhouse for boys – what a great idea for bringing the same time of imaginary play for the litte guys.

I love the idea of building a board book for Taylor of all of the important people in her life. I mentioned earlier that we’re starting to get into puppet theater. This is a neat prop for a doorway!

Finally, Pottery Barn Kids invited us to participate in their grab bag Christmas program. They sent us this Emerson stroller blanket as a random gift for the girls and I’m happy to report that it is the coziest blanket ever. Would make a lovely baby gift this Christmas!

In reality, both girls will probably open just a couple of gifts each (including Santa’s presents) because the magic of the holiday is already special enough, and I want them to learn early on to value what’s most important this season – our many wonderful blessings through our faith, our family and our friends. This Christmas is already turning out to be a very special one :).

PS If you’re still hunting for cute ideas for the ladies, try here and here, and for the guys, here. You can find all gift guides from the past few years here.

PPS Pottery Barn Kids sponsored a portion of this post by sending us a sweet little blanket to try out.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

I can’t believe we’re so close to Christmas. This December has flown by in a way that I can’t even describe. It feels as if we’ve just decorated the house and now it’s time to enjoy it for, oh, a month or so (like most years, right?). But not the case. Crazy when that happens.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite finds for the guys this Christmas. Be they husbands, boyfriends, dads, sons, a friend… hopefully this will inspire for a few of the boys on your list!

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys | PepperDesignBlog.com

Megaphone Sound Amplifier | Kung Fu Flash Drive | Leather Messenger Bag
Electronic Paper Airplane Converter Ugg Slippers | Rechargeable iPhone Case
Cutting Board | Tumble Trivets | Leather iPhone Case | Memo Sticky Roll

These beautiful megaphone sound amplifiers are on the high end, but they are made by hand, so neat to look at, and supposedly just awesome on the ears. For ninja-fast, stealth-like document fun, a Kung Fu Master flash drive (good stocking stuffer, no?).

Today’s briefcase is a well made leather messenger bag. Etsy is full of great options. This little gadget converts paper airplanes into electronic flying machines. So cool.

Does your husband’s phone die all of the time? Mine too. Solution. Shoes in our home will always be inevitable (too many comings and goings of hubby in workbooks or kids in converse) but if we did have a no shoes policy (a girl can dream), I’d gift these to Kev.

Every chef needs a good quality cutting board. Shaped like a pig? Why not. And have you heard of man trivets? These tumble trivets are the next best thing (no floral oven mitts for protecting the table from the pot roast, thankyouverymuch). Rumor has it that you can toss a couple onto your table and set down hot dishes without a second thought (and I’m thinking that later in the evening after a dinner party the boys would turn this into some sort of beer drinking game…). Great stocking stuffer.

I adore my own all-in-one iPhone case. This one is a handsome version for the guys. The idea of sticky notes on a roll is great to me, I think most guys would dig this last little find in the above collage on their desk.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys | PepperDesignBlog.com

Nibbles Cablekeep | House of Marley Earbuds
Plaid ShirtAntonio Mustache Glasses Stand | AR Drone
Waterproof Pouches | Cosmic Brightz

Another great stocking stuffer for the computer-lover (that I need now, too): Nibbles Cablekeep. No more broken and/or missing computer chargers. And for incognito music: these really cool looking House of Marley Earbuds.

I’m a fan of a man in a plaid shirt (and this one is 40% off for a short while). Look closely – how clever is this mustache glasses stand? These are awesome  for a desk or entryway console table.

If paper airplanes are not your guy’s thing, how about his very own drone.

If you have adventuresome boys to buy for, waterproof pouches make great gifts. Because they still go camping/fishing/hiking with their gadgets these days.

Finally, Cosmic Brightz are completely necessary. They look awesome on a bike, but they’d light up my and Kevin’s ugly Christmas sweaters brilliantly this year!

More gift guides for this season (and last) right here. Happy present hunting :), I still have a few to go, too!

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