Project Nursery: All Lined Up

Remember back when I first started the nursery curtains only to discover a little snag in the plan when the fabric arrived? The back-up fabric for the curtains worked out beautifully, but I was left with five yards of a great fabric that I needed to find a project for.

Enter basket liners part 1. Our changing table (which received this makeover) holds four baskets from Amazon that fit it perfectly –  but the white liners were lacking for looks.

When my aunt (an excellent seamstress whose skills I envy) asked if she could sew something for Olivia’s nursery, I asked her opinion on the liners and a couple of other projects (soon to come).

Liv loved the idea!

And the baskets look amazing, just what the space needed!

To sew liners for your own baskets, create a pattern by using a seam ripper to take apart the current liners. If your baskets are empty, use the measurements of the width, depth and height of each edge and the base of the basket to create a pattern out of paper (don’t forget to take into account the hem and overhang on the outside of the basket). Use the paper to cut your fabric pieces and sew each edge. A little elastic in the outside hems around the corners will help keep the basket liners in place!

Easy! A quick makeover that changes the entire look of the baskets.

That’s our hanging diaper pail from our cloth diapering adventure hanging on the right side of the table next to the hanging hamper that we love. Dirty cloth diapers go into the wet pail (which keeps all smells out) and dirty clothes are tossed right into a washable hamper.

Liv digs it.

Thanks great auntie Laurie!

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Building a Bathroom: Demo Time!

We’re turning three adjoining closets in the center of our house into a full bathroom – and we’ve broken ground! We’re building this bathroom from scratch, so the first thing on the list was to bring those walls down.

Here’s a look at the largest of the three closets. You can see the hallway that continues on to the living room on the right and Liv’s bedroom to the left. Behind me is our current bathroom. We have a new hallway now next to the new kitchen, so this hallway will add additional square footage to the new bath.

Guest Bathroom Demo Remodel, DIY, Lowe's

Remember when we received the best email ever? It’s so exciting to be on the move.

After a few hours of work the walls to the closet were down. Here’s a hazy peek through the plastic:

The worst part of tearing down three closets is losing three prime storage spaces. Our in-progress office is now filling up with brooms and mops and baskets of towels and coats… and everything else you keep in hallway closets :).

And a better look from the other side of the new bath (looking in from the dining room):

A few things to keep in mind when demoing:

*Dust is a drag – staple gun plastic sheets (painter’s plastic) as make-shift walls when working, a spare 2×4 works excellently as a weight where the sheet meets the floor. Always wear protective eye/mouth gear and be extra cautious when working in an older home – asbestos, old/rotted wood and termites are real issues.
*Be sure to turn your breaker box off before you begin. If you’re removing old electrical work, don’t forget to properly cap off all wires.
*Salvage where you can – you might not need those old cabinets, doors and windows but Habitat for Humanity or a local charity might benefit from the donation.
*Have a truck bed empty and ready to fill. Moving your recently demoed pieces directly from the room into the bed saves time and your muscles from lifting and rearranging too many piles. As soon as the bed is full make your dump run. Trust me – you won’t be motivated to do it the next day.

An in-the-moment shot:

You can see the old closet outlines on the ceiling. I’d love to know what decade the walls were that mint green color, we’ve uncovered it in nearly every room!

Just to give a better idea of placement within the house, there’s the office on the right, the kitchen is behind me and that hallway there leads to Liv’s room and the master bedroom. You see what I mean how the broom closet has relocated to the office? Bummer.

Be back soon with more updates!

Project Nursery: A Cozy Place to Rock

Check out this before & after, I’m so thrilled with the results!



I’ll be recovering the footstool shortly in the same Thibaut print which I so L-O-V-E. I’d cover every chair in my house with it if I could.

My dad purchased our Stork Craft Hoop Glider as a gift for the nursery back when we found out we were expecting. I loved the comfort of the glider but wanted to add a slip cover for two reasons, a. I wanted a washable option just in case spit up, etc stained the cushions and b. it was a great opportunity to add a modern pattern to the room.

Instead of tackling the project myself (beginning sewing novice over here…) I took the cushions to my local alterations/dry cleaning company (a hidden gem for upholstery work) and had the chair cushions covered for just $15 per piece. I had an actual upholstery company quote me just over $300 to do the same job.

I’m just getting the cushions back now because of my ordering error on the fabric. Lesson learned: always take into account shrinkage due to washing fabric before you determine how much you need! The 54″ width of the fabric shrunk to 48″ and I ended up needing twice as much in length to account for the missing width.

But the glider is in full use in the nursery now and it looks great! I couldn’t be happier!

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