A New Daybed for the Girls’ Room

Last I left you in the girls’ room we had a toddler bed and crib for Liv and Taylor.

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | PepperDesignBlog.com

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | A New Daybed | PepperDesignBlog.com

They served the space pretty well size-wise and were perfect for a 3-year-old Liv and a 1-year-old Taylor.

I was really loving the room in all of its pink glory. It was in a good place and I thought we could leave it for a bit. But then as Liv began to approach her fourth birthday, she began to complain that her bed was too small (and I said ‘no way! you’re about 3 feet tall’), and then she began to crawl out of her bed and into ours, and then she promised that if we upgraded the size of her bed she’d stay put at night. And I said ‘deal’.

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | A New Daybed | PepperDesignBlog.com

For the record, Liv is tall but she’s definitely not too tall for a toddler bed. She may have occasionally ended up on the floor next to her bed but that’s because she’s a bed squirmer.

Also for the record, she LOVES her twin big girl bed.

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | A New Daybed | PepperDesignBlog.com

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | A New Daybed | PepperDesignBlog.com

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | A New Daybed | PepperDesignBlog.com

Bringing it into the room was totally worth it.

When I first started playing with the idea of putting a twin bed into the girls’ room, the entire space felt too small, too cramped. Eventually we will be squeezing three little girls into this room though so I better get used to tighter quarters :). In the end, the bed setup that felt most open was a sideways twin bed up against the starry wall.

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | A New Daybed | PepperDesignBlog.com

This way the twin bed didn’t jut out into the room – even having the crib (which has taken the place of the toddler bed) up against the wall like a T has taken some getting used to. It doesn’t feel as though there’s as much play space in this room, the rug is not quite as open and empty! but that’s okay because I’ve always thought of their room as ‘the sleeping zone’ and our living room more as ‘the play zone’.

Girls' Room - New Crib Layout & Monitor | PepperDesignBlog.com

Back to that daybed. My budget was limited and really all I wanted was a basic birch frame. I searched the internet high and low – I looked everywhere. In the end there was not a twin bed without a headboard and with a basic frame in sight for under $200. I knew Ikea must have an answer for me and when I came across the FJELLSE twin bed, I took the plunge and purchased.

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | A New Daybed | PepperDesignBlog.com

It was easy enough to modify into a basic frame, we simply cut off the headboard with a handsaw.

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | A New Daybed | PepperDesignBlog.com

The frame is simple and clean, it matches the crib and the frame of the flamingo print pretty spot on.

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | A New Daybed | PepperDesignBlog.com

(I’m exploring storage options in this space, you can see my plastic tubs tucked under the bed. It’s time to get really creative in the storage department.)

An Ikea twin bedframe (despite the different European sizes of so many of the rest of their products) actually fits a US twin mattress (I had heard rumors that it didn’t). The folks over at Tuft & Needle reached out to me with perfect timing while we were going through this entire transitional phase in the nursery and when they offered a mattress for Liv’s new bed I took them up on their offer.

Tuft & Needle crafts comfortable, quality mattresses at a fair price. That’s their one mission – to take the middleman out of the sale and manufacture mattresses directly for consumer purchase which greatly reduces the overall cost.

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | A New Daybed - Tuft & Needle | PepperDesignBlog.com

They are made to order in the USA out of a breathable, supportive foam. I LOVE that the company makes a point to connect closely with customers and even continually tweaks their products based on consumer feedback and needs. I also love that they offer 5″ and 10″ mattresses, I was purposefully looking for a low-profile mattress.

Our new mattress is incredibly comfortable! Seriously, I am very particular about these things. As is Kevin, who puts the girls down to bed every night and falls asleep mid story every. single. evening. He loves that foam mattress more than our own (tear).

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | A New Daybed | PepperDesignBlog.com

I wanted to keep the bed all around kid-friendly, so it made sense to stack the daybed with just a bunch of comfy pillows. I pulled these from all over the house and didn’t buy a single new one, which was sort of refreshing. I might have a little bit of a throw pillow obsession…

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | A New Daybed | PepperDesignBlog.com

The pillows make it easy making the bed as well. We basically smooth out the white comforter and toss them on the bed, done. You know, it’s easy after I have cajoled some bed making out of a 4-year-old.

The girls were dying for me to finish up my little photography session. The minute I said finished!, they scooted up onto that bed to play.

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | A New Daybed | PepperDesignBlog.com

Girls' Room - A Modern Pink Nursery | A New Daybed | PepperDesignBlog.com

Good thing it’s so easy to make the bed.

What ages did you move your little ones to the next sized bed? It’s funny because already Taylor prefers sleeping next to sissy in the twin bed vs her own crib. I’m very tempted to have the girls share a bed for as long as possible when Marley moves into the room. It’s not crazy to have two in a twin, right? I can’t imagine them loving anything more.

This post was sponsored by Tuft & Needle, a company that I support and one that I hope you’ll check out. I really can’t say enough about our experience with the company and with our mattress. 

A note: Tuft & Needle is an e-commerce start up behind the #1 rated mattress on Amazon. Their mattresses are high quality but at a much lower pricepoint than traditional mattress players (a 1000% markup is typical). Tuft & Needle’s point of difference is that the customer is really at the center of their business.

In My Hospital Bag

My Hospital Bag | PepperDesignBlog.com

I know that an overnight bag is so personal, but by the time Marlowe was due I felt pretty confident with what was packed in my hospital bag for a few days away. I think we might fret over the packing of hospital bags too much (I’m referencing my first trip to the hospital here…) – but really besides how difficult labor is, I like to think of it as a trip out of the house without needing much, and with plenty of peace and quiet time! My biggest hospital regret is going home a day earlier than I needed to this time around :).

The funny thing is is that if you would have asked me what I had packed for Liv’s birth I would have offered a laundry list of laboring aids that started with scented oils and ended with a spiky acupressure neck thing that I thought would distract me from all of the pain. I remember fretting over a playlist for months! But labor ended up progressing so quickly that I didn’t pull a single item out of my bag of tricks (though I do know mommas who have REALLY benefited from that ole’ bag of tricks so that’s okay, too).

At the end of the day here’s what I found as really pretty valuable for those few days away with new baby:

1.  A soft and cozy robe. Shedding that flappy hospital gown after everyone’s settled post labor is so nice – and a robe makes for an easy and quick coverup if friends or family stop by to visit. I purchased the Alfani robe that I linked to here for Taylor’s birth after learning the hard way with Liv. Best hospital bag purchase I’ve ever made and I still love that robe to this day! (I also bought the matching shorts.)

2. Ballet slippers with a sole would be second on my list, they are wonderful for padding to and fro the bathroom without having to worry about slipping or about sporting those disposable hospital socks 24/7. It’s sort of nice to wear your own special clothes while at the hospital instead of regulation gear, it made me feel much more comfortable. (Except for the netted underwear, I’m all about that netted underwear! Though I’ve recently read that a lot of women pack these with them instead).

3. My own pillow. Any sleep with a brand new baby is valuable sleep, for me a familiar pillow made all of the difference (but I like super soft and my hospital’s pillows were pretty firm). Place it in a brightly colored pillow cover to avoid it being swept up with other hospital laundry.

4. Another pillow that I was so happy to have for Marley’s birth was my beloved Boppy pillow. It’s great for long nursing sessions as well as propping up brand new baby for sharing googly eyes. It’s also a wonderful tool to help big siblings hold the brand new baby.

5. I bought a basic see-through travel makeup bag when we were prepping to move into our guestroom and pack up our bathroom and bedroom for the new remodel. It proved to be a great hospital bag addition as well because it was so easy to pack and to see/find all of my goodies. Feeling as normal as possible in the hospital is important, that might mean packing regular makeup, deodorant and a favorite conditioner (that’s one I did forget).

6. Chargers! Computer, camera, iPhone, iPad, whatever technology joins you in the hospital, don’t forget the chargers.

7. I rarely head anywhere without my Canon camera :) but that’s a personal preference. Too many brand new baby photo moments.

8. Several comfortable nursing tanks are right up there with a robe. Perfect for resting, sleeping and feeding in, and extra great when guests arrive (easy to snap up and to feel a little less vulnerable).

9. Parents are usually in the yes or no pacifier camp and either is great. We are overwhelmingly in the ‘for pacifiers’ camp for many sanity reasons and I think that Wubbanubs are the absolute easiest for newborns (they lay on baby’s chest instead of falling to the floor when popped out).

10. Funny story about our ‘going home’ outfits for our new babies: for our very first baby (Liv) I had purchased a carefully selected hand knitted outfit on Etsy that I was so excited about – by the third child I was putting hand-me-down boy/girl pjs together the night before. And then we forgot them on the kitchen counter on our way to the hospital! Marley came home in a hospital shirt, hospital beanie and hospital blanket. Nobody tells you that it really doesn’t matter what baby comes home in. It’s usually dark by the time your discharged and usually baby is covered in a cozy blanket in the carseat. (Here’s the striped sleeper from above!)

11. Last but not least: a line up of favorite reading material. A new book, a favorite magazine, anything that will help you rest and relax post labor or pre birth (if you go the epidural route). For the first time ever I had free time on my hands and I really enjoyed catching up on my favorite reads.

There’s my list! What do you think, was there anything that was a must for you that I’ve left off?

PS favorite baby items for 0-24 months and more mommy posts.

No Sew Kid’s Apron from a Cloth Napkin

When I saw Liz from Say Yes’s no sew kid’s apron from a dish towel I knew that it had to be a future project that I replicated for Liv and Taylor. Such a brilliant and easy idea.

I used her tutorial during our homemade granola party to create miniature aprons for each of the littles, except I upcycled a bunch of cloth napkins that I had on hand rather than purchase new dish towels.


The perfect accessory for a little cooking:

Homemade Granola | Kid's Easy DIY Cloth Napkin Apron | PepperDesignBlog.com

Full disclosure: I wrote this post mostly to direct you over to the step-by-step tutorial for directions. Say Yes deserves all of the credit for this one.

I found that the cloth napkin was just a bit different in shape and size but the end result was pretty spot on. The only area that requires a hem for either the towel or napkin is right at the shoulders and you have the option of sewing, glueing or using stitch witchery (+ ironing) to make this as complicated or as easy of a project as you’re up for. I used a glue gun for everything (but I also haven’t washed it yet).

Kid's Easy DIY Cloth Napkin Apron | PepperDesignBlog.com

Wouldn’t these little aprons (which took 2 minutes each) be a fun gift? Perfect for cooking, painting, gardening… they would be adorable as themed present kits, maybe: watercolor paints + apron, mini gardening gloves + apron, plastic measuring spoons + apron.

so wish that the below photo was in focus because these nuggets are so adorable all together sporting my set of cloth napkins.

Kid's Easy DIY Cloth Napkin Apron | PepperDesignBlog.com

Happy start to your week :).

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