Weekend Fun: Surprise Snow & a Mr. Man Party

Wow it’s been busy over here! If you follow me on Twitter, you may have caught a sneak peek of our latest photoshoot for the April issue of San Diego Magazine. What’s better than a San Diego snow day? A spring bohemian picnic! Yesterday we set up shop at a beautiful local park and created one colorful spread. More to come on the behind-the-scenes and the great products featured.

BUT back to that San Diego snow day – because despite the recent 70ish degree weather, San Diego welcomed a good 18″ of the soft and powdery stuff this past weekend!

On Sunday we drove out to the edge of San Diego to introduce Liv to the snow for the first time.

I don’t think she really noticed while she was snug-as-a-bug in her Moby.

It was beautiful.

What does one do when a fresh blanket of snow (cold enough to stay!) surprises us? Build snowmen, of course.

And then the weather yesterday was sunny, bright and nearly called for shorts. Oh San Diego, you are full of surprises!

In other weekend fun, our friends threw their son a Mr. Man first birthday party that was inspired by this post. It was adorable.

I made Liv a matching tie outfit – she’s my little future corporate lady!

Here’s how I’m imagining this baby conversation went down:

Michael: “so… do you come here often?”

Liv: “oh you know”

Michael: “lemme get your digits”

Alright, enough playing. Back to the house remodel we go!

San Diego Magazine: Office Organization

I recently put together a trends piece for the March issue of San Diego Magazine that offers tips for designing & organizing your home office (spring cleaning time is almost here!). I also included a collage of inspiring office additions – many of the pieces which represent a ‘dream’ office space in our office/guestroom remodel – that pull together a very gender-neutral (but pretty!) organized office space.

Here’s the inspiration board I created:

And just for fun, here’s the published spread (find the online issue – as well as the eight organization/decorating tips & tricks – here on pages 82 & 83):

I also wrote an article on a beautiful “ultra modern” home here in San Diego by famed local architect Jonathan Segal:

A fun read if you love contemporary design and architecture!

Now if I can only find that beautiful wood desk from Layla & Grayce at about an eighth of the price… it’s stunning :) and would make an excellent addition to the new office. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

You can find the February San Diego Magazine edition on masculine and feminine bedroom inspiration boards here.

Project Nursery: Sewing the Curtains, Part 3

The curtains are up!

– UPDATE – (Thanks to all of your lovely responses about how low the curtain rods in the images from earlier today were hung – I absolutely agree, how did I miss that? and prefer rods hanging higher as in this bedroom makeover – and have moved the rods several inches north! If you’re reading this post for the first time you don’t have to see the low hanging curtain version ;) )

There’s just one final step in finishing my mammoth-of-a-project lined drapes, and that’s hemming these babies (here’s links to Part 1 and Part 2). To get a more accurate read on where these drapes hit the ground (so I can hem just above that mark) I’ve added the curtain rings ($4.99 a set at Target) to the tops of the panels and am letting them sit in this position over the weekend to let the heaviness of the fabric stretch out.

After that they’ll get another set of pressing (don’t worry, those wrinkles will go away and the folds will be a bit more defined) and a final trip to the sewing machine. Woohoo!

Go ahead and ignore that broken light sconce hanging out of the wall below. That’s a few items down on the list!

Just in case the curtains are showing up a bit orange on your screen, here’s how they’ll look when matched with the crib bedding that’s in the works.

The actual color of the curtains is above on the right, the new bumpers will  be the stripes in the middle, and the skirt will be out of the fabric on the left. All found here at Thibaut!

Now one more question – to valence or not to valence?

Does it add a little something special? Or too much? My photoshop version isn’t great, but it’s a rough idea of what it might look like to include a valence. The jury is still out on this one.

Almost there. Hopefully the awkward lighting in this post will make the big reveal later that much sweeter. Fingers crossed.

If you’re catching up on Project Nursery, here’s a link to the sewing the curtains part 1, part 2, nursery fabric board, curtain fabric selection, rocking horse find, new pendant light, vintage wall art addition, changing table makeover, nursery wall striping tutorial, painted animal project, the initial inspiration board and the before picture posts.

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