Halloween’s ‘Best Of’ Round-Up

I was reminded today that Halloween is 7 days away! For some reason it feels like I still have a good month to prepare (we’re hosting a party and I’m in charge of the family costume), time to get a movin’.

In honor of the approaching holiday, here’s a round-up of some of the most inspiring Halloween decorating ideas I’ve found out there in the blogosphere.

Are you ready? Let’s roll.

Best glam party: This vintage glam dinner party by Suzanna at Mon Tresor is fantastic – I love the colors and I love the details. Thanks, HWTM for posting.

Best harvest porch: This one’s a tie between Kate’s (over at Centsational Girl) harvest spin and a Pottery Barn porch (it captures the ‘spooky’ category) that’s been spinning around the internet. And since I’m not as much of a goblins and ghosts kind of girl, I fully appreciate the harvest color palette.

Best 5 minute craft: These vase mummies by Hi Sugarplum are super clever, super cute and look super easy.

Best simple statement: This tablescape is low key and looks fairly low budget, but it’s perfect for this time of the year and it still looks stunning. I like that it’s reflected again on the mantel:

Best outdoor display: Simple Country Living created an awesome faux fireplace with all the spooky fixings.

Best inside decor: This one goes to Sherry’s white snakes over at Young House Love. Who would have guessed that creepy crawly decorations like these were as easy as wooden toys and some spray paint?

Most creative: Both of these ideas are so unique and creative that I had to include them. Neither of the images were sourced when I found them floatin’ round the web, if you know of the author, let me know. Maybe Martha?

Best mantel: So many inspiring ones to choose from but I really love Kim’s Halloween mantel (of TomKat Studio), and I love that printable banner:

There are so many fun and fantastically executed ideas out there, but I hope this little round-up gives you some inspiration for any last-minute preparations!


PS Come visit me at Simply Modern Mom where Tiffany has asked me to share an over-used recipe – which for our family is Kevin’s delicious homemade chicken stock! Go homemade and you’ll never go back. It’s the base for so many delicious meals in our house :). And a big congrats to Tiffany on her new baby girl!

Friday Guest Blog Interview: Katie of Bower Power

Today’s guest blog interview is special to me because this is a house tour that I’ve long adored. While Katie Bower and her family recently moved out of their old digs, it’s their previous home that I first fell in love with and their new home that I love to blog crash on a regular basis these days. Need a photo tour after all of that hype? Check it out right here, or wait for sneak peeks in the rest of this interview.

Katie, her ‘boyfriend’ (an affectionate name she has for her husband, Jeremy), and their son Will live in the South, and being a California girl we think anything Southern is pretty darn sweet. Bower Power Blog is a photo journal of Katie’s family, her design loves and her work as a professional photographer. She blogs about life, and it’s pretty fun to follow along.

So here with me today is Katie to share some of her inspiration, three favorite tips (definitely agree with these!) and why her decorating style is a bit more timeless than it is trendy (but do check out that photo tour of her home, because it’s right on the money when it comes to what looks just right these days). More after the jump….

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Decorating for Fall: Felt Flower Wreath

I recently saw a felt flower wreath here and decided that I would love to make one for the house, but with my own spin on the flowers. (The wreath by I Can Craft That is adorable by the way, you should definitely check it out if you have a chance.)

I found the a twig wreath at Michaels for $4.99 (a blank canvas for so many ideas!) and the sheets of felt were on sale for 5/$1. After playing with the felt to create a few different flower shapes, I settled on six that I loved. I generally work in odd numbers but for some reason this arrangement felt right.

Here’s a close up of the various styles. They all involve felt strips rolled up into the shape of a flower, but for some the strips were left with their raw edge out and for some they were simply folded in half before wrapping for a softer finish. The large purple flower in the center is three sets of circles stacked on top of each other from smallest to largest with a wooden button in the center.


Felt Flower Wreath

Materials: Any style of wreath, felt sheets, needle & thread, wiring or glue for attaching flowers to wreath

{1.} Cut felt into various sized strips.

{2.} For flowers with a softer edge (more rose-like), fold strips in half horizontally and add a quick stitch to hold. You could use dots of hot glue here as well to keep your sides together.

{3.} Beginning at one end of the strip of felt (which will now be the center of your flower), wrap remaining end around and around and around. With every wrap around the center I kept poking the needle and thread back through the felt at the back to hold the new shape, this helped to spread the petals out to a create a short, flat flower that would nest nicely in the wreath.

{4.} Using thin wire (to later remove the flowers for other purposes) or hot glue, attach your new flowers and leaves to the wreath.

Now she’s ready to display!


More fall decorating ideas found here. Happy Thursday!

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