Halloween Fun!

As promised, a few pics from our night of Halloween fun.

We began the evening with a trip around the block with all of the kiddies in their adorable costumes and ended the night with a delicious potluck at the house.

Here are a few shots from before the sun went down:

Look at that adorable Cowardly Lion! Such a cutie.

Here’s a group shot just before we headed out for a little trick o’ treating:

Awesome costumes! See that family of five there to the right? They’re ‘Gang-Green’, so great.

A close up of a few more costumes:

Our family theme was the Wizard of Oz – but Kev didn’t have much time for his Tin Man costume (despite the Awesome radiator cover I found) and ended up as a robot ;). Bodie was our Scarecrow but we forgot to dress him up for pictures!

Found Liv’s costume on eBay a couple of weeks ago. Such a treasure trove of discounted goodies!

Kev’s big day-of project were these ‘carved’ pumpkins. We didn’t do any real carving this year (maybe when Liv’s a bit older) but for some spooky ambiance Kevin picked up these guys from the local grocery store for $2 a pop, hollowed them out and drilled different sized holes in them. That’s my creative hubby!

Speaking of crafty ideas, my mom sent over pics from her latest Halloween party up in Northern California and I’m happy to say that this blogging/crafting business must run in the family.

Such a fun night. Liv might not remember it but we’ve captured plenty of adorable photos for her future wedding slideshow!

Happy Halloween!

Today I’m putting a few last minute touches on Liv’s costume (we have a family theme this year – Kev, your costume is finished, right?) and on our home decorations for a little post trick or treating potluck with friends.

Hope you have an awesome time tonight whether you’ll be dressing up, hopping house to house with kids, passing out candy at your own doorstep or keeping the lights low to snuggle up to a movie!

Adorable illustration found here.

I’ll be back with more fun Halloween photos very soon.

Friday Guest Blog Interview: Jamie Herzlinger

Hi everyone, I usually have a new blogger to introduce during my Friday Guest Blog Interviews but today I’m excited to share an interview with a designer that has been garnering a lot of great press these days. Since I’m a home owner who dabbles (plays?) in design and am definitely not a professional, I thought her answers to the usual four questions were especially interesting!

Here’s Jaime’s official bio: “Mixing haute casual with modern elegance, Jamie Herzlinger specializes in bringing luxury and comfort to each room she designs. By blending diverse elements and taking her inspiration from fashion and art, Herzlinger uses unexpected design elements to create livable spaces. With offices in New York and Scottsdale, Herzlinger founded Jamie Herzlinger Interiors in 1991. With 20 years of design experience and as a licensed contractor, Herzlinger has designed a wide variety of spaces from demolition to completion.


This year, Herzlinger participated in Kips Bay Show House in New York and worked with NBC’s Open House. Jamie Herzlinger Interiors was also named Top Twenty Interior Design Firm in the country by Traditional Home Magazine and will launch JAMIE, a new design concept that will bring Jamie’s design to clients nationwide.

Herzlinger’s interior design style is classically modern with attention to details, luxury and comfort. Sophistication and subtly also mark Herzlinger’s style along with her love of history, philosophy, music and art imbued in every project.”

Read more about her style, inspiration, favorite trends, as well as her three reader tips after the jump!…

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