Project Nursery: Finished!

They say rooms evolve and that they take patience… but I didn’t believe it ;). When I was seven months pregnant we began Project Nursery and I expected to finish just shortly after Liv’s arrival (we didn’t know if she was a girl or boy so I figured we’d save the more gender-specific accenting until after). Seven months later and I’m on board with the theory – Liv will be five months old tomorrow! Wow how time flies.

But yippee! It’s done! So so happy with how the nursery has turned out and how it has evolved with time.

Here’s a wide angle look at the room as you enter from the doorway. Jennifer from Papaya Sky snapped these pictures for me, and as usual they’re amazing .

Modern, Contemporary, DIY, Makeover Nursery, Do It Yourself

A quick refresher on the before-we-moved-in (the owners took the furniture with them and pulled up the carpet before they left):

Here are a few different angles of the room, I love the beautiful painted tree and animals by Kevin’s Aunt and Mom. Other favorite projects include the nursery glider updated with a modern print and the made over changing table:

The new pendant light is one of my favorite additions!

I used fabric from Thibaut to decorate nearly the entire room. Projects that I couldn’t do on my own family with much craftier skills helped with, such as these adorable bumpers. I created a super simple DIY crib skirt out of the same fabric.

A few more detailed close ups:

Liv’s handmade felt mobile that I spent many a car trip on:

On the opposite wall, the bookcase with its new fabric backing, handmade basket liners and framed clothing art:

Our dog, Bodie enjoys the room almost as much as Liv – I’ll find him napping on the carpet or sitting besides the crib while she’s sleeping.

I think Liv really loves it too :).

And to think the room all started with this inspiration board last November!

Plenty has changed over the course of seven months but I think the general theme and feel is roughly the same.

So much time, hard work and love has gone into this room – it’s so special to both of us!

Modern, Contemporary, DIY, Makeover Nursery, Do It Yourself

Here’s a breakdown of every project from the nursery:

No Sew Fabric Pennant
aby clothing art
Handmade butterfly mobile
DIY crib skirt

Basket liners part 1
part 2
The glider makeover
Recovering an ottoman
Sewing the curtains part 1, part 2, part 3

Curtain fabric selection
Nursery fabric board
Rocking horse find
New pendant light
New sconce lighting

Vintage wall art addition

Changing table makeover

Nursery wall striping tutorial

Painted animal project

The initial
inspiration board breakdown
before pictures


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*First Friend

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Project Nursery: A *New* Ottoman for the Glider

So this might be a little old hat for some of you DIYers out there, but just in case you’re a little reserved on taking the plunge into basic upholstering (and you have a barstool or kitchen chair that’s nagging at you), here’s a recent project that we finished for the nursery that involves just that.

Our everyday average (but super comfy) glider received a makeover a few months ago, but the ottoman was slow to follow. It’s finally a matching pair!


Basic Upholstery 101

Materials: Staple gun, fabric, scissors, batting or foam (this is optional depending on the current condition of your cushion – I didn’t need extra batting/foam for this project but you could add quilt batting over the top of your foam for a little extra comfiness, or replace the foam altogether. You’ll repeat step 1 with the batting first if you choose to add.)

{1.} When measuring and cutting out your fabric for your new cushion, be sure to account for the outside edge of the ottoman, stool, chair, etc that you’re reupholstering. The top of my ottoman is only 20″x12″, but when I add the sides and extra hem space I’m cutting my fabric to 30″x22″ to allow for 5″ extra on each side (2″ for the lip of the ottoman and 3″ for the underside where I’ll use the staple gun).

If your fabric involves a pattern, make sure that the pattern is aligned with your edges so that you don’t end up with a crooked design.

{2.} Begin stapling at the center of each edge, pulling taut (but not too tight to avoid puckering) as you go. Now you should have a staple in the center on each of the horizontal and vertical edges. Flip ottoman over and examine the final look. If you’ve made any errors, now is the time to pull those simple four staples up (or just one edge) and start over.

{3.} There are two basic ways to achieve clean corners: the first is a fold (similar to wrapping a package) and the second is a gather. For a gathered look, I recommend stapling in two parts. First, gather your fabric on the right side of the corner and staple gather in the center. Next, gather the left side and staple again (this second staple should slightly overlap the first right-side gather so that the corner looks like one large gather). Flip ottoman over and observe your corner. If it looks good to you, finish the next three.

The second gather is folded slightly over the first to create a clean corner that’s not going anywhere:

{4.} Now we want to fill in staples between the corners and center staple on each edge. You really want to make sure that your fabric is secure all the way around and always check for puckering before applying the next staple.

{5.} Your ottoman should be looking good! The last step is cutting any excess fabric from the edges.

Yay for a matching ottoman! For the other half of this project (updating a standard nursery glider), check out this link.

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