*Lowe’s Air Purifier* Giveaway!

Kevin and I have heard from countless friends how important it is to have an air purifier in the nursery, and that this item alone can cut down on airborne allergens such as dust, mildew, pollen and pet hair (our Bodie sheds a TON) to keep baby happy and healthy.

We were thrilled when Lowe’s offered to gift us with an air purifier from their new line of Idylis models to test out in the space, especially after learning that each unit contains a HEPA filter that removes up to 99.97% of airborne particles that aggravate sensitive allergies (for the nursery or any room in the house)!

The best part? They’re gifting one of these babies to a reader as well!

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Our home was built in the 1930s and while we do our best to keep it in tip top shape, there’s little that we can control when it comes to old house syndrome. With a baby on the way, indoor air quality has suddenly shot to the top of the list and we’ve invested in recent updates to our ventilation system by adding a furnace and ac unit (I can’t believe we’ve been living without the beauty of heat for the past 2 1/2 years!).

The easiest update (and cheapest by far, a big thank you to Lowe’s) was adding the Idylis Small Room Air Purifier to the nursery, which sufficiently covers 194 sq ft of space and needs a filter replacement only once every 18 months (check out this neat air purifier comparison chart), and we’re so happy with it!

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The size is perfect for a little nook in the nursery and the unit creates only a soft purr when on (super quite and the bit of background white noise will actually aid babe in sleeping better).

Here are all of the fancy specs:

-For rooms up to 194 square feet
-Dimensions: 24.0″ (H) x 11.9″ (W) x 10.4″ (D)
-HEPA filtration removes 99.97% of airborne particulates
-125 CADR Rating
-Convenient filter change indicator
-LED display
-Simple electronic controls
-Quiet performance
-Carbon pre-filter effectively removes odor and larger airborne particles
-Innovative flat front panel for a streamlined, easy-to-clean design

This unit isn’t built specifically for nurseries though, it’s perfect if you have killer allergies like me, pets in the house or just prefer cleaner and fresher air in any space (I’m thinking of investing in one for the office as well).


Giveaway: Lowe’s is giving away a Small Room Air Purifier to a lucky reader (valued at $150 including tax and shipping).

To Enter: Since we’re big fans of DIY projects (and Lowe’s is our kind of store) share your most recent (or upcoming) home project! I know you must have some good ones on that New Year’s Resolution List…

For Additional Entries: Become a fan of PDB on Facebook and be sure to leave a separate comment to share that you currently are or just added Pepper Design Blog!

Giveaway ends Friday, January 7 at midnight PST, winner will be chosen randomly and announced the following day. Good luck!


Master Bedroom: A Good Place to Pause

Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve! I can’t believe 2011 has found us and is already underway… it seemed like 2010 just flew by. We’re up to our eyebrows in projects over here and working to wrap up bigger undertakings such as the new kitchen, office and nursery. Before we jump into those, a quick update on our bedroom.

Our master bedroom is not complete but I’m happy to say that we’ve pulled it together to a place that Kevin and I are both happy with and both enjoy.

Since we are on baby watch and expecting any day now, the room will have to stay as is until the storm that is about to be our crazy lives settles down… but we did manage to pull the new rug, new mirror and diy curtains together to create a space that is relaxing and comfortable – especially after a busy day!

Master Bedroom Renovation, decoration, inspiration, DIY, patterned rug, before and after, design, sunburst mirror, tall mirror, oversize mirror, over-sized mirror, white curtains, valencia bed pottery barn

Up next for this little room includes a light fixture update, wall artwork and photos, a new nightstand (currently hunting down a small one to fit that narrow space!) and incorporating more color to add that ‘pop’.

A run down of resources so far: the sunburst mirror is a Michael’s find, the rug is from Overstock.com, the bed from Pottery Barn (but found by us on Craigslist), the duvet and sheets from Garnet Hill, the pillow cases by Calvin Klein, the knit throw pillow from West Elm on sale, the bamboo shades were found at Lowe’s, the over-sized mirror from the clearance section at Lowe’s, and the reading light and curtains are from Ikea.

Master Bedroom Renovation, decoration, inspiration, DIY, patterned rug, before and after, design, sunburst mirror, tall mirror, oversize mirror, over-sized mirror, white curtains, valencia bed

The opposite side of the room is waiting for its big reveal… but there are a few missing puzzle pieces here and there that should fill in shortly. We did salvage a very neat occasional chair for the corner next to the tall mirror that I’ll share about as soon as it gets some more diy love (you can see it poking its boxy frame out above).

Here’s the before we moved in shot:

Gotta love that maroon carpet and the bars on the outside windows. We originally had the room in a configuration close to the above, with the bed against the right wall and the dresser under the window, but by switching it up we gained a large amount of space unexpectedly. Sometimes all it takes is moving around furniture to create a fresh, new feel.

We’ve made a minor modification for Baby S as well, he/she will be joining us at night and for naps in a new co-sleeper that slips just beside our bed.

co-sleeper, cosleeper

Makes it easy for momma and baby to ‘co-sleep’ without actually sharing bed space. I love the idea behind co-sleeping but know that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep worrying about the safety of little one in our bed (and I love the idea of not having to get up out of bed in the wee hours to retrieve a hungry baby from a bassinet or crib).

And about that missing side table… do let me know if you spot anything on the narrow side out there (it’s tempting to say we can survive without night stands but the pile of books, etc at the head of the bed is getting pretty bad!). I’m thinking a skinnier pedestal table like this one might be neat?

Grow, Baby, Grow: We’ve Reached the Finish Line

I try not to overwhelm the blog with too many baby update posts… I know it detracts from the design element of the site and that it’s not super high on everyone’s priority list (though we can hardly contain the excitement over here!) but I thought it would be fun to provide the occasional 3 month update on the belly and impending baby arrival.

Well, we’ve officially reached the finish line! Here’s the announcements from month 3 and month 6, and here’s the most recent photo update looking back through month number 9!

Kevin and I cannot believe that there’s a little person in there!

Choosing an outside photo location was not such a great idea considering the lighting of different times of the day (aligning that one correctly each month would have been a bit difficult) but overall I think this growing-baby-belly experiment was successful. It’s been neat to record the progress of the bump for use in a future baby photo book and just for oohing and ahhing over here by Kevin and me.

On another note, we’ve celebrated with a few wonderful showers that I’m excited to share. The first was a coed shower in the Santa Cruz Mountain wine country (where I’m from originally) and the second, a local San Diego shower for friends and family close by.

Kev and I are so fortunate to have family and friends who are just as excited to celebrate with us to welcome this new life. Kevin’s mom threw me a shower in Phoenix earlier in the fall, which I posted about here, and my Mom threw us a shower in October in my hometown of Santa Cruz. Kevin had the chance to participate in this one since it was a coed get-together at a local vineyard.

Don’t worry, I didn’t take part in the wine tasting, but the tour of the vineyard and chance to catch up with family and friends was wonderful!

A fun present for a daddy-to-be (if you’re attending a coed shower any time soon) is a diaper changing tool belt! Kevin received a belt and one of my baby dolls from long time ago – he was timed and had to correctly change (with all of those diaper changing tools) the doll while everyone cheered him on.

My girlfriends in San Diego also threw me a local shower which was so special, and they really went above and beyond when it came to adorable decorations and delicious food. A few of the details included a brunch buffet with a handmade paper flag backdrop, glass mason jars hanging from a lemon tree (we opened presents on big blankets under the tree – how perfect for a beautiful San Diego afternoon) and chai tea favor jars for all guests.

A great game that they put together was a quiz that was first answered by both my mom and Kevin’s, and then passed out to all guests. Questions varied from how much we weighed as newborns to when we took our first step to our favorite baby food, it was really neat to hear what everyone thought and to attempt to answer the questions myself!


Don’t worry… if you’re not all baby belly crazy like we are right now, updates on the new office/guest bedroom (and its new set of found-by-the-side-of-the-road french doors) and nursery are coming soon.

Happy New Year to you all!

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