A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

Tutorial: Giant Tissue Paper Flowers | PepperDesignBlog.com

Such a goof ball.

When Livy and I put together our little spring celebration, I thought that a main decoration of giant paper flowers would be fun.

Teal & Pink Easter/Spring Party | Pepper Design Blog.com

Apologies that this post has taken me a while to pull together (for those of you who have asked for it) but it was very easy and I think you’ll love trying these! I actually referenced two tutorials (RucheMartha) to get me started, but then this project sort of took on a mind of its own.

Teal & Pink Easter/Spring Party | Pepper Design Blog.com

I love how they turned out! These would be so pretty decorating a wall as a backdrop or en masse for a big, colorful event.

Teal & Pink Easter/Spring Party | Pepper Design Blog.com

After testing out a few different paper options, I chose to work with tissue paper because it’s so malleable and light. I loved that the light could filter through the petals (if I strung them up) and that the petals could be easily layered for intensity. Plus the project was easy to prep!

Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

Materials: tissue paper in a variety of colors, yellow cardstock (for centers), green cardstock (for leaves), scissors, tape, double-sided tape

I made a variety of sizes of paper flowers and thankfully cutting these guys out is as simple as stacking tissue paper and cutting out piles of different sizes. The girls’ babysitter and I actually took turns cutting during naps and after bedtime over the course of a couple of days :). Each flower ended up receiving two or three layers of petal arrangements (see below) depending on the final size.

Tutorial: Giant Tissue Paper Flowers | PepperDesignBlog.com

A quick overview:

1 | For the biggest flowers, cut out 4-6 petals in three different sizes.

2-3 | Take each petal and accordion it just a bit with your fingers. Each final accordion side should be facing up for best results (the petals will scrunch up rather than out).

4 | Gather your first set of 4-6 petals at the base of each petal, twist between a 1/2 to 1″ and tape securely.

5 | Repeat with the medium and large petals.

6-7 | Line the base of the small and medium petals with a ring of double-sided tape. Press the now tape-covered base of the small petal grouping into the medium petal grouping. Repeat for the medium into the large petal grouping. Now all three layers will share a center and all will be securely connected.

8 | Cut or punch out (with a crafter’s punch) a round circle in yellow craft paper. Using scissors, cut towards the center of the paper every 1/8″. Mold with your hands until the ‘stamen’ curves up. Use double-sided tape to secure in the center (leaves can be cut out of green cardstock and folded in half for a little added color).

Tutorial: Giant Tissue Paper Flowers | PepperDesignBlog.com

These big guys made such an impact! And we had fun making them :). Livy also helped me decorate her chalkboard wall so that we could draw out a ‘mommy, daddy and baby’ family of growing flowers. Love the way this little girl thinks.

On a more serious note, I might have to consider not including her in the pictures because she’s far too distracting. I mean, those eyes.

PS here’s a link to the full party, and a bunch more craft ideas can be found right here.

Inspired by: Woodland Details

I’m not sure what it is about fuzzy foxes and woodsy, organic decor but I’ve got a hunkering to try out a few crafty projects or plan a little party. A few ideas around the web that I think are awesome:

Woodland Inspiration | PepperDesignBlog.com

fuzzy fox ears! | adorable diy terrarium | need to figure out these
mushroom cookies… | a clever moss & box invitefurry fox cake!
birch vases | budding branches and hydrangeas

Happy Monday! We are recovering from a weekend away from San Diego. Oh man it was a much, much needed getaway that involved perfect weather, a pool, lounge chairs ;), a book, a bit of shopping, good food, good music… After a few slightly tougher months I can’t complain and I am feeling so fortunate at the moment (and perhaps just a wee bit tanner). Have a great start to your week!

PS a friend of mine threw an adorable woodland themed party that I featured on the blog and that fits right in with this post - and she just started a blog of her own!

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