Welcome, Baby Olivia

We’re finally home! Today is our first full day back from the hospital and we brought with us a special little someone…

Olivia Anne Spenla was born on 1/9/11 at 6:59am, weighing in at 7.11 pounds and reaching just about 20.5 inches in length.

Birth story soon to come… but for now, here are a few of her first photos.

It’s been a blessing and a challenge being ‘disconnected’ from the world (internet, tv, media…) for the past few days at the birth center in our hospital. Our little family unit has loved the quiet attention we’ve been able to focus on little Liv – but we’ve been bursting at the seams to share more pictures and stories with family and friends.

This is my favorite Olivia pose:

There is nothing more surreal than watching a day old baby discover their hands, face and little bodies for the first time.

As with any grand entrance, Olivia has her own story of welcoming into the world (that sounds too sweet – it was much more of a jarring, what-the-heck-is-happening experience, I’m sure) but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

We went into her birth with one boy’s name and three options for a potential baby girl (aren’t names the most challenging?). She came out and she was Olivia from minute one. Anne is my and my mom’s middle name, I love that we’re passing on a family name as well as the special intercession of St. Anne.

She’s so darn teeny! But then again my body is saying – she was so darn big! (does that hit-by-a-train feeling go away any time soon?)

Thank you so much for your comments, thoughts and prayers! It’s been a crazy ride… but I suppose in many ways the adventure has just begun.

To be continued…

Project Nursery: Vintage Alphabet Wall Art

Alas, no baby news. I am officially nine days overdue and I’ve tried reflexology, acupuncture, spicy foods, plenty of exercise and a decent amount of driving over large pot holes that just happen to get in my way on the road.

Yesterday afternoon we visited San Diego snow (yes, it sort of snows here – crazy but true) in the nearby mountain towns of Mt. Laguna and Julian, our favorite get-out-of-dodge locations for a quick distraction.

Wow it was beautiful! We took advantage of the clear skies and enjoyed an hour induction hike with Bodie, who just loves the snow.

Meanwhile, the nursery received a new addition. I’ve had my eyes out for a vintage alphabet poster since my first trimester and when I came across this one on a family trip to Sedona back in July, I scooped it up knowing it would be part of the inspiration for the space.

Fast forward six months later and an Ikea frame + the print (found the same one on Amazon) + a little spray paint (same red oxide primer we used for the changing table) = one new piece of very wallet-friendly art.

Vintage Alphabet Print for Nursery

This particular Ikea frame has a plastic (instead of glass) insert, which makes it even more ideal for a nursery space.

I don’t know where it will finally end up (waiting on baby photos and additional wall art before hammering any nails into the wall) but it turned out just as I had hoped.

Vintage Alphabet print for Nursery

If you’re playing catch up, here’s a quick Project Nursery run down of posts: painting the wall animals, finding a great Craigslist changing table, adding stripes to one accent wall, the initial inspiration board and the really crazy before pictures of the room.

Today’s the last day to enter the Lowe’s giveaway for a new air purifier! Check it out here.

And do share, all you mommies out there, what natural induction secrets do you know?

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