Master Bath & Bedroom: Week 6-7

It’s finally time for a master bathroom update. Just as a quick reminder, we’ve torn down the walls between the original bathroom and bedroom in our 1930s Spanish casita. These two small rooms are now forming one master suite with the bathroom on one end and bedroom on the other. A large reclaimed beam separates the spaces but for the most part they are fully integrated. You can check out the first stages of demo here and here and some bathroom layout and materials planning here.

Week 1:

Master Bath/Bedroom Demo Day 1 |

Week 2 – 5 (plus plenty of plumbing, electrical, insulation work):

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 2 |

Week 6 – 7:

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 7 |

Big progress! Still a messy construction zone in there (wasn’t even tempted to sort of pick up before the photos…) but progress is absolutely being made. Lighting was my task for last week, closet planning/organization for this week (a wall closet is going in on the left there).

Last week a few major things happened and they all have to do with light (both natural and electrical) in the bathroom. First, we replaced the existing wooden window (so beat up it was lifeless despite the fact that we were able to save all of the others in the house) with a double casement that we ordered with opaque glass.

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 7 |

Second, the arch separating the bathroom from the hallway was finished. She’s absolutely beautiful!

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 7 |

Moving to the right of the archway (which will get a big wooden barn-style sliding door) is Kev’s creativity in action. He had really wanted to use glass block in the bathroom. I hear glass block and I think of an 80’s revival. He insisted that he could create a natural way to let light into the small toilet room if I would just give him the chance. Life is about compromises and we’re both winning some big decisions in this space.

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 7 |

Works well, right? I’m still holding my breath to see the final version of the artistic glass block placement once mud and paint are in place, but so far so good.

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 7 |

The last update is some electrical work. We are placing recessed lighting all over these two rooms because of their amazing ability to thoroughly light a space, now we have four lights in the bedroom and four in the bathroom. There are a handful of more decorative lights throughout the room, too:

Master Bath/Bedroom Week 7 |

In these old homes you quickly learn that the more light the merrier! So very happy that this bathroom will be flooded with light all of the time.

We are using Cree LED lightbulbs in our recessed lights, Cree has been a wonderful sponsor of this blog for the last six months and, because I have tested and enjoy the product that they make, I’m happy to share more about them with you:

LED bulbs use a small percentage of energy compared to regular incandescent bulbs, only require changing out every 15 or so years, emit a warm (rather than cool) glow and are dimmable. I’ve been so very pleased with how they function for us. We are eventually planning on swapping out all of the lightbulbs that have a compatible Cree counterpart in our home. PS you can buy them online or at Home Depot. I appreciate the sponsors that help to offset some of the time in building this little nook of the net-o-sphere, thanks for letting me share!

Reps from Closet World and California Closets stop by tomorrow to provide a few organizational ideas and quotes. I can’t wait to start sweater and shoe planning! An organized closet is something that I’ve always dreamed of but that was likely not a reality until we started this remodel project.

After closets it’s time for plumbing fixtures, though I’m 90% positive on where we’re going with this one. And this coming weekend? Time for tile! Fingers crossed.

Nine Spring Shirtdresses for (the nursing) Mom

Dresses for (nursing) moms | Shirtdress roundup for spring |

chambray popover dresssafari orange dress | white with navy polka dots
navy paisley | vintage stripe dresssolid blue woven shirtdress
oversized shirtdress | olive collared dresschambray shirtdress

There’s one clothing item post-pregnancy that I’m particularly sad to not wear a lot and that’s the basic dress. Hardly any dresses are built for nursing, they just really don’t provide easy access (unless they are super stretchy, and that can still get just a little awkward).

But I love dresses, especially as the weather starts to warm up and they become one of the easiest closet staples (dress + sandals, done!).

Button up shirtdresses for the win. Here are nine that I think may work well for nursing (and definitely non nursing) ladies this spring!

PS my favorite non-maternity maternity dresses part 1 & part 2. A maternity capsule wardrobe.

Communicating with Babies & Toddlers

Communicating with Baby: Baby Sign Language |

Taylor is quite the little communicator with three to four word sentences now, but there was a long stretch of time from about 9 months to 15 months where she knew what she wanted but couldn’t quite say what she needed.

If you were to ask me what my best and favorite baby development tips are, my first would be baby led weaning, my second would be my Secrets of a Baby Whisperer sleep training book (also mentioned here) and the third would be baby sign language. When your little one can tell you exactly what they need to calm them down or make them happy – even when they don’t have the words to explain themselves – everyone will be the merrier. Seriously. So much merrier.

When I heard about teaching babies basic sign language it made so much sense! With an infant you are deciphering cries based on needs: food, diaper, tired… When a toddler has a specific need they try so hard to convey it to you as well, and it results in endless frustration on both ends. Being proactive about teaching a few signs to equip them with communication has saved us many times over.

I dug up these photos from just a few months ago as a few examples of which were our favorite words. Our MOST used signs included: I want food, I’m all done (for eating, playing, taking a bath…) and I want more (for food, going down the slide, you name it).

Communicating with Baby: Baby Sign Language |

In addition to those three common requests, we also frequently used: please, thank you, dog (she got a kick out of pointing out Bodie), water, milk and sleep (it’s a nice heads up that nap time is on the way).

A few visuals for those signs:

Communicating with Baby: Baby Sign Language |

Thank you to Parenting for the above images :). Milk is hard to make out from the illustration but it’s a hand movement like you’re milking a cow. Ha! Especially fun if you’re still nursing.

We started signing when Liv was a baby, and I’ll start incorporating just the most basic signs into everyday communication when Marley is about 7 or 8 months old. It’s great when they make that little brain connection that they can talk to you and start to sign back! Communication is king in baby world.

What do you think? Have you or would you use sign language? Did you have a good experience with it?

PS I’m traveling with Marley for work this week and am pulling up this post on tips for traveling with babies, plus favorite baby products for the first year

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