Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Today is Kev’s birthday! Liv and I are so grateful to have this mister in our lives.

This was actually Kevin’s birthday card that I made in Photoshop (you could use Picasa to add word art to your photos, too – great tutorial here) and had printed for him in an accordion-style card (so that the little messages were one on top of the other). That ‘faces’ reference up there refers to Liv’s obsession with grabbing mouths and noses – anyone and everyone’s mouth and nose. We think she’s well on her way to becoming a dentist.

Kevin, we love you!

Houzz Feature: Neat Fall Finds

Hey all, hope you’re having a great Thursday. Maybe you’ve noticed a new feature in the right sidebar? I have a little widget that shares my Ideabooks from Houzz. A while back, Houzz asked to partner with me and PDB to create a new Ideabook each month of 20 favorite products. What fun it’s been!

Yesterday I was so surprised to find that they chose my latest ‘Fall Finds’ Ideabook to share on their home page:

So cool, thanks Houzz! For a few unique fall decorating ideas (some crazy, some totally practical), check it out.

You can head out to Houzz and the Pepper Design Blog page to see a new Ideabook each month (and inspiration for a rooms in our home, including the new office and future master bath). Or, try the link there over in the right sidebar.

Decorating for Fall: Framed Autumn Leaves

Here’s a quick and easy way to decorate for any season. Choose your favorite flat decor, mount it on white matting or construction paper (or a patterned fabric!) and frame.

I found a few plastic fall leaves (though it would be interesting to try drying the real deal – that is if leaves changed color in San Diego :() and lined several frames that I had on hand with white construction paper for a simple look.

Side note: Kevin thinks I have a frame problem… it’s true, *sigh*. I have a huge box of frames that I constantly rotate in and out around the house. Sometimes frames will sit for months, sometimes even a couple of years before their day of display comes. Most all of my frames are basic white, brown or black – nothing ornate and most made for hanging on a wall. The penny sale at Aaron Brothers is awesome – I have dreams of photo collages and what I will hang!

But I digress… For Christmas, I might change out the leaves for little felt Christmas trees or maybe mount doilies that resemble snowflakes on patterned fabric.

If you’re not a frame addict, try switching out a few of your family photos just for the holidays – or you could always put that Aaron Brothers, Joanns or Michaels 40% off coupon to good use ;).

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