Home for the Holidays

Since this is our very first Christmas at home (we usually travel to one of our original hometowns) we’re opening up the house for family to come and visit us!

My family arrived just yesterday afternoon and I had just a bit of time to add a few final touches to our Christmas decor. I wouldn’t have worried about it considering the mall madness this time of the year, but I came across this feathered wreath on a recent outing which reminded me very much of these DIY trees. Plus at 50% off at Z Gallerie, I just couldn’t resist.

Feather Mirror, bathroom, Christmas

A bit of ribbon and two thumbtacks on the reverse of these frames for hanging and our bathroom received a bit of Christmas cheer.

This is definitely a doable DIY project as well, the wreath is actually made of styrofoam (hello Michaels or Joanns) and the feathers are layered just as the trees are. That added glitter detail is fun too. Note: if you attempt to tackle this on your own, choose the lightest wreath material possible. The thumbtack trick was great but definitely wouldn’t work for a thicker, heavier wreath base.

Bathroom, Feathers, Feathered Wreath, White, Glitter

I tackled a bit of holiday baking earlier this month and these cookies were delicious! I highly recommend this Ultimate Ginger Cookie recipe for a cookie exchange or just nibbling around the house. Those big chunks of crystallized ginger seal the deal.

Ginger cookies, Gingersnaps, Christmas cookie exchange

AND before I leave you today, check out this really neat time capsule ornament idea (thanks for sharing, Anna!). I think I might start this tradition with my little one next year – what a great way to capture the memories (I would insert funny words, phrases, likes and dislikes, etc.) of your kids as they grow up.

Can you believe it… tomorrow’s Christmas!

A Merry Modern Christmas

Modern Christmas, Teal, Fuschia, Fuchia, Fushia, White, Glitter, Confetti, Gold, Silver, Placesetting, place setting, centerpiece, tablescape INspiration, Decor, Decoration, Contemporary, Young

This Modern Christmas photoshoot by Sitting in a Tree is so fun. I love that it’s full of non-traditional colors (no red or green to be found), shapes and patterns – it’s creative, contemporary and a neat spin on the usual this time of the year!

Modern Christmas, Teal, Fuschia, Fuchia, Fushia, White, Glitter, Confetti, Gold, Silver, Placesetting, INspiration, Decor, Decoration, Contemporary, Young

The playful patterns are the best! Oh how I’d love a linen closet full of turquoise stripes and yellow geometric prints. Mix that with a bit of fuchsia, glitter and gold and you have yourself a very merry modern Christmas.

A few of my favorite ideas to steal: individual trays as place settings (you can buy these for just a couple of dollars each at online stores such as Oriental Trading and paint em up any way you choose), confetti ornaments (another great DIY project) and tree branch centerpieces wrapped in book pages (a quick coat of white spray paint and a dash of white glitter would be another sparkly alternative).

Modern Christmas, Teal, Fuschia, Fuchia, Fushia, White, Glitter, Confetti, Gold, Silver, Placesetting, INspiration, Decor, Decoration, Contemporary, Young

The entire design, including home decor inspiration, can be found here.

The shoot was set in San Diego and staged to replicate a new couple’s first Christmas – out with the old traditions while welcoming in the new. Photography by Joielala.

Wait… Can We Fit in One More Project?

It would not be far fetched to suggest that the projects we’ve taken on this year have grown in equal proportion to the belly.

Quick recap:

We started with a $100 minor bathroom upgrade during the first trimester. No major demo, just a quick touch-up with paint, fabric and fresh accessories.

The second trimester brought with it a major overhaul on the den which became our new kitchen. It’s nearly complete with just a few final finishing touches needed. The above picture is roughly midway through the renovation.

And then this past week…

That would be the week before little Baby S is due, we tore into the old kitchen to create a third bedroom and home office.

Here’s what the old kitchen looked like when we moved in:

We made minor live-in updates, like covering up that blue formica and staining the cabinets a dark espresso. Here’s a look at the space today from the same angle (from the sealed-off perspective and just inside):

Woohoo! Thrilled that we’re tackling this project before little one is here. Dust and debris would not be ideal in the air in just a couple of weeks and thankfully baby is obliging by staying put so far.

A little in-process action:

We knocked down the wall between the kitchen and the front bedroom as well, here’s a look at that front room when we moved in:

Boy did that family love wood paneling! We painted the space to create faux beadboard around the entire room and tore out the carpet, but today the little bedroom received a big overhaul:

We pushed this part of the renovation off until Kevin wrapped up school just last week, knowing full well that if babe came at all early we’d have to hold off for months to turn these two useless spaces (nobody really needs two kitchens…) into a new office and guest room.

Big plans brewing for the new space! And don’t worry – the nursery, master bedroom and kitchen are all receiving little updates (thank goodness for nesting overdrive right now) that I look forward to posting about soon.

Three days until Christmas!

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