Guest Bathroom Sneak Peek

I’m letting the cat out of the bag a little early on this one… because I can’t stand the anticipation any longer.

We officially won’t break ground on our new guest bathroom until March, but that hasn’t stopped me from numerous trips to Lowe’s and plenty of mock-ups to design a brand new, sweet little modern bath for our visitors (and Olivia, it will officially be Liv’s bathroom as we plan to have it accessible via the hallway as well as her bedroom).

New Guest Bathroom Layout

Sure, we still have the old-kitchen-turned-office to finish, the nursery-that’s-75%-done and the brand-spankin’-NEW-kitchen (oh poor new kitchen with its teeny tiny details that just won’t wrap up) – but why not dive into this amazing project that will leave us one bathtub closer to a clean and modern space for visitors to enjoy?

And we don’t currently have a bathtub as our current bathroom’s tub is broken (aka so old it has stopped working all together). And it’s been over a year. And I’m a bathtub person. And I’d so desperately like to sooth my tired body in one that I’m willing to halt all other projects if necessary (though it’s not and they won’t) to add one to our home.

Can you believe Olivia’s four weeks already!! Just for fun, here we are getting coffee with a friend.

I could stare at that yawn for hours.

Introducing San Diego Magazine

Exciting news! You can now find me each month in my local San Diego Magazine sharing favorite trends for decorating, entertaining and organizing. I was thrilled to be asked to contribute as a guest writer for their At Home section after the magazine found me through this blog.

Guess what the first issue up was? The SEX issue. (I had to highlight the word as you would have loved seeing me 9 months pregnant, feet so swollen I had trouble squeezing into my own shoes, with a quart of ice cream in one hand and “Baby Whisperer” in the other as I bounced romantic bedroom inspiration ideas off of Kevin in preparation for the February issue). Kevin was laughing at the horrible irony of my current bloated, big belly state the entire time. It was quite unromantic.

San Diego Magazine

I decided to take my two pages in two different directions – one inspiration board would feature a feminine, shabby chic take on a romantic Valentine’s Day bedroom. Here was my initial board:

And here’s what was printed:

The second page would highlight a more masculine, contemporary ‘sexy & sultry’ bedroom. First, my inspiration board:

(That’s a heated towel rack down there in the right hand corner – how perfect to step out of a warm bubble bath and into heated towels! Note to self: add to our future master bathroom makeover.)

And what was published:

San Diego Magazine - Sultry Slumber

I’ve had so much fun putting these trends pieces together! March will be much more PG and April screams Spring.

I’ve subscribed to San Diego Magazine for almost as long as we’ve lived in this beautiful city and it’s truly a fun, engaging publication that highlights serious city issues, features regular investigative journalism as well as plays up the best restaurants and ‘what to do’ in the city. It’s a neat experience to be a part of the publication.

Check out the full digital magazine version here, but consider yourself warned that it really is the sex issue.

Friday Guest Blog Interview: Simplified Bee

The Friday Guest Blog Interview series is beginning to work its way back into the swing of things. It’s such a privilege and a pleasure to *meet* new bloggers through this once-every-month-ish series and then to introduce you to blogs that I think you’ll truly enjoy! If you’d like to check out past interviews (and there are a full year’s worth from some of my favorites, click here, or on the Guest Interview button in the right sidebar). It’s always inspiring to me to learn more about another blogger’s style, design aesthetic and how they ‘got to where they are today’.

This week, Cristin of Simplified Bee is sharing with us her design suggestions and tips, and introducing her beautiful blog! Cristin creates what she calls “functional” interior design with an expertise and love for home organization. As a professional organizer, she shares inspiring (and motivating!) solutions, tips and tricks to promote harmony and enable efficiency, all while adding style & beauty to the home.

Guest Blog Interview: Simplified Bee 4

I love the concept and make regular trips out to Simplified Bee to read Cristin’s daily posts on beautiful decor and great finds.

Read on to learn more about how Cristin started her blog and company, what motivates her and what she includes in her favorite trends. I couldn’t agree more with her three top design tips and love of block prints, either!…

Read More »

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