Helpful Tips For Selling Your Clothing Online: 3 Favorite Sites

When I first found out that I was pregnant and that I’d be swapping out a good chunk of my closet for expandable-belly-clothing, I thought I’d take the opportunity to do a little weeding of some of my favorite but not often (or never) worn pieces of clothing.

Buried in my 2×3 foot, 1930’s closet are a handful of killer finds from the likes of Piperlime and Nordstrom’s (for the record – I’ve gotten significantly better at this over the past couple of years :)) and it was time that they found a new owner who would love them even more. It’s embarrassing that most of these clothes still had tags on them, were still very much on trend, and for whatever reason were acquired even though I probably didn’t love them at the time.

Having previously sold to some of my favorite consignment stores in my local area as well as on eBay, I did a lot of research on the new online options out there to get an idea of what was available. My biggest criteria was that I wouldn’t have to photograph and ship the clothing to buyers myself (I know a lot of people don’t mind this extra step though). The three sites I ended up trying out? Bib & Tuck, Threadflip and Twice.

BIB & TUCK: I contacted Bib & Tuck (a play on words for buying and selling) first because of a love of their website – great design! – and because I really enjoyed perusing the closets of others that they highlight. I loved that they gave an identity to closets. It felt as if you were shopping the story. I gave them a try first and sent maybe 40 items in for their review. They were quite particular and chose maybe 10 (they tend to walk that fine line between fashion and high fashion, so I was surprised but happy at their pluckings). Here are a handful:

Bib & Tuck |

Pros: Quality of clothing, ease of shopping, beautifully photographed products (doesn’t really feel like you’re wandering through someone else’s stash). You control the description and pricing of each item.

Cons: They are very particular about clothing that they’ll list, they are not the bargain option. Brands not in their database (but those that are still awesome) are mostly rejected or are labeled as ‘small/Indie brand’ – wish they would expand out.

THREADFLIP: Next up was Threadflip. Upon receiving SO many items back from Bib & Tuck, I decided to take advantage of the Full Service offering from Threadflip and send them over my other 30 items to choose from (in a bag that they provided). They selected maybe 15, here are a few:

A Guide to Selling Your Clothes Online: Threadflip |

Pros: They provided a shipping ‘kit’ which I filled with my favorite clothes and left on the porch for the postman. They were happy to scoop up more of the Indie brands that I collect (think Anthropologie or small boutique) and photographed everything for the site. You can also take care of some of this work for a larger commission from what you sell (I think 90 rather than 80%).

Cons: The site functions more as a community where you have the opportunity to showcase your clothing by ‘opting in’ to brand trunk shows and are encouraged to follow and participate in regular closet favoriting. This is probably awesome for a lot of people, but being the pregnant and busy gal that I am (and not able to shop or really having the time to do too much perusing), it’s a little overwhelming.

TWICE: This is the wallet-friendly little sister to both of the above. Rather than consign items, they send you a bag, you fill it up, and they offer you a price for the clothing inside of it (you can use this nifty little calculator to get an idea of what your bag is worth before you ship it).

A Guide to Selling Your Clothes Online: Threadflip |

Pros: So. easy. I’ve actually purchased a pair of jeans and a dress off of the site already for a total steal (I love that shipping is $5 or free over $49). They take most brands as long as everything is in great shape.

Cons: You’re offered a very minimal amount for your clothing (think $6 instead of $46) and your clothes go into their large online retail store rather than into a personal online ‘closet’ as the other sites feature (the clothing listed above is not mine, I couldn’t even find mine if I wanted to, I’m sure!). This is nice for me because there’s little work on my part :), but if you wanted more control over what was sold at what price, this isn’t the site for that. Also, you have to sift through a lot of stuff if you’re the one browsing.


What other sites have you tried out? I must admit, this is kind of addicting!

At the end of the day, it’s been mostly about finding an easy online selling/buying solution for me, which is why I thought that these three sites were pretty right on. I’m still purging and still sorting, and it’s fun to have online outlets to list good finds!

PS everything above is still available (I believe), so if you’re a size small in clothes or 6 in shoes and can’t pass up an amazing pair of Frye moccasins for fall, you know where to go ;).

Helpful Tips for Selling Your Clothes Online |

I’m sorry to let them go. They were just a hair too small.

4 Ingredient Flourless & Gooey Chocolate Cake

4 Ingredient Flourless & Gooey (& Gluten Free) Chocolate Cake |

This past weekend I made two flourless chocolate cakes. The first, as a request for a gluten-free dessert for a bridal shower on Saturday. The second, because Liv was heart broken that we didn’t have one to share with our family (she was a diligent little helper for the first cake and was truly disappointed that she could poke her spoon into the bridal shower version before I left).

4 Ingredient Flourless & Gooey Chocolate Cake |

When first asked for a dessert that was gluten-free (several guests have an intolerance), I was a little baffled. Dessert? Without flour? Gluten is my thing. But then I realized that my favorite cake is indeed of the above described and it is sans flour. I am so excited to share with you all today.

4 Ingredient Flourless & Gooey Chocolate Cake |

This dessert has four ingredients! It does not get easier than that. And you really can’t mess up on the ratios because, as I learned early, early on, baking with chocolate and sugar and eggs always = deliciousness. Kev swears that he knew that I was the one when I labored over a chocolate cake at a dinner party when we first met (maybe a little dramatic, but I think it’s awesome – blushing emoticon here).

4 Ingredient Flourless & Gooey Chocolate Cake |

Most people have a love/hate relationship with cake. Often it is dry, lacks any dense ‘flavor’ and is, well, cakey. Flourless cakes skip all three of those though and are perhaps one of the richest, sweetest desserts you can find. They are so moist and so dense (hence the no flour) that it’s true that you only need a few bites to fall in love (and immediately enter a sugar coma).

4 Ingredient Flourless & Gooey Chocolate Cake |

Here’s my recipe of choice that I have modified and played with:

4 Ingredient Flourless Chocolate Cake

9 eggs
2 cups sugar
1 cup + 3 T butter
2 cups + 1/2 cup chocolate chips
cocoa powder (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cover the bottom and sides of a springform pan with a generous layer of butter (about 1 T) and set aside. Optional here to also coat in cocoa powder.

Beat all nine eggs together with sugar by hand until frothy in a large glass bowl.

4 Ingredient Flourless & Gooey Chocolate Cake |

Over medium/low heat, boil 2″ or so of water in a deep saucepan fitted with a glass bowl. The glass bowl should not touch the water but should be close enough to feel the immediate heat of the steam (perhaps 2″ above the water). These are the key components of my homemade double boiler (a real double boiler).

4 Ingredient Flourless & Gooey Chocolate Cake |

I melt the chocolate in two batches because my double boiler is rather small: 1/2 cup cubed butter goes in with 1 cup chocolate chips. Stir slowly and frequently until liquid gooeyness emerges. Transfer batch one to the egg and sugar mixture and start on batch two in the double boiler. (Keep an eye on your melting chocolate, this is where it can burn rather easily. Once burnt, best to start over. Butter makes for the perfect fat to create a smooth, melted chocolate consistency – this is also my go-to combination for a dipping chocolate that you might use for strawberries, etc).

4 Ingredient Flourless & Gooey Chocolate Cake |

Once all four ingredients are mixed together in the large glass bowl, slowly pour mixture into the spring form pan.

4 Ingredient Flourless & Gooey Chocolate Cake |

Here’s where you really want to be careful about sealing up that pan. We’re going to bake the flourless cake in a water bath, so you’ll want to cover your springform pan with several sheets of foil at the base. I have giant rubber bands that I use to keep the foil on (saved from bunches of broccoli and what not from the produce department), but you could also use tape or layer upon layer of foil. Wrap that baby up like a present that you want someone to have a difficult time opening.

4 Ingredient Flourless & Gooey Chocolate Cake |

We’re talking maybe 4 or 5 foil layers here that are pressed in tight (tighter than the photo shows above).

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Hey, Sweet Labor Day

Labor Day Summer Fun - Liv Jumping Waves |

Labor Day went something like this: littles woke up early and crawled into momma’s bed. I turned on a show for them and read half (!) of the new BHG magazine in one sitting while they lazily enjoyed cartoons (but now they know that mom & dad’s TV really does have kid’s shows. drat.) Post cartoons, we decorated a recent kitchen creation (a flourless chocolate cake) with giant polka dot candy and pretended it was somebody’s birthday (so many smiles on Liv’s face). A few hours later, we were playing in the sand and waves at the beach and enjoying a glorious day off with nana and papa. Post-beach included a friend’s birthday with crazy amounts of street taco choices. I snuck away early to head back home, soak in a bubbly bath and read a (real) book. Kevin stayed at the party with friends until the girls’ bed time and then helped me tuck them in.

I’m not sure which was the best part of a day off that we made the most of. Days like this just don’t happen too often in our house :). And after a weekend solo with the girls (Kev worked Saturday and Sunday), it was so nice to relax a little.

We have embraced every bit of this past summer and it feels odd to watch it slip away. We’re still experiencing record heat around here (and probably will through the beginning of October), but the fact that Michael’s is now selling Halloween decorations and Nordstrom’s officially has sweaters out and available is a sure sign that we are in for a season change sometime soon. I am so ready for a new season.

Summer – you’ve been sweet. Fall – let’s get this started.

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