San Diego Magazine: June, The Good Eats Issue

Wow, I can’t believe that June is almost over! The latest issue of San Diego Magazine is all about food and delicious places to find it locally. Jump out to page 76 in the digital edition to check out my contributions this month.

I still can’t believe it’s nearing the middle of summer {sweet July} and that the weather is really crankin’ up the heat around here. Our summer vacation will be spent, in part, biking across Iowa with our family in an event called RAGBRAI. I’m not really a biker nor do I particularly enjoy humidity in late July, but the entire family (in-laws, my parents and all of the brothers) are game so we’re making a go of it. If you’ll be sipping fruity drinks on a beach somewhere I’m not sure I want to hear about it.

We’ve been training a bit so that I don’t flat pass out after 20 miles, but yesterday was the first day that it really felt like the summer heat wave had arrived. The weather has been just beautiful.

But back to the magazine. This month’s issue features chicken hideaways (we have some of those), best San Diego restaurants and a feature on a gorgeous, sustainably built La Jolla home that I had the chance to tour before writing an article about it (for the full article, here’s the digital edition).

The June issue was all about good eats and so I assembled a collage of favorite kitchen renovation finds for a variety of styles. The spread was supposed to run parallel to a great full page kitchen but an ad snuck its way in instead.

I’m loving those stools and the mix of runners – nevermind the great pendants (especially that Glabraith & Paul one) and the tile.

Back to RAGBRAI training I go! Hope you have a few exciting adventures planned this summer, too!

Office Makeover: Inspiration for a DIY Desk

Now that the office makeover is back in full swing, it’s time to get serious about what great projects and finds we can fill the space with.

You might remember my layout dilemma and how the room has to serve as a guest bedroom + home office (+ craft room of sorts) without any closet space (boo – but impossible to fit in) and therefore storage and functionality are tops on the design list. To make it even tighter, we nixed the daybed idea and have opted to crowd the back of the room with a full-sized bed that will comfortably sleep two without any extra assembly required.

Despite the lack of space, my office desk needs to be big + mighty to fit the projects that I’m always juggling (I’m not the type of person who can neatly stow away a days work each and every evening – I’d love a desk big enough to hold organized chaos :)) so I’ve settled on making my own. Not from scratch but hopefully from materials I find through Craigslist.

You might remember the original inspiration for the space from here, and shopping round-ups of favorite bookshelves and desks under $300. I’ve purchased the bookcases (more on that soon) and can’t wait to get started on the perfect desk!

But what would this desk look like? What materials should I make it out of? What about storage? A Google search ensued for diy desk inspiration, here’s what I found:

Manhattan Nest designed a diy desk out of mdf and an old nightstand (love those industrial looking legs). A bit of fabric inspiration from Southern Living below left.

Above, Aubrey & Lindsay built a desk with a wooden top that I envy. Below is an idea that I haven’t thought of – Alicia of Thrifty and Chic cut apart a huge dresser to create the perfect desk and set of drawers!

A reader mentioned using an old door as a desk top too – I love that. So many great ideas out there!

We’ll see what creative materials I find to work with but I’m imagining that my new desk will be part warm wood tones/part industrial dark metal – maybe?

Here’s to a week of productive hunting!

For more Office Makeover posts, check out: desking hunting for under $300, bookcases under $300, inspirational rooms, room layout options, demo part 1 & demo part 2.

Friday Guest Blog Interview: Sheila of Houzz

Did you recognize that quote from yesterday? One of my favorite children’s books by Robert Munsch and one of my favorite sayings.

Today’s Friday guest blog interview is such a treat. Sheila, the editor and one of the fabulous design masterminds that is behind Houzz, joins me as we reflect on favorite trends, great design ideas and why homemade and well-made trumps it all (read Sheila’s stretched canvas idea – so awesome – just after the jump).

Houzz is the largest online community of home design enthusiasts from around the world. Contributors regularly upload inspiring images of real homes in real cities, and great dialogues about the design qualities (including where to find product) begins. Jump out there and create an ideabook (basically the online version of cutting pages out of magazines) – you won’t regret it.

Farmhouse Kitchen traditional kitchen

The above is one of Sheila’s favorite photos on Houzz and an example of the integrity of design that is posted regularly, she notes that “this room looks like it can become anything you want it to be: party central, reading nook, wine bar, studio.”

I’m especially excited to share Houzz with you today since it’s one of my regular go-to sites for searching for home inspiration, and I love that you can browse by style, space or metro (I’ve used the tool to identify beautiful, well-designed houses in my home town for potential San Diego Magazine projects, too).

Read on for PDB’s four design questions and keep an eye out for Mr. Schmitz’s (Sheila’s dad’s) decorating tip that you don’t want to forget (and I need to heed more regularly!)….

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