Master Bath & Bedroom Remodel: Week 12-13

It feels a bit overdue for an update on our master bathroom/bedroom renovation. So much of our lives is centered around this space right now (planning it, building it, collaborating on it, living out of maternity wardrobe boxes because I can’t access clothes because of it)… but the more and more that we live with the transformation, the more that I appreciate each and every step of the decision-making journey that this space has started us on. And I’m wringing my hands with excitement for the day we move in.

Week 1:

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 |

Week 2:

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 2 |

Week 6-7:

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 7 |

Week 8:

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 8 |

Week 12-13:

Master Bathroom, Week 12 |

The most significant updates during weeks 10-12 included patching and plastering of all of the walls, reworking ceiling patches, plumbing, moving around a bit of electrical and installation of radiant heating.

Here’s a bit of the thought process on how radiant heating works: instead of blowing hot air through a vent or pumping hot water to a radiator, radiant heat warms up the floor (and from there, the rest of the room). Electric mats (there are also hot water pipes that are considered radiant heating) are energy efficient and incredibly functional. You can keep your floor at an even 85 degrees (which seems warm but isn’t so bad on the electrical side) and the entire room will be affected positively. On cold days it’s also super cozy.

Since this radiant heating is being installed in ‘new construction’, we placed the mats directly above the subfloor (and they’ll eventually be directly below the tile). My understanding is that they can also be placed below the subfloor when being added after flooring is already in place.

Master Bathroom, Week 12 |

Master Bathroom, Week 12 |

Kevin applied a layer of thin set above the mats for tiling purposes. The mats + thin set raise the overall height of the floors by about 1/2″ (which we’ll have to account for with the floor transition into the bedroom and into the hallway from the bathroom to make sure there’s no tripping) but I think that the the cozy-toe-affect will be worth it.

Master Bathroom, Week 12 |

Master Bathroom, Week 12 |

Electrical current is measured before, during and after installation to make sure that a wire hasn’t been tripped or cut before the tile is installed.

Master Bathroom, Week 12 |

One last shot before it’s all covered up!

Master Bathroom, Week 12 |

This is sort of one of those luxury projects where timing is always the issue. With such a huge remodel it’s hard to justify the cost (like, really hard)… but once that tile is in place adding radiant heating is no longer an option. We bit the bullet and hope that it pays off over the long run.

PS we started this BIG project right over here. Follow along for the full transformation by getting caught up here. Happy middle-of-the-week and see you soon! 

Marley’s Newborn Announcements & Baby Journal

Marley Marie is three and a half months old and I have almost finished sending out her newborn announcements.

Marley's Birth Announcement & Tiny Prints |

Marley's Birth Announcement & Tiny Prints |

I love how they turned out. She’s added a few belly and thigh rolls since the three-week-old photo on the front and the six-week-old sister photo (photo credit to Katie Beverley) on the back, but other than that those piercing eyes and that sweet little nose has not changed much in the last two months. I adore the way that she still stares intently and how gracious she is with her giggles and coos! She’s on to full conversations these days.

That picture on the back is one of my favorites. I will probably blow it up and hang it somewhere in our soon-to-be-finished bedroom as a reminder of my sweet girls. Three little peas in a pod, but so different, yes? So many families that we know have either identical (as in you can really tell that all siblings are siblings) or completely opposite (one looks just like mom, one looks like dad, one looks like great aunt Sally…) children. Each of our girls are so unique and so different from one another that I can’t wait to watch them grow up just to see what familial features and personality traits they take on.

Our family is finally beginning to find the rhythm of three children. We actually all make it out the door for errands a couple of times a week (that seemed impossible four weeks ago) and I’m happy to report that life is starting to adjust back to normal. A busy, hectic normal, but normal (and that feels so good).


I’ve kept a journal (to capture major milestones, funny things they’ve said and done, cute moments…) and a memory box for each of the girls as they’ve grown up and was heartbroken to learn that Paper Coterie – who I had purchased both of those mementos through – had gone out of business. Shutterfly came through though with the perfect lined journal substitute for Marley and I cannot wait to start recording.

I added one of my favorite photos of Marley to the front and then the sisters image in black and white to the back, as well as an inscription on the purpose of the notebook.

Marley's Newborn Announcements & Journal | PepperDesignBlog.comMarley's Newborn Announcements & Journal |

Time to share a hand written birth story with her! I can’t wait to give these journals to the girls when they’re grown up, they are my modern baby book. I’m still searching out for a photo box substitute (which is the perfect compliment to the journal since it holds treasures like hospital bracelets, baptismal candles, 1st birthday cards and the like). I’m curious to learn what other mommas are doing for baby books for their little ones – there are so many unique ways to document these days!

This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints and Shutterfly (who gifted Marley’s announcement and journal). The template I used can be found here. I have partnered with this awesome company for YEARS and am grateful for their continued support of this blog. I love their products.

PS Liv’s newborn announcements and Taylor’s newborn announcements, just for fun!

Happy Mother’s Day + Simple Stencil DIY

Mother's Day Stenciled 'MOM' |

I’m in Boston with only one day left to explore this beautiful city until Marley and I fly home to rejoin the rest of our family for Mother’s Day weekend (get to spend it with both my mom and mother-in-law, a tradition we started two years ago and that I love!).

I could write an essay on motherhood… what it means to me, both being a mom and loving my mom(s), but it would not do justice to what moms are in our lives. I HOPE that I can be as solid, sensible and happy as my mom (love you, mom), I hope that my girls grow up snuggling, admiring and leaning on me with a sense of confidence that I’ll always be there – for any and every reason.

Whether you are celebrating with breakfast in bed, a bouquet of flowers, handmade cards or (stenciled) brownies, have a wonderful weekend spending time with or thinking about the special women in your life! Happy Mother’s Day.

PS the above photo was so simple to create, we had chipboard letters on hand and so I pepped up a dessert with a little customization. Could be replicated on blueberry pancakes for brunch or over almost any sort of delicious dessert.

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