Guest Posting on BLW over at Milk-Friendly

If you had a chance to read about our introduction of solid foods to Liv earlier this summer, you’ll remember that we skipped pureed foods and opted to share our meals with her right off the bat. But we’re not crazy parents, promise. We’re actually using a method called Baby Led Weaning. Read more about it over at Milk-Friendly where I’m sharing our adventure with her readers.

We did give handmade pureed foods a try for a few days… I also cover that over at my guest post. *Hint* the only successful recipe was my basic cinnamon applesauce!

 Liv digs it. For everything else, she prefers the solid version however spiced, roasted or textured it may be.

We love that she gets to participate in our meals and enjoys a good steak, fish fillet or pork tenderloin just as much as us! Read about our first intro to it all here.

Office Makeover: Wall Collage Part 1

I’ve been jumping all over the place when it comes to finishing up this office. My corkboard project is taking muuuuch longer than anticipated and while I wait on the prime opportunity between work and Liv’s naps to nail gun that frame together, I’ve started experimenting with the wall collage for the guestroom portion of the office.

Wall collages! They’re awesome. It’s all about how many photos can I stuff on a wall creatively. Here’s some of the inspiration that I’m working with:

But this image really nails it on the head:

There’s something about that cluster of pictures that I’m especially drawn to. Love the neutral theme and the natural wood frames (kind of matches the theme of the office) and the organized chaos that the wall evokes.

But the wall collage isn’t all about slapping pictures up on the wall. I want each and every photo, painting and object to mean something to our family. Maybe a souvenir from a trip, an art project by one of Kevin’s amazingly crafty family members or a photo of a place that we love.

So while I hunt down the perfect pieces (I know they’re buried around here somewhere… I just need to hunt – aka ‘shop’ the house and garage) here are a few layouts that I think will look great on that dark brown wall in the guestroom:

Or maybe this one:

I’m a visual person. I need to see just how the artwork (or bookshelf, closet or anything else I’m organizing) will look before committing. Especially to lathe and plaster walls! These poor walls can only take so many misaligned holes. I’ve learned the hard way.

PS I’m just beginning to really use the magical tool of Pinterest… for more beautiful wall collage inspiration, check out my board here.

Images: Unabashadely Prep, Walking Around Where the Sidewalk Begins (found at a veiled aside), Pottery Barn, Decor Chick

Decorating for Fall: Yarn Pumpkins

Here’s an easy fall craft to tackle in about an hour (perfect for a car trip or while you’re catching up on the latest episode of The Office).

I found two styrofoam pumpkins in the 50% off bin at Michaels and knew that they could be so much more. With a bit of orange yarn (also 50% off) and a few fabric leaves these guys were ready for display:

They’re living in the fruit and veggie bowl at the moment (next to some hand grown tomatoes, yum) but they’ll probably find a new home soon.


Yarn Pumpkins

Materials: styrofoam pumpkins (or balls that you shape into pumpkins), orange yarn, green or fabric felt, pins or glue for leaves

It’s as easy as…

{1.} Wrap the yarn around your pumpkin and tie a knot on the underside.

{2.} Continue to wrap the yarn around the pumpkin in large sections (this gives the wrapping a little uniformity – you could skip that part and just wrap like crazy though).

{3.} Cut felt or fabric pumpkin leaves and attach with a pin or glue

…and display!


Super simple and crafty fall pumpkins ready to go.

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